Monday, March 4, 2013

Relative to the artificial grass pitch stone-based layer

University of Maryland for the protection of the safety of the students and athletes in order to prevent the impact caused a concussion to the American Brock companies PowerBase products installed on the new artificial grass in its stadium, Brock PowerBase products will play a shock pad and drainage layer double effect. This protection pad product has been proven to provide security for the athletes. Relative to the artificial grass pitch stone-based layer, the protection of such a pad-based layer stadium is able to reduce the probability of a concussion occurs about 50%. This is a football stadium, American football players often strong contact with the court surface, so to improve the the pitch damping performance can better protect the athlete.

Sports director Kevin Anderson of the University of Maryland, said: "Brock products for our stadium provides a better protection movement and student movement surface, so that you can reduce their injury and suffered a concussion chance it has a lot of stadiums used as a base layer, but was confirmed performance is indeed very good, we Athletes can have this product on the ground to protect them, and I am very pleased. "Brock Company is a company specializing in the production of the base layer of artificial grass company establishment of more than 25 years have been installed worldwide, more than one million square feet of artificial grass base layer.

Piece of artificial grass pitches of the University of Maryland, is a high-tech stadium - the University of Maryland this venue will be exclusively in the United States for the first time using the English name of the latest cooling technology for CoolPlay, this technology is quartz sand and cryogenic rubber implantation turf as filler. This will make the piece of venue can get a significant cooling effect and then to become the United States within the "the artificial grass coolest venues' sites suppliers, world-renowned manufacturer of artificial grass FieldTurf this exclusive CoolPlay of technology in its a lot of was certified in the experiment can significantly reduce the temperature of the artificial turf. relative to the traditional use of rubber filler artificial grass turf low temperature of 15 degrees Fahrenheit. join new cushioning products is to enhance the entire stadium security.

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