Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hangzhou, synthetic turf and plant simulation (simulation tree) in the rational use of the real estate landscape

Hangzhou, synthetic turf and plant simulation (simulation tree) in the rational use of the real estate landscape

Recently, Hangzhou real estate landscape to create, we found that there are a growing number of projects in the local option of using a fake plastic lawn and plant simulation to create a more pleasant community landscape, many residents also said: in some roof greening above, developers laying simulation and softness highly synthetic turf weekend when the weather is nice, the elderly and children of the family in the above play a walk, I feel very good, and a neighbor's child can often play together, not only security, but also greatly increase neighborhood interaction between.

Previous green roof, developers or owners of personal often also engage in some green plants and plant some lawn, but often the beginning of the time with good results, but not a few months, because of mismanagement or neglect to take care of, lawn or plants will gradually yellow and die, if not late sustained investment and professional care, pleasant green landscape would cease to exist, the property is also a headache, the owners are also great views. Later, some professional companies has been sweeping the western synthetic turf and plant simulation introduced into some high-end commercial real estate and residential, effective solution to this problem, in this regard, Hangzhou, Vanke Real Estate, Wharf Realty, Riverside Properties, Kun related products for their owners to create a high-end landscape horizons and enjoy the first real estate companies and real estate and Greentown brand, has played a significant role to enhance and promote the sales of real estate for its own brand.

Hangzhou synthetic turf and plant simulation market, the gradual emergence of a number of professional design and installation enterprises, they provide professional one-stop service for many brands of real estate enterprises, from the production of custom design and installation are in place until the latter part of the continuing sale protection completely resolve the bad feelings of the owners of the roof the turf brief life and provoke mosquito. synthetic turf and simulation of plant safety of raw materials, and the salient features of the imported equipment disposable molding process, long service life, anti-radiation, anti-aging, acid and alkali and highly imitative, in the process, completely is safe reliable, especially suitable to create a cell within the playground.

Moreover, synthetic turf can also be used as a professional football field, basketball court, golf course and croquet and other professional sports venues, artificial plants can not only create a public landscape, and is also used extensively for residential and courtyard views, some commercial establishments, such as: hotel, hotels, stores and office spaces also gradually like to create a warm and comfortable visual experience with synthetic turf and plant simulation.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Many international sports federation meeting to promote the development of artificial lawn

Many international sports federation meeting to promote the development of artificial lawn

Earlier this month, the International Rugby Board the One Turf meeting, to further promote the artificial lawn in the field of sports promotion. One Turf held its first meeting in December 2010, the purpose of the meeting is to promote a variety of sports for the sports authorities to monitor and looking for one-stop movement of artificial lawn solutions development worldwide.

Two-day meeting on a number of sports organizations to deliver a speech, including FIFA, the International Rugby Board, the United States Football League, the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA), the International Hockey Federation. Simultaneously the sports artificial lawn detection agencies, scientists, as well as manufacturers, sports surface designers launched an in-depth discussion, it was agreed that the artificial surface can be used for many types of sports and to facilitate the promotion of these sports. International Rugby Board in this work plays a vital role, through the development of the production and installation standards so revolutionary enhance popularize the sport of rugby. To the general public through the use of artificial sports surface layer more people to enjoy the movement to bring the fun and benefits from the social elite. The International Rugby Board in charge of technical services Steve Griffiths said: "We are very pleased to see so many professionals, and representatives of the various sports federations to participate in this meaningful conference. Ultimately, we hope to Sports enthusiasts and professional athletes have created the best sports surface layer, so that all ages of people, in any case, can safely enjoy football and other sports. "

In the past few years, we have seen the promotion of artificial sports surface layer has made considerable progress, the cooperation of the various sports federations such meeting has also been strengthened. The meeting at the same time ensure the continued development of this good trend, especially for the general public and the grassroots level there are more opportunities for a positive impact from the sport. Professor Richard Kent, attend the meeting on behalf of the United States Football League, said: "All sports management agency should make decisions to improve the movement of surface layer security for the study of the principles of sports injuries should be the core issue of the International Rugby Board The One Turf Conference is the exchange of knowledge important opportunity in this side. "

The meeting heard each motion of the competent bodies on the artificial surface can affect the development of its movement, provides development and strategic decision to speak in the future. After that meeting reviewed the similarities and differences, and then a large sportswear manufacturers to summarize what kind of footwear products are most suitable for artificial lawn artificial lawn products in various sporting director, inter-agency certification standards. The conference explored the artificial lawn sports injuries related data, and then most of the delegates to participate in the drafting of a cooperation document, this cooperation documents in various sports-based artificial existing certification standards.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

artificial grass yarn market research report 2010-2013

artificial grass yarn market research report 2010-2013

Artificial grass yarn industry is developing rapidly, and improve the technical level. Domestic enterprises in order to obtain a greater return on investment on the scale of production and product quality continues to increase. But by the impact of the international financial crisis, the external policy environment, demand for upstream and downstream industries, and many other factors, artificial grass silk industry in the next few years, market conditions and price movements of concern.

Artificial grass yarn market research report 2010-2013 on the basis of long-term market research, the first review of the course of development of the artificial grass yarn industry, major national market, technology development, as well as a comparison of the domestic and foreign markets, in the analysis analyzed on the basis of the economic operation of the artificial grass silk industry, the artificial grass silk industry sales and corporate profitability as well as import and export analysis and forecasting. Elaborated in detail on the basis of analysis of the competitive situation of the artificial grass silk industry, the the artificial grass silk industry enterprise competition, market concentration and international competitiveness. Enterprise competitive strategy analysis, summed up the industry's technology and market trends. The detailed analysis of corporate investment policy, market, technology risk for investors.

The research advisory report written by the still general consulting research center, the report according to the National Bureau of Statistics, the Trade and Industry Bureau, the Inland Revenue Department, the General Administration of Customs, the State Council Development Research Center, National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, State Information Center, the major commercial database, relevant industry The data released by the associations, newspapers, magazines and municipal research company writing this report is related businesses, research units and bank government is accurate, comprehensive, quickly understand the current development trend of the industry, to grasp the essential professional development of corporate strategy to orient reporting.

artificial grass, the first World Cup game on artificial grass

Although the game is boring, but Algeria and Slovenia match to create history, plastic track this game is the first game in World Cup history artificial mixed lawn.

This artificial mixed lawn is still in the trial of FIFA. From yesterday's game, especially flat lawn, clear boundaries, plastic track the flight of the ball and the scrolling speed quickly. Slovenia defender Cesar the first to feel the new lawn is very smooth, plastic track, he said: "this venue is unusual for us, the ball running very smooth."

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Two-star certification standards of FIFA certified artificial grass football field

Two-star certification standards of FIFA certified artificial grass football field

FIFA recognized the quality of detection is divided into laboratory test and field test.

Laboratory tests include:

• artificial grass descriptive test (for the purpose is the same product) is proved in the laboratory test artificial grass turf field test

• durability

• anti-aging properties

• Athletes with the interaction between the artificial grass

• the interaction between the ball with artificial grass

Field test (artificial grass football field performance depends on the composition of the foundation of a building and the existing infrastructure, so not only paved the lawn to go through testing in the laboratory to go through the field test):

• Construction of the test

• Athletes with the interaction between the artificial grass

• the interaction between the ball with artificial grass

Interaction between athletes with artificial grass, two tests of the interaction between the ball and artificial grass, in addition to the laboratory, but also in the field test revealed.

The FIFA designated laboratory testing agencies: France LABOSPORT and the Netherlands ISA-SPORT

The FIFA designated venues testing agency: IBV Spain and Australia ACOUSTO-SCAN

The construction of a good artificial grass sports venues is the professional design, high-quality products, superb construction and perfect after-sales service. As an excellent artificial grass system, venue whether through international certification has become an indispensable part. Need to comply with the appropriate sports governing bodies such as FIFA approved standard Second, we must fully meet the actual needs of the customers, and then longer maintain the life of the sports performance.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

we introduce the following classification of artificial turf

The artificial turf is how to classify

The rapid development of the artificial turf, a lot of people do not know how to classify the artificial turf, we introduce the following classification of artificial turf:

1: mesh grass monofilament extrusion monofilament wide open net slice open net from the fiber

2 points from materials: PP grass PE mixed grass grass grass PA

3, from the fiber structure: straight Turf curved grass straight curved mixed grass

4 is divided into: woven and tufted style from the Textile way.

5 from fibers height: long grass (40) short grass (40)

6, from filling sand points: filling sand grass, filling sand grass

7 points from the intended use: the football grass Basketball grass tennis grass hockey grass

8 points from color: two-tone grass monochrome grass color

Range from the use of artificial turf is divided into:

   (1) leisure grass (for golf, fitness trails, balcony and roof decoration class);

   (2) Sports Grass (applicable to various types of court);

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Third-generation artificial lawn evolutionary

Third-generation artificial lawn evolutionary

The first advantage compared to natural lawn is artificial lawn 1, artificial lawn requires relatively much less manual maintenance, can adapt to the frequent sports competitions, 3, artificial lawn does not require irrigation and mowing, relatively inexpensive many.

artificial lawn

In the 1980s, artificial lawn is suddenly popular football club in the major. However, because the results are poor, the artificial lawn of fame becomes very poor. It is FIFA disabled, the major club also re-enable natural lawn.

In recent years, a new generation of artificial lawn (third-generation artificial lawn) appeared the artificial goods "and is expected back on the field. New artificial lawn soil and rubber, and natural lawn as soft, even safer in cold environments. Today, a lot of clubs began to adopt this artificial lawn. FIFA also allows some stadium laying this lawn. The European Cup in 2007, who first used this artificial lawn But UEFA or provisions finals natural lawn, only extremely large impact on the natural turf in climatic conditions in order to replace the artificial lawn.

Caused a large number of positive and negative studies in the scientific community, the new artificial lawn. Previously there have been studies to show that the artificial turf football field when training or competition, ankle sprains and torn anterior cruciate ligament damage and did not increase, however, may increase the athletes, especially young people with chronic pain. But a recent study from Japan found, mainly in the artificial turf football field training of young players, whether it is acute injury or chronic pain, and did not increase. Previously said chronic diseases increase, mainly because of the artificial turf can be used in any season, weather conditions, athletes training time extended.

Some studies have found that the hardness of the artificial turf will increase the chance of head injuries in athletes hit the pavement. However, some research that the third-generation artificial lawn more "soft" rubber padding can reduce head collision. According to the research of the University of Cardiff, the players head injuries, depends more on the quality of natural grassland: good natural turf is safer than artificial lawn, but natural lawn maintenance, artificial lawn prevailed.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

On artificial grass, the rolling speed of the ball, the routes are better than natural turf.

World Cup into the African continent, at the same time to bring with it many surprises, also faces numerous difficulties. Questioned for it has not stopped since South Africa determined to host the 2010 World Cup, including of course the quality of the football stadium's turf in South Africa. Original inherent and winter in adverse weather conditions, the South African stadium turf quality is difficult to make people compliment. How to solve this problem, FIFA President Sepp Blatter way: natural not to use artificial. This bold ideas into reality, so has implanted artificial grass for South Africa's two stadium is the first time in the history of the World Cup.

South Africa venues like the Super League. Confederations Cup held in South Africa last year, made a comprehensive test work on the preparation of the "rainbow nation". How other aspects aside, at least in the natural turf quality assessment did not pass.

Johannesburg's two stadium (Soccer City stadium, Ellis Park Stadium) claim to every stadium in the quality, but even so, the Ellis Park stadium is still a far cry from the standard of the World Cup - natural turf thin to easily exposed sand, uneven, causing the player is injured. This site conditions seen often in the Super Stadium on CCTV explanation even joked that the stadium is a football field. And can accommodate 93,700 spectators, will host the opening ceremony and final Soccer City stadium is also the problem of poor drainage system water feature, When it rains, the stadium may become rice fields and natural lawn soil to naturally muddy unbearable. In addition, the climatic conditions are also important factors that affect the natural turf quality, every June and July is the coldest time in the Southern Hemisphere, the temperature difference between the climate change is particularly large, which makes turf maintenance also especially difficult, not easy to survive.

Such natural turf quality has also been criticism of the participating countries, the most attention to the technology with the Spanish team had complained on several occasions about the bad quality of venues in South Africa, if Spain unexpected losing, bad natural turf, perhaps it will become their " punching bag. "

The natural grass not fill with fake grass, how to solve the issue of South Africa's turf, has been organized by the African continent this World Cup and campaigned Blatter think of a way for them: the use of artificial grass. In fact, as early as the end of the World Cup in Germany, Blatter has been proposed the idea. This may sound like a fairy tale idea, but the venues in South Africa can be achieved. World Cup history will be the first to use artificial grass.

There are several strong teams figure to stay in France and Mexico, Greece and Argentina in the group stage, will be held here, to obtain satisfactory results.

But natural, no matter how well difficult than moderate softness and length of the artificial grass. It is precisely because of the relatively delicate natural turf, artificial grass mushroomed Bay, but the total can not game time when grass growth set it? artificial grass, although the cost is relatively low, but the latter part of maintenance, pest, maintenance is too much trouble, the long-term costs even higher in the past a lot of artificial grass. Artificial grass, however, is precisely to compensate for the inherent weaknesses of natural turf. On artificial grass, the rolling speed of the ball, the routes are better than natural turf.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The artificial grass Paste the production and construction of concrete steps are as follows

TurfSoccer before, I will introduce the characteristics of artificial grass, maintenance, etc. Let's talk about the construction process of the production of artificial grass.

variety of artificial grass, adjustable length, and to facilitate the construction, laying asphalt, cement venue.

First of all, we understand that under the composition of the structure of the artificial grass. artificial grass: plastic grass lawn at the bottom, non-woven cloth paste made seams. Paste considerations are as follows:

Before pasting to ensure non-woven fabrics, seams, fabric, lawn bottom surface is clean, dry and free of moisture, should not be under construction in wet rain, snow and other inclement weather, construction of suitable workers ambient temperature should be between 0-40 ℃, otherwise it will lead to The phenomenon of bonding is not strong.

The artificial grass Paste the production and construction of concrete steps are as follows:

A gummed adhesive:

Require brushing with a brush at the bottom of the artificial lawn Bohou uniform, can not be repeated gluing, or cause blistering or even fall, strictly control the thickness of the glue should be appropriate, pay attention to the gluing speed, respectively applied to the adhesive bonding of two surface.

The reasonable control of temperature, humidity and other conditions according to the time a dry set time generally appropriate glue good 10-15 minutes, the mortar to achieve the appropriate service three dry hand touch non-stick. Bonding requires disposable alignment cement. Must not be in the adhesive and later back to the mobile bond objects.

Second, pressurized cured:

Clear surface debris, after bonding with a special rubber mallet hammer real force to both sides from the adhesive at more firmly to the surface fully bonded dense. Curing time is generally three days, testing the ultimate strength is usually ten days. Therefore, during the curing period need to pay close attention to its maintenance, to avoid too prolonged sun exposure, water influx and move to the best condition of bonding.

III Crop rest:

Quartz sand and rubber particles before charging after bonding venue crop debris cleaned.

Fourth, the pavement of quartz sand

synthetic grass paste rest fixed grass seedlings grass seedlings inside with a special quartz sand, grass seedlings lodging, filling sand to grass seedlings remaining height less than 10 mm, spread over the surface of the grass seedlings rubber particles should be evenly spread over the grass seedlings not complex edge perfusion with sand to prevent athletes hurt.

Fifth, inspection and acceptance

Final overall inspection and acceptance of artificial lawn turf laying process is basically completed the above steps, such problems should be promptly amended report.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the artificial grass fire caused by polyethylene or polypropylene

The natural grass is not flammable, and the artificial grass fire caused by polyethylene or polypropylene, the molecular chain, only two elements of carbon, hydrogen, at high temperature, fever, discharge easily discharge the limiting oxygen index is only 17.4, there is a big security risk. Can be mitigated to some extent by the addition of flame retardants, but there are also a lot of drawbacks, such as adding accelerator BPP, make the raw materials to increase a pungent odor; Add phenomenon the aliphatic halogen flame retardants will occur precipitation . Currently, the use of flame retardants will lead to a decline in the physical and mechanical properties and electrical properties of the original product.

    Human health

    the friction coefficient of the artificial grass is generally between 0.8 to 1.2, which means that the athletes in this venue to make tackles physical venue intense friction action will rise from 15 to 20 ° C, the temperature of the contact area. Studies have pointed out, the air temperature at 33 ℃, the midday sun directly under the artificial grass temperature will reach 50 ° C game in the artificial grass sports field athletes body will be met with a high temperature of 70 ℃, is likely to burn the skin. Further, as the quartz sand of the artificial grass filler in use for some time, will be brought to the turf surface, its rough surface to cause serious harm to the player's body. Although friction with the natural grass also cause the temperature rise of the contact portions, but the soft texture of lawn grass determines excellent natural turf stadium surface having the appropriate degree of smoothness, the heat generated by friction in the range of the human body can be tolerated, no athlete cause any injury. Outstanding natural lawns with moderate hardness and resilience, the athlete can arbitrarily make a variety of technical movements, do not worry because the fall and be seriously injured.

    Domestic use artificial grass buffer layer material is rubber or foam thickness of 5 mm, the flexibility is not ideal. Athletes in high-intensity artificial grass sports arena violent confrontation, ankle, knee by contusions, sprains and other injuries, the probability is greater than natural turf stadium. Artificial grass football field, athletes make difficult moves, because the elastic is not ideal, and can not produce enough buffer time, may make the body suffer major damage in the landing.

    Natural lawn by green plants lawn grass, slender stems and leaves, soft texture, will not generate static electricity when the athlete's body, with its friction. Artificial grass, the polymer products due to the resistance of large friction, easy to produce static electricity. Medical Research: the electrostatic contacts will feel a hot flashes, irritability, headache, feeling. This situation will cause the athletes psychological discomfort, affect the technical level of play. In addition, electrostatic changed surface potential difference impede the normal heart electrical conduction, easy to induce premature ventricular contractions and other arrhythmias, at the same time there is a fire safety risks.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The quality of the so-called artificial grass, that is the root of the football!

To catch a Spring Subway Super of recovery, but the scenery along the way is not a spring. Indeed, said the day before yesterday to see live television, Beijing, Shenzhen game in overtime to the site so there is no single point of view from the TV screen, live venues, it is simply called a terrible, Fengtai Stadium's turf is called turf? Called the pitch it? The quality of the so-called artificial grass, that is the root of the football! A fact, from A to A, to the Super football club "grassroots" a long time.

Whenever the site to see the fans of the Super League game or watching televised all know Super certain stadium turf really sorry for the audience, but also I'm sorry players. Venues such as the beginning of every season, of Dalian Jinzhou and Beijing Feng body grass on the first "yellow", the rustling hay that was like vegetable plot or even the sand is said to Henan Jianye team home nautical stadium other than for the Super League game, or a golf club practice games field, golf practice or competition punched pits, you say this venue for football players how to play the technology flow? The risk of injury is not that great? Fact, there Qingdao, home vegetable plot Super entrap includes not only technical football, audience aesthetic, but also greatly damaged with Super Brand. You look at people Premiership artificial grass, watching the scene watching TV are a pleasure to watch the game, I will not speak to how well players kick, just on that screen landscape "before people have a sense of pleasure . This is much like the dress accessories, mottled bear the stadium, which fans are willing to go to this desolate? And affect the brand image of the Super League. You look at Milan's San Siro stadium, Stamford Bridge, London, turf problems immediately replaced, this is a club professional career. If the hardware facilities do not cross the border, so what is a professional? Some clubs in the Super League players, coaches introduction on willing to spend money, hundreds of millions and billions, but in the club on the hardware facilities Stingy very few silver is not willing to spend, then criticized much like Lu Xun: In order to medical treatment, prescription ginseng on the open, eat well, pour end up covered in swollen, with radish to solve, this restored former thin, ginseng White bought the empty fold paste radish sub. In fact, you want to revive the Super Club investors have to take action, some hardware facilities must be quantified, rely on the efforts of the players is not enough.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

a series of high-level competitions in European football in artificial soccer grass on the pitch held

Recently, a series of high-level competitions in European football in artificial soccer grass on the pitch held will be a very important milestone for the industry in terms of synthetic grass.

    From the concept of the artificial grass in 1980 was introduced to the British Isles, the industry has been many technological innovations in the past seven years, the third-generation artificial turf in technical indicators and the actual use of accumulated enough experience in football growing artificial soccer grass also reached a new height.

    FIFA and UEFA in the promotion of synthetic grass, by contrast with the natural grass, artificial grass variety of technical indicators and sports performance, a comprehensive demonstration.

    Subsequently, FIFA and UEFA write artificial soccer grass << >> Rules football match, and to allow the World Cup and the European Cup qualifiers to be held on artificial turf.

    Beginning in 2000, the number of European artificial grass pitches increased from 200 to 2500, and some of the country's professional football clubs also began to artificial turf as its venue.

    With artificial soccer grass after the football will recede expensive identity, about the site of the costs will be greatly reduced, bad cold and hot natural turf growing conditions in the world, the artificial turf will best promote football project choice.

    Finally, the artificial soccer grass was also enormous contribution to the global water and save water in this region of Africa has a very important significance.

    synthetic grass market in Europe is the sum of one billion euros of business, and the growth continues, in addition to the U.S. market also continued to grow, but Europe is still the world leader.

    The ESTO organizations the creation of a list of companies:
Bonar Yarns, Desso Sports Systems, Domo Sports & Leisure Grass, Edel Grass, FieldTurf Tarkett, Greenfields, Lano Sports, Limonta Sport, Mondo Tufting, Poligras, Polytan, Saltex, Ten Cate & Tessiture Pietro Radici & TigerTurf.

    The ESTO already is an important sector of the the EATP European polyolefin textiles associations (headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, European polyolefin textiles industry associations), ESTO will strictly comply with of EATP various management and fair competition policy for the development of the artificial grass industry.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

FIFA also actively guide the promotion of synthetic grass golf course use

Recently, synthetic grass production by TurfSoccer the MFK Topolčany laying in Slovakia club venues through the venue of the FIFA FIFA laboratory detection, the indicators have reached the FIFA1 star venue standard requirements. FIFA was June 1 issue of the venue, FIFA 1 Star certification certificate.

FIFA certification of synthetic grass began in 2001, it has developed a series of rigorous laboratory testing, site testing standards and procedures, and the use of the certification mark provides a detailed and strict rules. As of now, there are 22 companies around the world to obtain certification, all global mainstream synthetic grass enterprise, 96 1 star 71 2 star venues to obtain certification. FIFA certification has been widely recognized, many governments tender explicitly require suppliers to FIFA certified qualification. FIFA also actively guide the promotion of synthetic grass golf course use, such as in the "Win in Africa" ​​project, the 52 African Member States States funded the construction of a synthetic grass pitch more than 1 star.

Since 2005, TurfSoccer on the start of the FIFA testing and certification, there are multiple products through laboratory testing of the 1-star and 2-star laying Slovakia the MFK Topolčany Club venue YEII 60mmsynthetic grass products 1 Star certification also expected more The slice venue for the 1-star and 2-star certification.

As the Asia-Pacific region's largest manufacturer of synthetic grass, TurfSoccer product quality as its life, in accordance with the "people-oriented, continuous improvement, the environment first, quality first" approach to management, to establish a perfect system of quality control and improvement. FIFA venues certification, is a manifestation of TurfSoccer excellent product quality, will play a positive role in the development of the synthetic grass industry norms.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Relative to the artificial grass pitch stone-based layer

University of Maryland for the protection of the safety of the students and athletes in order to prevent the impact caused a concussion to the American Brock companies PowerBase products installed on the new artificial grass in its stadium, Brock PowerBase products will play a shock pad and drainage layer double effect. This protection pad product has been proven to provide security for the athletes. Relative to the artificial grass pitch stone-based layer, the protection of such a pad-based layer stadium is able to reduce the probability of a concussion occurs about 50%. This is a football stadium, American football players often strong contact with the court surface, so to improve the the pitch damping performance can better protect the athlete.

Sports director Kevin Anderson of the University of Maryland, said: "Brock products for our stadium provides a better protection movement and student movement surface, so that you can reduce their injury and suffered a concussion chance it has a lot of stadiums used as a base layer, but was confirmed performance is indeed very good, we Athletes can have this product on the ground to protect them, and I am very pleased. "Brock Company is a company specializing in the production of the base layer of artificial grass company establishment of more than 25 years have been installed worldwide, more than one million square feet of artificial grass base layer.

Piece of artificial grass pitches of the University of Maryland, is a high-tech stadium - the University of Maryland this venue will be exclusively in the United States for the first time using the English name of the latest cooling technology for CoolPlay, this technology is quartz sand and cryogenic rubber implantation turf as filler. This will make the piece of venue can get a significant cooling effect and then to become the United States within the "the artificial grass coolest venues' sites suppliers, world-renowned manufacturer of artificial grass FieldTurf this exclusive CoolPlay of technology in its a lot of was certified in the experiment can significantly reduce the temperature of the artificial turf. relative to the traditional use of rubber filler artificial grass turf low temperature of 15 degrees Fahrenheit. join new cushioning products is to enhance the entire stadium security.