Thursday, March 14, 2013

The artificial grass Paste the production and construction of concrete steps are as follows

TurfSoccer before, I will introduce the characteristics of artificial grass, maintenance, etc. Let's talk about the construction process of the production of artificial grass.

variety of artificial grass, adjustable length, and to facilitate the construction, laying asphalt, cement venue.

First of all, we understand that under the composition of the structure of the artificial grass. artificial grass: plastic grass lawn at the bottom, non-woven cloth paste made seams. Paste considerations are as follows:

Before pasting to ensure non-woven fabrics, seams, fabric, lawn bottom surface is clean, dry and free of moisture, should not be under construction in wet rain, snow and other inclement weather, construction of suitable workers ambient temperature should be between 0-40 ℃, otherwise it will lead to The phenomenon of bonding is not strong.

The artificial grass Paste the production and construction of concrete steps are as follows:

A gummed adhesive:

Require brushing with a brush at the bottom of the artificial lawn Bohou uniform, can not be repeated gluing, or cause blistering or even fall, strictly control the thickness of the glue should be appropriate, pay attention to the gluing speed, respectively applied to the adhesive bonding of two surface.

The reasonable control of temperature, humidity and other conditions according to the time a dry set time generally appropriate glue good 10-15 minutes, the mortar to achieve the appropriate service three dry hand touch non-stick. Bonding requires disposable alignment cement. Must not be in the adhesive and later back to the mobile bond objects.

Second, pressurized cured:

Clear surface debris, after bonding with a special rubber mallet hammer real force to both sides from the adhesive at more firmly to the surface fully bonded dense. Curing time is generally three days, testing the ultimate strength is usually ten days. Therefore, during the curing period need to pay close attention to its maintenance, to avoid too prolonged sun exposure, water influx and move to the best condition of bonding.

III Crop rest:

Quartz sand and rubber particles before charging after bonding venue crop debris cleaned.

Fourth, the pavement of quartz sand

synthetic grass paste rest fixed grass seedlings grass seedlings inside with a special quartz sand, grass seedlings lodging, filling sand to grass seedlings remaining height less than 10 mm, spread over the surface of the grass seedlings rubber particles should be evenly spread over the grass seedlings not complex edge perfusion with sand to prevent athletes hurt.

Fifth, inspection and acceptance

Final overall inspection and acceptance of artificial lawn turf laying process is basically completed the above steps, such problems should be promptly amended report.

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