Wednesday, March 6, 2013

FIFA also actively guide the promotion of synthetic grass golf course use

Recently, synthetic grass production by TurfSoccer the MFK Topolčany laying in Slovakia club venues through the venue of the FIFA FIFA laboratory detection, the indicators have reached the FIFA1 star venue standard requirements. FIFA was June 1 issue of the venue, FIFA 1 Star certification certificate.

FIFA certification of synthetic grass began in 2001, it has developed a series of rigorous laboratory testing, site testing standards and procedures, and the use of the certification mark provides a detailed and strict rules. As of now, there are 22 companies around the world to obtain certification, all global mainstream synthetic grass enterprise, 96 1 star 71 2 star venues to obtain certification. FIFA certification has been widely recognized, many governments tender explicitly require suppliers to FIFA certified qualification. FIFA also actively guide the promotion of synthetic grass golf course use, such as in the "Win in Africa" ​​project, the 52 African Member States States funded the construction of a synthetic grass pitch more than 1 star.

Since 2005, TurfSoccer on the start of the FIFA testing and certification, there are multiple products through laboratory testing of the 1-star and 2-star laying Slovakia the MFK Topolčany Club venue YEII 60mmsynthetic grass products 1 Star certification also expected more The slice venue for the 1-star and 2-star certification.

As the Asia-Pacific region's largest manufacturer of synthetic grass, TurfSoccer product quality as its life, in accordance with the "people-oriented, continuous improvement, the environment first, quality first" approach to management, to establish a perfect system of quality control and improvement. FIFA venues certification, is a manifestation of TurfSoccer excellent product quality, will play a positive role in the development of the synthetic grass industry norms.

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