Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hangzhou, synthetic turf and plant simulation (simulation tree) in the rational use of the real estate landscape

Hangzhou, synthetic turf and plant simulation (simulation tree) in the rational use of the real estate landscape

Recently, Hangzhou real estate landscape to create, we found that there are a growing number of projects in the local option of using a fake plastic lawn and plant simulation to create a more pleasant community landscape, many residents also said: in some roof greening above, developers laying simulation and softness highly synthetic turf weekend when the weather is nice, the elderly and children of the family in the above play a walk, I feel very good, and a neighbor's child can often play together, not only security, but also greatly increase neighborhood interaction between.

Previous green roof, developers or owners of personal often also engage in some green plants and plant some lawn, but often the beginning of the time with good results, but not a few months, because of mismanagement or neglect to take care of, lawn or plants will gradually yellow and die, if not late sustained investment and professional care, pleasant green landscape would cease to exist, the property is also a headache, the owners are also great views. Later, some professional companies has been sweeping the western synthetic turf and plant simulation introduced into some high-end commercial real estate and residential, effective solution to this problem, in this regard, Hangzhou, Vanke Real Estate, Wharf Realty, Riverside Properties, Kun related products for their owners to create a high-end landscape horizons and enjoy the first real estate companies and real estate and Greentown brand, has played a significant role to enhance and promote the sales of real estate for its own brand.

Hangzhou synthetic turf and plant simulation market, the gradual emergence of a number of professional design and installation enterprises, they provide professional one-stop service for many brands of real estate enterprises, from the production of custom design and installation are in place until the latter part of the continuing sale protection completely resolve the bad feelings of the owners of the roof the turf brief life and provoke mosquito. synthetic turf and simulation of plant safety of raw materials, and the salient features of the imported equipment disposable molding process, long service life, anti-radiation, anti-aging, acid and alkali and highly imitative, in the process, completely is safe reliable, especially suitable to create a cell within the playground.

Moreover, synthetic turf can also be used as a professional football field, basketball court, golf course and croquet and other professional sports venues, artificial plants can not only create a public landscape, and is also used extensively for residential and courtyard views, some commercial establishments, such as: hotel, hotels, stores and office spaces also gradually like to create a warm and comfortable visual experience with synthetic turf and plant simulation.

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