Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to identify quality and cheap synthetic grass to become the biggest problem for venue construction.

Synthetic grass on the market today can see relatively large differences in the level and quality of the formation of the quality of synthetic grass root nature difference the fiber consumption due to the cost and process differences. How to identify quality and cheap synthetic grass to become the biggest problem for venue construction.

artificial grass
artificial grass, synthetic grass, soccer grass

One of the observation points: synthetic grass fibers ability to accept all the new high-purity PP, PE as raw material, whether all the raw materials can all once modified into fibers, to ensure that the package of fiber physicochemical stability, the grass fibers Danny number eight eight hundred - one by one, in 2000 the DTEX, synthetic fiber process to participate in excessive anti-UV, anti-oxidation, anti-static, lodging, and other additives, to ensure that the six-year life of the fiber, and signs of aging is not easy in use during the period , wear, fading and other phenomena.

synthetic grass observation point: whether to accept the product Backing composite elastic structures (about five - MM thick), after The the finishing glue (gluing accepted high temperature vulcanization process recipe) make a more solid and strong underlying and elastic.

Observation point: the product of fibers feel smooth and elastic, luster even and soft, open network symmetry, split evenly torn when bottom back strong, flexible, synthetic grass coating evenly shiny.

Observation point: the contrast quality than followed the the product fiber surface color uneven, weak and opaque; feel dry and difficult to handle, to open network uneven and more burr back layer of soft, weak sense of non-support. The material is a single, simple process, the lack of many add additives, its difficult to ensure that the quality, easily weathering assurance activities to ensure safety.

artificial grass surface layer thickness of about 5mm

construction technology of artificial grass:
(1) artificial grass installation preparations:
a checking device: the operation of the paving machine, spraying machines and other equipment checks, raw materials and packaging inspection.
b raw material lot number for a small test to observe the laying of the situation on the ground.
(2) laying:
a. Formulation requirements, each group were quantitatively to the construction site.
b the end of plastic: the amount of adhesives and thinners drum laying.
c Mixing: join the PUartificial grass material correct ratio dedicated mechanical stir evenly, with special equipment material poured into laying areas.
d 10mmartificial grass grassroots laying: base construction and technical personnel first base material cake flat uniform thickness according to the design, and then adjusted stainless steel thermostat platen imported from Germany "SMG" paving machine mechanical pavement, mechanical pavement speed should be uniform, slow, halfway shall transform the pavement speed by technicians when the pavement scraper Shuhei seams, seams use tools cut into 45. Beveled to facilitate repair.
the e. 3mm artificial grass surface construction: rubber elastic layer drying constructability time, PU the topcoat main agent and curing agent will scale well mixed, EPDM granules and EPDM fine powder added proportionally topcoat, then stir well. artificial grass surface layer thickness of about 5mm, to use German imports sprayer spraying aspect spraying.
(3) crossed:
a former scribe should be recognized properly.
b. measuring the correct use of imported paint crossed the paint with anti-wear, then strong advantage of the same yellow and bright.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TurfSoccer artificial grass your rooftop oasis

TurfSoccer artificial grass your rooftop oasis

Enjoy the feel of the artificial grass seasons such as summer, the garden labors out the window.

a region of artificial grass can be used:

    Balconies, rooftops
    Garden, greenhouse
    Decorative area, children's play area
    RV holiday camp

advantages of artificial grass:

    Evergreen, even in dark areas
    Resistance to light
    Operation quick and easy
    Without fertilization
    Conservation of water resources
    Soft, suitable for children contact
    No insects
    Not produce allergic reactions
    Easy care

Friday, January 18, 2013

Africa, the first batch of synthetic grass pitch by FIFA certified

Africa, the first batch of synthetic grass pitch by FIFA certified

Algeria Relizane synthetic grass pitches, recently won the FIFA 1 Star certification

Along with the African Cup of Nations in Egypt, FIFA also took the opportunity to announce the first batch of African FIFA certified pitches List.

The first piece of the continent FIFA certified synthetic grass golf course is located in Algeria Relizane his builders Italy Italgreen Spa, which owns the FIFA 1 Star certification.

The second piece of synthetic grass pitches are certified in the construction of the stadium, it will be the first piece of African FIFA2 Star certification course, it will belong to the Egyptian capital of Cairo, a company called Wadi Degla club! The builders of the stadium Greenfields BV company in Germany.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

FIFA in order to promote the artificial grass

FIFA in order to promote the artificial grass, the World Youth Championship in Finland in 2003, all with artificial turf. Led to participate in the competition of the Chinese Football Association vice-chairman Yang Yimin was revealed to the media, in the Super League in 2004, will likely compete with synthetic grass, but three years later, the current super venue did not see the emergence of artificial grass.

    As early as in 2001, the Changchun Yatai told the Chinese Football Association proposed the idea of ​​using artificial grass, later identified Changchun Yatai the negative game canceled ascend A A qualification, the plan along with stranded because of the Chinese Football Association.

    In September 2003, the Green Island center trying to cooperate with the Liaoning team, they used artificial grass, but the responses given by the then Football Association: a high rate of artificial turf burns, not suited to the other teams.

    Wangyou Min said, now for the past five years has been greatly improved, the process of artificial grass, physical properties, chemical properties, hardness, getting closer and closer to natural turf, natural turf, artificial soccer grass without the use of too more personnel for maintenance, nor does it require that mechanical like natural grass, more does not require pesticides and so on. "synthetic grass is difficult to accept the clubs and stadiums, but also with the relevant provisions of the FIFA.

    In accordance with FIFA rules, a country with artificial grass League, providing and laying of artificial turf companies that must be specified for the FIFA. Moreover, last year's FIFA officials to come to China to promote artificial turf, during the official proposed the use of an artificial lawn needs verification by FIFA panel, while the stadium for the cost to spend up to " more than ten million yuan, Wang Youmin said, "Such provisions FIFA really distasteful.

    Between a standard artificial grass floor laying around more than 200 million to 300 million yuan, the life expectancy of 6-8 years. Looking back, the laying of a stadium of soccer grass, pretty good value for money, however, in terms of the stadium, want the existing natural grass replaced with synthetic grass, but also more difficult task.

    Wang Youmin said: "If the stadium can come up with hundreds of thousands to solve the problem, certainly do not want to suddenly come up with more than 200 million and in this regard, the Chinese Football Association can only be called for, and can not be enforced." About the use of synthetic grass, Lili Peng that the club itself is unlikely to accept. He said artificial grass or can not be compared to natural turf, burning degrees as well as friction performance is poor, very easily lead to injuries of athletes, athletes are very valuable and worth of an athlete will be able to justify natural grass the price, who do not want to take the risk. "

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Contact TurfSoccer to find out more about our synthetic grass solutions.

the synthetic grass weatherability good?

Yes, our synthetic grass weather resistance. synthetic grass will not be subject to extreme temperatures. In addition, after the drainage of the artificial turf quickly after the transfer of the ownership of the heavy rain ten minutes to play in the above. Whether it's sunny or rainy days, snow or summer, artificial grass looks good. Artificial turf keep it that way with little maintenance. synthetic grass grass is long-lasting.

Can endure harsh conditions due to the artificial turf. Install artificial turf to become the perfect choice to improve the climate and the environment. synthetic grass project has advantages:

Home landscaping
Our artificial grass is the same color, neat, with patchy grass ugly to say goodbye.

Business beautification
Dress up your business, synthetic grass so that your business will always decent.

Stadium turf
Sports facilities, you do not think of the field. Our artificial grass is always in top condition.

Children's play area
Soft artificial turf helps to maintain the safety of the children. In addition, artificial turf can quickly drain to prevent slipping. The artificial grass does not need pruning, fertilizing, watering, in order to maintain a healthy and manicured.

In any condition, you no longer have to worry about the weather ruin your lawn again. Fake turf looks very fresh and green. Contact TurfSoccer to find out more about our synthetic grass solutions.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

How TurfSoccer artificial grass sports venues small damaged to be repaired?

How TurfSoccer artificial grass sports venues small damaged to be repaired?

First, artificial grass sports ground maintenance to ensure that the venue for two days does not use.

Secondly, check whether the surface are incomplete and for small-scale repair. Check the seams gap. Loose. Check the lawn back off the glue. Check whether the filler loss.

Note patch to choose a warm, dry weather. Do not wet space case

Daily care, how to clean TurfSoccer artificial grass?

Cleaning and decontamination

Rain is your best cleaning. Rainwater can gently wash away dust, pollen, as well as the spread of pollutants on the grass fibers. artificial grass most in need of cleaning is to clear the garbage generated by the venue in use. In the paper, peanut shells, seeds, tape a timely manner after vacuuming easier.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The world synthetic grass soccer field development status quo

The world synthetic grass soccer field development status quo

1. European soccer grass court
The author did a lot of research on the soccer field synthetic grass for Germany, France, Britain and other countries, mainly using sand soil of these countries turf soccer. 30cm lying on the football field table complete with sand to enter the 1990s anti trampling references come from the racetrack in the study of artificial grass in topsoil mixed Ru Nilun network. Enhance the tear resistance of the soil. Kinds of leather lying bluegrass, tall fescue-dominated.

2. Stadium in the United States and Canada
The early 1960s, the United States alone, many University of Technology has done a lot of research on synthetic grass stadium caused, people have also a lot of related institutes seedbed All sand made. The construction system is commonly used: PAT (Frescnpnon athlitic-Interseeding system) system, CELL system. The biggest feature of this system can be forced drainage, rainy day can continue to race, water conservation, site utilization.

3. Australia, New Zealand and other countries football pitches
These national football stadium, racetrack and other sports venues soil matrix is ​​mainly sand-based, but there are also individual using the mixed soil, grass seed used to Bermuda (Bermudagrass) main the local call Cauch grass. Rely on winter sowing annual ryegrass to keep the annual evergreen synthetic grass football field.

4. China football pitches
China synthetic grass stadium construction technology basically has not been studied. Some football field in the 1980s, using transplantation of natural turf to cause football venues. As football career is booming 1990s, built the small number of sports venues from south to north. But the level of construction of the football field and did not improve, some venues simply understand foreign construction theory. Results of the country most of the use of the site is inefficient, difficult to maintain, and had to be repeated in order to complete the game tasks, the transformation of the surface layer. Sometimes in order to important games, six months ahead of you have closure. Artificial grass football pitches and some European and American countries in the lawn intact state can be used for 2 - 3 days a week. Seedbed mainly in ten organic matter to sandy loam. The choice of soccer grass grasses are also diverse. The actual speaking, China's turf soccer field construction technology such as: the United Kingdom, Germany still far from the some soccer birthplace countries. Small changes in competitive football, football pitches will affect the athletes' skill levels to play. Requirements of many countries football training ground and the official venues. Chinese football to the world, made a first-class football training fields and playing fields, the athletes trained superb skills is a topic for future research by our professional staff has a good feel in the usual training.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The artificial turf for the sporty Type S monofilament artificial grass

Introduction of artificial grass products: grass wire cross-section S-shape, greatly enhanced the turf upright effect, resilience and slip resistance.

Sided has a recess, a conductive effect and the impoundment effect is more than 2 times the ordinary synthetic grass.

Imports the German BASF essence additives, lawn UV resistance and abrasion resistance reached the international advanced level.

Simulation and high, comparable to natural grass. The most professional the wire grass production technology, the most advanced COBBLE tufted units woven natural bright color of grass seedlings, lawn smooth supple.

The artificial turf for the sporty Type S monofilament artificial grass, also known as high simulation monofilament grass. Described as follows:

Artificial turf Model: LTSDS50;

The artificial turf Specifications: width 4m × 25 m long;

synthetic grass grass: 50mm;

Artificial turf stitch length: 3/4 inches;

artificial grass cluster density: 10500 clusters / square meter;

Artificial turf fiber Material: Domestic mesh PE;

synthetic grass fiber fineness: 12000Dtex;

Artificial turf base fabric: BONAR composite base fabric;

the the artificial grass gum and glue ways: BSF syntheic / machine coated;

Package: 4 meters wide and 25 meters long + waterproof plastic sheeting, length can be customized according to customer requirements.

artificial grass Scope: football field, school playground and other sports.

Note: special specifications, colors and hair high, you need more than 1000 square meters factory before production, the different batches grass color will be slightly different. A one-time order quantity is more than 10,000 square meters, price negotiable! Quality imported raw materials, environmental protection, color retention. International SGS testing standards of the European Union do not contain mercury, lead, cadmium and other harmful genus. S-shaped cross section of wire grass, greatly enhanced the turf upright effect, resilient and non-slip. Switzerland the imported essence additives lawn UV resistance and abrasion resistance reached the international advanced level. The most professional drawing technology, the most advanced unit of the British times Le tufted woven wire grass color bright natural lawn flat supple. Lawn high degree of simulation, comparable to natural grass. soccer grass on the football field, training field, activity centers, sports and leisure and green space.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

artificial grass basketball courts also began a large-scale development

In recent years, a variety of sports venues competed laying of artificial grass basketball courts also began a large-scale development, the brightly colored plastic basketball court, high weather resistance, excellent wear resistance, good rebound,strong adhesion, synthetic grass, basketball courts become the ideal material for a competitive sport and mass sports people.

Such a pitch material is one of the more popular ground material, plastic tennis courts, a plastic basketball court, badminton courts plastic have appeared with the further understanding of the material advantages of artificial grass basketball court. Quality plastic basketball places the material and design of synthetic grass playground surface arranged very closely, so as to reduce the degree of wear. Ensure its durability, and make the athletes comfortable and safe. Long service life, usually in 8-10 years, as the basis of superior quality of its service life may be extended. Resistance to ultraviolet radiation, the color can not fade. Repair, maintenance, renovation, convenient and affordable.

basketball court price of artificial grass compared acrylic pitch material, Silicon PU stadium materials to be higher, but this does not become the circulation market barriers. Plastic basketball court a smooth surface to make the ball bounce easily, without changing the angle of the ball bouncing. synthetic grass has excellent grindability, slip resistance, not easy to powder, high weather resistance, not aging, long life, good lightfastness, deep coloring, color lasting subside, strong adhesion, high peel strength, easy to layer, good delicate and difficult foaming, good elasticity, resistance to cracking, comfortable sense of movement.