Thursday, August 8, 2013

synthetic grass market capacity reached ten million

synthetic grass market capacity reached ten million, the scale of the strength of domestic enterprises with lawn grass fiber production capacity, independent research and development stage into. And lawn grass fiber production technology has reached world-class level, a number of domestic enterprises to obtain a FIFA-site certification, making the domestic end-users get the maximum benefit, you can purchase in the domestic market to the international quality standard products. The future, China and lawn grass fibers on the strength of downstream processes will be fully integrated in the enterprise, that enterprise competitiveness will also have the production capacity and lawn grass fibers.

synthetic grass

As in the domestic real master synthetic grass laying technology manufacturers are small and they are mostly foreign technology, therefore, is not sufficient in the laying of sand synthetic grass, especially when laying shock-absorbing foam cushion layer must be done by the foreign experts. A layer of shock-absorbing foam underneath to smooth asphalt as a basis for the following also covered with asphalt gravel, sand and gravel as the basis of which the construction of the drainage system is the most critical part. In addition, this type of synthetic grass during the installation process be sure to use artificial turf special machinery, especially in some professional or costly installation laying of sports venues is particularly important, otherwise it will not be able to reach ground leveling and uniformity requirements .

Today, there are still some owners on how to choose a high standard, quality and reliable products in the lawn doubts, in fact, get FIFA venues certification business is the highest guarantee of product quality. As is currently the highest standards of performance soccer grass makers, synthetic grass for FIFA to increase promotional efforts to encourage FIFA to increase the number of certified sites, to improve the overall quality level of the venue, especially for developing countries outside Europe FIFA with local sports organizations or government agencies, FIFA introduced a number of preferential policies to encourage the laying of the venue and the use of authentication. Early 2009 was also modified and the introduction of new standards for synthetic grass soccer grass performance requirements more stringent.

In FIFA's support and influence, synthetic grass performance in different regions, especially in developing countries has been greatly improved. synthetic grass products in environmental protection are also increasing public concern, the German standard DIN relevant tests have been widely used in synthetic grass tests.

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