Thursday, August 22, 2013

How artificial lawn dormant for conservation?

How artificial lawn dormant for conservation?

Into the winter, dormant lawns in an extremely fragile state, vulnerable to external damage. Because to establish turf protection flags, strengthen personnel patrol tube to prevent pedestrians from vehicles of excessive trampling and crushing. If the dormant period and wear due to trampling the lawn rolling aboveground, underground parts will be frost and death, thereby affecting the timeliness turning green lawn next year. Temperatures rise, some will be germinating lawn, lawn start tiller, fear trampling trampling should be avoided as much as possible, resulting in soil compaction, so that the lawn bald spots forming phenomenon.

Do Lawn Maintenance management summary, the production of labor, plant protection, fertilization, irrigation, mowing, weeding and other work to conduct a comprehensive statistics, compared with the original plan, to see what kind of work is not completed, what work needs to be improved, so that maintenance work further improved. In conclusion, based on the work of last year to do the production planning, budgeting, purchasing materials, pesticides, fertilizers, equipment, facilities, etc., to prepare and employment, and make this year the implementation of technical measures. In large sand arid regions, especially when seeding lawns should continue to make up the frozen water. At this point irrigation low temperatures, in order to prevent ice phenomenon, should be in the sunny 10:00 pm to 15:00 between watering, the soil can be quickly absorbed in the temperature dropped to complete this work, and timely return.

In addition to these measures, to protect but also to achieve a reasonable period of dormancy lawn fertilization, cold fire.

Cool-season lawns in the dormant winter, you can add a certain amount of applied organic fertilizer, improve soil structure, promote beneficial microbial activity in soil, improve soil temperature, enhance soil fertility, reduce diseases. All localities should combine local climatic factors, local conditions, flexible use. In the dressing should be done fertilizer evenly, avoiding "spotted"; fertilize the lawn before pruning, watering immediately after fertilization to prevent burns lawn.

For laid late or late fall lawn seeding in winter dormancy period as may be appropriate to use the non-woven fabric cover, plastic film, such as ash or straw covered cold, to prevent frost damage. Winter dormancy period of the lawn after another into the withering period, then prone to fires, especially in crowded places staff activities in particular should pay attention to. In addition to doing a reasonable before winter pruning, removing grass cushion is too thick, it should also clean up litter on the lawn, these flammable substances, could easily lead to fires.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

synthetic turf is a rich diversity of visual pleasure

Pleasant green lawn although to a certain extent, to beautify the urban environment, but in practice proved that the development of urban green lawn causing a serious shortage of green models and do not form a reasonable three-dimensional space of the green network, but also to build lawn high cost, consumption more water, and many other ills.

Some people think that lawn uniform, Greenery, such as blankets, like the scenery, like fashion style abroad. However, from an ecological point of view, synthetic turf is a rich diversity of visual pleasure, which is like you are more willing to look rich and diverse forests, rather than those neat monotonous large lawn. Second, the economic cost is likely to cause the illusion. Same size lawns and forests, people often mistakenly think that grass, low cost, planting more costly, in fact, quite the opposite. Moreover lawn too much water, the lack of biological diversity, the European countries almost no kind of it. Quick success also formed an important reason for the hot lawn. Grass fast and effort, while planting trees is difficult, cycle long, slow, some officials in pursuit of green achievements, excluding the actual results, a large number of built lawn, resulting in a great waste of financial resources.

synthetic turf

From the global scope is concerned, this result is precisely the goal of improving the ecological environment is contrary. Application of scientific methods to urban greening gradual manner, the urban greening as "image projects", only to make green bubble, no end of trouble. Ecological effect is the sole criterion for testing ecological means. Our city from the grass in the wake of bitter brought by enthusiastic grass transition to "retreat grass also tree", synthetic turf should be a good sign.

Now most of our grass some prescriptive requirements, such as how much square green area to reach by how much, but kind of a nobody, is very extensive pipe is pipe. Do not meet the growth pattern of the lawn. Today, many manufacturers began to transition engine for lawn machinery, and domestic lawn mowers will gradually occupy the domestic market because of its price is much lower than that of imports.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

synthetic grass market capacity reached ten million

synthetic grass market capacity reached ten million, the scale of the strength of domestic enterprises with lawn grass fiber production capacity, independent research and development stage into. And lawn grass fiber production technology has reached world-class level, a number of domestic enterprises to obtain a FIFA-site certification, making the domestic end-users get the maximum benefit, you can purchase in the domestic market to the international quality standard products. The future, China and lawn grass fibers on the strength of downstream processes will be fully integrated in the enterprise, that enterprise competitiveness will also have the production capacity and lawn grass fibers.

synthetic grass

As in the domestic real master synthetic grass laying technology manufacturers are small and they are mostly foreign technology, therefore, is not sufficient in the laying of sand synthetic grass, especially when laying shock-absorbing foam cushion layer must be done by the foreign experts. A layer of shock-absorbing foam underneath to smooth asphalt as a basis for the following also covered with asphalt gravel, sand and gravel as the basis of which the construction of the drainage system is the most critical part. In addition, this type of synthetic grass during the installation process be sure to use artificial turf special machinery, especially in some professional or costly installation laying of sports venues is particularly important, otherwise it will not be able to reach ground leveling and uniformity requirements .

Today, there are still some owners on how to choose a high standard, quality and reliable products in the lawn doubts, in fact, get FIFA venues certification business is the highest guarantee of product quality. As is currently the highest standards of performance soccer grass makers, synthetic grass for FIFA to increase promotional efforts to encourage FIFA to increase the number of certified sites, to improve the overall quality level of the venue, especially for developing countries outside Europe FIFA with local sports organizations or government agencies, FIFA introduced a number of preferential policies to encourage the laying of the venue and the use of authentication. Early 2009 was also modified and the introduction of new standards for synthetic grass soccer grass performance requirements more stringent.

In FIFA's support and influence, synthetic grass performance in different regions, especially in developing countries has been greatly improved. synthetic grass products in environmental protection are also increasing public concern, the German standard DIN relevant tests have been widely used in synthetic grass tests.