Thursday, March 28, 2013

Many international sports federation meeting to promote the development of artificial lawn

Many international sports federation meeting to promote the development of artificial lawn

Earlier this month, the International Rugby Board the One Turf meeting, to further promote the artificial lawn in the field of sports promotion. One Turf held its first meeting in December 2010, the purpose of the meeting is to promote a variety of sports for the sports authorities to monitor and looking for one-stop movement of artificial lawn solutions development worldwide.

Two-day meeting on a number of sports organizations to deliver a speech, including FIFA, the International Rugby Board, the United States Football League, the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA), the International Hockey Federation. Simultaneously the sports artificial lawn detection agencies, scientists, as well as manufacturers, sports surface designers launched an in-depth discussion, it was agreed that the artificial surface can be used for many types of sports and to facilitate the promotion of these sports. International Rugby Board in this work plays a vital role, through the development of the production and installation standards so revolutionary enhance popularize the sport of rugby. To the general public through the use of artificial sports surface layer more people to enjoy the movement to bring the fun and benefits from the social elite. The International Rugby Board in charge of technical services Steve Griffiths said: "We are very pleased to see so many professionals, and representatives of the various sports federations to participate in this meaningful conference. Ultimately, we hope to Sports enthusiasts and professional athletes have created the best sports surface layer, so that all ages of people, in any case, can safely enjoy football and other sports. "

In the past few years, we have seen the promotion of artificial sports surface layer has made considerable progress, the cooperation of the various sports federations such meeting has also been strengthened. The meeting at the same time ensure the continued development of this good trend, especially for the general public and the grassroots level there are more opportunities for a positive impact from the sport. Professor Richard Kent, attend the meeting on behalf of the United States Football League, said: "All sports management agency should make decisions to improve the movement of surface layer security for the study of the principles of sports injuries should be the core issue of the International Rugby Board The One Turf Conference is the exchange of knowledge important opportunity in this side. "

The meeting heard each motion of the competent bodies on the artificial surface can affect the development of its movement, provides development and strategic decision to speak in the future. After that meeting reviewed the similarities and differences, and then a large sportswear manufacturers to summarize what kind of footwear products are most suitable for artificial lawn artificial lawn products in various sporting director, inter-agency certification standards. The conference explored the artificial lawn sports injuries related data, and then most of the delegates to participate in the drafting of a cooperation document, this cooperation documents in various sports-based artificial existing certification standards.

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