Saturday, April 27, 2013

Monofilament artificial grass

Monofilament artificial grass

Review the course of development of artificial grass and now has more than forty years, it is the most from the United States, with the continuous development of market demand, in addition to the pursuit of excellence in sports performance, people also want to artificial grass is more beautiful, more practical, lasting. Response to market demand, monofilament grass developed into a trend, as opposed to the traditional fiber grass, it Resembling natural grass, pavement easier, easier maintenance and longer life.

Monofilament artificial grass, once launched, once in Europe and the United States is very popular abroad, 80% of the sports venues are made of monofilament grass, the monofilament grass closer to natural grass, better sports performance, easy maintenance and so on. Domestic, however, is limited due to technical previously monofilament grass mean slice monofilament grass family, it uses the traditional slice monofilament, due to the constraints of the equipment and technology level and other factors, at the end of its life, the binding force, abrasion resistance and other obvious flaws, resulting monofilament grass in China have not been used by the user.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Choice of golf course putting green artificial lawn

Choice of golf course putting green artificial lawn

Golf course putting green turf generally circular or approximately circular irregular shape, the general area of ​​450 to 700m2. A standard golf course putting green area in the the 0.8 to 1.2hm2. Putting green lawn manicured short grass lawn and generally slight slope and downs, but the ball unimpeded rolling on its surface. Putting green hole position change. Hole puncher by specialized set inside the cave is a metal or plastic cup, the cup should be below ground 2.5cm (1 inch) inside the cave, flags hole, deep 10.16cm (4 inches). So that flag to identify the hole, the hole diameter of 10.79cm (4 1/4 inches).

Rootzones structure:
In 1960, the United States Golf Association (USGA) and the golf course lawn experts recommend a better putting green floor bed structure: Ping bed layer of a 30cm fine sand and peat, below 5.1cm coarse sand, and then the following is 10.2cm thick gravel, gravel under the drain, soil pH from 6.0 to 6.5.

Putting green grasses select:
The bentgrass (north temperate, boreal, cold temperate) Penncross varieties most widely
Bermudagrass (tropical, subtropical and temperate South)
The seashore paspalum improved varieties (tropical and subtropical)
Tropical and subtropical ryegrass for winter overseeding
Ring (Collar) and guards (APRON)

Around the green circle width of 0.9 to 2.7m ring (Collar) (ring lawn mowing height slightly higher than the green and below the fairway) surrounded by protection with the greens, grass and conservation management and greens are the same. Connected to the ring outside the fairway that is connected to the junction of the greens and fairways guards (APRON), management level lower than the greens and fairways similar.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

About on artificial grass recycling tire filler concern

One of the advantages of artificial grass is that it is the solution used tires recycling a way, because every year there are more than one billion tires to sell, how to deal with used tires is indeed a problem. Doyle said that the recovery of used tires each year 300 million artificial grass enterprises can take advantage of the 12 points. Laying density of about 4 to 15 pounds per square foot filler, every soccer field to use an average of 20,007 thousand tires made of rubber particles. Europe has begun a massive tire recycling campaign, in this campaign, the tires will meet the quality standards are processed again and utilization. Really can not re-use waste tires are recycled for other uses, including industrial power generation, production of plastic road surfacing materials, and recycling for the automotive industry raw materials for the production of artificial grass. In Western Europe, the recovery of used tires utilization increased from 65% in 2001 to nearly 90% in 2005. Many places in terms of waste tire just a year can increase the number of tons of waste that need to be addressed, but in Europe, scrap tires has become potentially valuable secondary raw materials.

The world's largest tire manufacturers in the world - Michelin - waste tire recycling department SergeP alard. Said: "(discarded tires) uses more and more. Few years ago, in some countries, people do not know how to deal with the waste tires; waste tires can meet the production needs of the provider. "industrial chemicals to follow the requirements of the European Union has recently performed more testing of chemicals registration, evaluation, licensing and restrictions (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, REACH) regulatory requirements, such as Michelin, the company is working to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in tires, waste tires in order to facilitate re-recycled as other products. About on artificial grass recycling tire filler concern, European companies are also looking for new and innovative ways. For example, Italy is trying to artificial Grass launched in the market with new non-toxic thermoplastic material as a filler. A flooring manufacturer the Ecofill of production by Mondo is a patented technology polyolefin particles, dedicated to artificial grass. The company claims that this material is more effective heat dissipation, a high degree of damping, PVC-free, ethylene, plasticizers, heavy metals or other harmful chemicals, and 100% recyclable.

Another alternative is made from plant-derived material filler. GEO SAF e Play artificial grass manufacturer the Li Mengta movement its production is a coconut shell and a filler made of cork. Domenic Carapella, a company spokesman said: "There must be an alternative method of the rubber particles and we will no longer justified, more importantly, because of the use of artificial grass at the expense of the quality of movement is no longer reason to harm children's health."

Sunday, April 21, 2013

specifications and types of synthetic turf

specifications and types of synthetic turf, if you want the selected type of product, you must have the following indicators can complete description of the requirements:

1, wire grass Material Type: PA (nylon), PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene)

Most lawn now use the main material for the PE wire grass, PA wear resistance, but the material is too hard, easy to burn the skin of the athletes, the wear resistance of PP the venue short life, while the PE soft and wear resistance better, is now the venue of choice for sports contact class, the PA mainly used in landscape grass market.

2, the shape of the wire grass: mesh split film yarn, monofilament

Mesh wire in many venues on a large number of results, monofilament became popular in recent years, mainly due to Synthetic turf appearance more like natural grass, beautiful appearance, a slight advantage in terms of wear resistance, but usually high price in the mesh.

3, lawn height: 60mm, the height of the U.S. and European markets usually football stadium domestic venues tender due to the long-standing habits height is generally between 40-55mm, lawn height is higher, the higher the cost, the filling materials and labor costs will also increase, generally around 50mm to meet the requirements of owners can be set to 60mm high grass.

Base fabric adhesive way: usually gum styrene-butadiene latex, more high-end adhesive PU adhesive, the difference between the PU adhesive wire grass pull-off force far greater performance than styrene-butadiene latex, the appearance of bright, waterproof performance is good, because molding PU gum, additives, and so more environmentally friendly. However, the high cost of the PU adhesive, the usually product prices will be higher than the 20% -30% of the styrene-butadiene latex products.

Synthetic Turf base fabric type: usually divided into the base fabric composite base fabric and composite grid three, three relatively higher tensile strength of the base fabric.

6 needles way: usually divided into word needles, and Z words needles. Two needles are used to meet the requirements, but the Z-shaped needles so that a more uniform distribution of grass wire and wire grass gum adhesion will be higher.

, The density of the synthetic Turf: usually 50mm high grass, about 10,000 needles, high quality requirements, can provide appropriate density, but the cost will rise. And the higher the altitude, the General Settings density down.

The 8 grass wire pound: usually divided into 6600DTEX, 8800 DTEX, 9700DTEX, 12000DTEX, 15000DTEX etc., represented Silkwood weight per million meters of grass, usually football venue more than 8800DTEX of.

Pound higher density will be smaller, the basic guarantee in the wire grass per square meter weight of 1 kg.

Synthetic turf industry in China developed rapidly, lawn companies are involved in competitive global markets, we will continue to work in the field of view of the user's perspective and researchers continue to observe the Synthetic turf industry, continue to do the development of sports industry observer.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Expo artificial turf to allow visitors to rest and is no longer difficult to

Expo artificial turf to allow visitors to rest and is no longer difficult to

600,000 flow is not settled have difficulty? "The day before the Expo site just refresh to 631,200 digital visited the park visitor record, many people will worry about the hardware facilities of the park can not withstand the test of such a large crowd. But on the contrary, the management of the park early September visit to passenger less hardware facilities of the park, the laying of a comprehensive renovation and refurbishment of bridges flooring, artificial green spaces and other facilities to ensure that the park can easily deal with large passenger flow test.

The previous encounter large passenger flow, the most troublesome visitors in addition to the endless long lines, that is, the rest of which is always in short supply, it seems that the park chair, covered with lawn green and very easy to stampede and lying pressure destruction. However, now into the park of visitors do not have to worry about can not find a place to rest, because the park has been laid thousands of square meters of Artificial Turf, not afraid of pressure, "green is the perfect choice for tourists stopping for a rest. Reporters yesterday via Thailand Pavilion to see a green lawn, the Thai Pavilion next to the skywalk actually, many tourists are lying or sitting on top of the rest. Concrete floor how species drafting of it? "A reporter approached only to find, this is actually an artificial grass, not only not afraid to step on, not afraid of pressure, but also soft and comfortable, no wonder many tourists are aimed at this place to rest.

In the the park sanitation workers under the guidance of, the reporter found that artificial grass not only at the in Evergreen North Road, near the National Exhibition Road there is a greater area of ​​artificial green, and a large concrete floor is not even a rest chair. Cleaning work carried out in this quarter Sister told reporters that this piece of artificial grass is the park early September the completion of the laying of an area of ​​nearly 1,000 square meters, and now the face of large passenger really put a big help. "In the past, tourists everywhere to find a chair to sit, sit directly on the ground on it, but also comfortable and not afraid to take the bad Artificial Turf."

Park in hardware maintenance not only withstood the test of large passenger flow in June and July, the Expo axis many covered bridges floor fracture and collapse cope with the flow of people from the 56 million estimated "tight", as early as in early September, the park has begun the floor of the covered bridges comprehensive renovation, removing all the previous floor, the floor covered with the texture better. After more than four months after the wind and rain, the park's flower garden there has been considerable damage, in recent days, the park also is stepping up the flower garden re-laying, especially the flower garden in front of the Expo Center, formerly dead, the muddy green spaces has been shoveled away, covered with sand, re-laying in the above green space, planting flowers, Expo best face in the last month or more to meet the Quartet guests.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Plastic tennis courts and synthetic turf door stadium construction program and performance advantages of contrast

Plastic tennis courts and synthetic turf door stadium construction program and performance advantages of contrast

synthetic turf of doors stadium construction program are as follows:

The first step, in-situ measurements positioning compaction, flatness demanding (very smooth)
The second step, laying 12cm thick reinforced concrete layer, reference numeral 200 # (recommended site 200mm × 200mm double steel mesh in the upper half of the concrete layer waterproof expansion agent) plus 4%.
The third step, the surface of the construction is completed within 12 to 24 hours, the ground covered with agricultural mulch film, mulch then compacted with sand at the waterproof conservation week.
The fourth step, build high wall around 400mm.
The fifth step, the laying of artificial turf, installed lines.
The sixth step, the red door stadium dedicated sand.
The seventh step is to install the goal laid.

the synthetic turf Gate Stadium the following advantages:

Stadium synthetic turf doors, good water permeability, drainage clean and does not contain any harmful substances, noise absorption function, can be connected using the affordable while still allowing you to fully enjoy the fun of nature.

Plastic tennis court

Provisions in the the the tennis competition rules promulgated by the ITF and the National Sports Commission, a standard tennis court covers an area of ​​not less than 36.58 meters long (north-south) × 18.29 meters (east-west width), this size is a standard around the tennis court block the net size of the nets or indoor building wall. Effectively doubles space in this area, standard size: 23.77 meters (length) x 10.97 m (W), after the end of the line should be left room for not less than 6.40 meters and not less than 3.66 m should be left outside the sideline. Install net post in the stadium, measured at the center of the two columns, column spacing is 12.80 m, the top of the net and the posts from the ground is 1.07 m from the ground in the center of the net is 0.914 m.

If it is connected to two or more than two tennis courts built parallel, the distance between adjacent venues sideline of not less than 3.66 m. If it is an indoor tennis court, a clear height of over 6.40 m away from the end of not less than 6.40 m the indoor roof over the tennis net height not less than 11.50 meters.

Tennis court site should consider the following basic conditions:

(1) not too close from the road, not mobile, etc.. If the best from light mesh blocking is appropriate.
(2) around the venue planting lawns and plants.
(3) convenient for people to use.
(4) outdoor venues basic to the north and south to the long axis of the bias should be less than 20o.
(5) the sunny, sheltered.
(6) with good drainage, the groundwater level is not high.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

the construction of the synthetic grass fibers imitate the shape and color of the natural grass plants

Artificial Football Field Turf

Newly laid way easy maintenance

In recent years, the foreign-developed a new lawn construction methods --- Integrated Turfgrass Management System, also known as removable lawn. This construction system is composed of by many lawn module, these lawn module can be pre-planting in the outdoor, for the venue, near the game will be pre-prepared lawn block moved into the stadium. To meet the different uses of the game, planting can choose different varieties of lawn and turf grasses. If the lawn is serious injury, you can be replaced at any time, and recycling. The modular system chassis can be artificially controlled ventilation, drainage, ventilation, heating and cooling. 2002 World Cup in Sapporo, Japan, the football field is the use of that method of construction. This method not only completely solve the problem of low light, low temperature, drainage ventilation and poor, this movable soccer field at the same time after the end of the game the lawn removed, in order to meet the needs of the other events.

China has a "concrete lawn" is also quite amazing, this concrete brick laying on the ground, doused with water, and within a month, the grass is coming out from the concrete. This method is scientific ingredients, grass seeds sprout in concrete with a certain intensity, growth, and prefabricated concrete brick, final construction laying.

Concrete grasses in the bud growth after a period of time, the roots into the soil through the lower part of the concrete bricks continue to grow through the concrete bricks upper reaches green grass. The strength of concrete lawn can increase or decrease the thickness of concrete bricks, concrete blocks, the thicker, the greater the strength of the concrete lawn does not affect the growth of grass and concrete bricks thick. Activities of people or vehicles in the concrete on the lawn, just step on the pressure in the grass leaves, and hurt not concrete roots, grass rhizomes have been better protected, the grass more resistant to trampling, can withstand 50 tons to 200 under the weight of tons. Concrete lawn production base in the production of precast concrete lawn After the long grass after a one-time transfer of laying, construction of large-scale, site pouring approach can also be used. Science and laying turf can effectively reduce the cost of laying and maintenance cost of the lawn.

Vitality of new grass

Improved varieties of grass, making it an important way to increase traffic tolerance is improved lawn. American dwarf Bermuda grass is an improved quality varieties. It is common bermudagrass and African bermudagrass hybrids, this grass seed has grass dwarf intensive, strong growth potential, strong resistance, especially its resistance to trampling superior regenerative capacity is also very strong. Although it has a winter yellow disadvantage, but chasing in the autumn sowing ryegrass seeds and other methods can well compensate. This lawn abroad are widely used in the golf course, football field and public green space in some areas of China has been the introduction of this species.

China called cubic blunt uniflora new grass seed is also very suitable for lawn planting. Unlike normal grass grow upward, but on the grounds of tile spread, rapid growth. Can be used in the competition venue, the urban landscape, the cubic blunt leaf grass "can also be used for river or terraced slope solid soil, grass pull down can be transplanted, do not need with soil transplanting avoid turf shovel brought The fertility destruction. This grass has to apply to the "State Protection of New Varieties of Plants.

low-cost synthetic grass

Although the natural grass gives to feel close to nature, but also a lot of, not only the cost price is high maintenance overhead compared to laying synthetic grass is more suitable for many sports venues. the synthetic grass originated in the 1960s, first in the United States is used for American football field. Currently, the Netherlands, Australia, the technology is also very mature. the construction of the synthetic grass fibers imitate the shape and color of the natural grass plants, it uses the material is PP (polypropylene) or PE (polyethylene) and PP and PE copolymer mixed into the fibers. This fiber warp knitting machine processing, according to certain specifications interception fiber to make it the same length. The non-directional and hardness of synthetic grass allows users comfortable at the event.

synthetic grass can guarantee more than 10 years of service life, low maintenance costs, and rinse with water to remove dirt, and has not fade, no deformation characteristics. directly woven synthetic grass playground markings used in all maintenance personnel do not have to be frequently crossed frustration.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

artificial lawn is a key part of the modern livestock production system

artificial lawn is a key part of the modern livestock production system. On the one hand, it can make up for the deficiencies of natural grassland yields low to effectively alleviate pasture grazing pressure; the other hand, it can be a steady stream to provide livestock quantity, high quality forage. Therefore, artificial lawn sustained, stable and healthy development, protection of the ecological environment, improve livestock production plays an important role for the maintenance of livestock production. However, in the vast arid and semi-arid areas, artificial lawn is highly vulnerable to the double impact of natural and anthropogenic factors. Artificial lawn, drought, sandstorms and salinization, barren and other natural factors pose a direct threat to human practice activities and the level of awareness has a direct relationship to whether artificial lawn can function properly.

The ratio of the size of the total 12,582 rural information network area of ​​grass artificial lawn is also the most important symbol to measure the level of productivity of a country of grassland animal husbandry. U.S. artificial lawn (including crop rotation grass) accounted for 29%; New Zealand accounted for 61.9% of the total area of ​​grassland. According to the analysis, in the world, the proportion of total natural turf artificial lawn per 1% increase in grassland animal production levels increased by 4%, while the United States increased by 10%. The artificial lawn area accounting for about 3% of the total area of ​​grassland, the quantity and quality should be improved. Grassland restoration of cropland is both ecological construction, revegetation need more building and an excellent opportunity to expand the construction of artificial lawn.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

synthetic grass sports venues based on artificial turf into the carrier

Mosaic lawn woven lawn, leaf-shaped fiber length is longer and larger changes, from 12mm to 55mm, and can be adjusted according to the specific needs. Grass filled with quartz sand, rubber granules or a mixture of both, appearance and traits is closer to natural grass, indoor and outdoor installation. Woven lawn use more nylon woven and finished into blanket-like. Compared with the mosaic fascicles turf the braided synthetic grass production process complex, relatively expensive, the lawn surface hardness, buffer performance is not good, but good lawn uniformity, strong and durable.

The site should be designed in accordance with local geological report of the sports venues, the location of the annual precipitation and maximum precipitation, the location of the site to inspect. synthetic grass sports venues based on artificial turf into the carrier, and the quality is good or bad will directly affect the performance of the entire synthetic grass football pitches. synthetic grass football stadium venues based basic stability, and does not collapse. According to its structure can be divided into a variety of surface: asphalt concrete surface layer, reinforced concrete surface limestone surface, and seeds stone surface layer. Asphalt surface is more popular in the country, which itself has a waterproof, can not direct water penetration inclined to rely on the venue slope drainage. In the rain when the venue stagnant water together into a small water, resulting in the loss of the quartz sand, rubber granules lawn to the edge of space will be too much water, stagnant water in a short period of time is not easy to discharge.

synthetic grass for infrastructure and standards. Currently used in synthetic grass sports venues basis of the type of asphalt concrete, waterproof concrete type, gravel base and thirty-seven soil foundation. Choose what kind of foundation type and drainage system is considering the functional requirements and economic conditions of the venue. The requirements of the international football bodies venue is steady and stable, recommended asphalt base, multi-select drainage pipeline, cold weather region hopes to increase geothermal systems. The ordinary stadium or school playground is actually multi-select the Turtle structure outside the drainage structure, consider the basis of the life of the construction as well as convergence with plastic venues based domestic Stadium applied asphalt concrete foundation is relatively common.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

artificial grass soccer field standard size and international arena size

artificial grass soccer field standard size and international arena size

Venue must be rectangular, the length of the edge must be longer than the length of the goal line

Length: minimum 90 m (100 yards) up to 120 meters (130 yards)

Width: shortest 45 meters (50 yards) up to 90 meters (100 yards)

2 international standard

Length: minimum 100 m (110 yards) up to 110 meters (120 yards)

Width: minimum 64 meters (70 yards) up to 75 meters (80 yards)

The stadium dimensions: the venue must be rectangular, the length of the edge must be longer than the length of the goal line. The length of 90-120 m (100-130 yards) and a width of 45-90 m (50 - 00 yards).

artificial grass football field international arena dimensions: length 100-110 m (110 - 10 yards), width of 64-75 meters (70-80 yards).

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In order to protect the interests of the end users of the artificial turf

In order to protect the interests of the end users of the artificial turf, FIFA through years of extensive use of data products and venues developed "artificial turf FIFA quality standards, and global end-user has to choose artificial turf as the universal standard.

The standard two grades: one star (1 Star) and two-star (2 star)

FIFA 1 star: 1 star positioned as the general community and the ordinary venues standard the FIFA 2 star: 2 Star certification for professional / senior game

The global total of 23 manufacturers have the ability through the certification contract with FIFA, FIFA quality standards certification square to create a. The premise of a star and Tr detected venue detection artificial turf product first through the detection of the laboratories, mainly includes the product model identification, the durability of the product, the weathering resistance of the product, the players and turf interaction properties, the ball and lawn interaction performance.

Laboratory standards before entering the venue detection program. Site testing and certification by the FIFA designated certification laboratory to field test complete venue pavement, mainly including the shock absorption of the artificial turf, the ball bounced a lot of sports performance and safety performance indicators.

There are currently over two hundred tablets Award and more than three hundred pieces a star venues worldwide. Laboratory testing and site testing agencies SportsLabs (UK) and Labosport (France).

FIFA star certification is a series of processes, including FIFA the certified suppliers censorship - laboratory product testing - venue detection - Star certification. Which laboratory tests for the detection of the entire system, the main lawn and filler performance tests and on the identification of the product model. Laboratory tests proved that the system can meet FIFA2 star standard venue, pavement, pavement specifications must be consistent with the laboratory tests. While the complete venue pavement, you will need to contact the FIFA designated laboratory field inspection staff to the scene detection.

The FIFA standard requirements the smallest venue 45X90m, maximum 90X120m. Testing personnel will elect six points respectively test vertical ball rebound angle ball rebound the ball rolling, vibration absorption, vertical deformation, rotational resistance, soles glide value / deceleration values ​​and the system performance. After all the testing is completed, the laboratory with artificial turf on the field and glue sand back again identified, the final issuance of the certificates.