Wednesday, July 17, 2013

artificial grass materials, working materials arrangement measures

artificial grass materials, working materials arrangement measures

artificial grass artificial grass Engineering Materials engineering entity constitutes the material basis, in the implementation process, only to ensure the supply of materials, in order to ensure the smooth implementation of artificial grass, artificial grass otherwise it will affect the progress of the project and delay period. Therefore, we must do the construction, prepare materials. Special materials, semi-finished and finished ahead of orders. Material testing system and developing an implementation custody system. We use the following measures to ensure that the duration is complete.
        1artificial grass pre-construction projects, arrange for professionals to implement all the necessary supplies and materials, semi-finished program material by the company responsible for procurement personnel departments and on-site materials, semi-finished goods and work approach. For sand, cement, grass and other large selection of quality materials to be relatively stable manufacturers products and make the appropriate quality inspection procedures.
        Two on-site management staff to follow the requirements of the construction schedule, well in advance of the arrival of materials and working materials, plan to do on-site materials and Chi materials planned, in the order to approach supply.
        3 develop a comprehensive approach detailed material plan, the availability of materials, cement, sand, stone and other storage capacity of not less than five days of its construction demand in order to meet the construction schedule needs.
        4 Press the new materials, new technology and new technology requirements, the implementation of artificial grass and working materials approach the project plan. Other measures
        A project manager who develop a daily habit of understanding the weather, according to weather changes and to adjust working arrangements.
        Two major construction workers daily discussions to determine next steps and working arrangements for staff, guarantee period completed on schedule.
        3 in a timely manner to maintain close contact with the side of the building and communication to ensure that artificial grass works smoothly.
        The fourth part of the management organization, management, staffing
        Project organization
        To strengthen the construction management, strengthen the construction of the artificial grass project leadership and coordination of the work, the establishment of artificial grass project manager for the Department. Implementation of the project management method, the company appointed Zhen Zhihui artificial grass engineer as a project manager, Lee Second Division artificial grass as a technical engineer responsible person solely by the project manager responsible for the artificial grass works and is directly responsible to the company. The project manager is artificial grass project quality, safety, construction progress, civilization, and other work-site first responsibility, technical director of the artificial grass is the project site and on-site technical and quality and safety of civilized persons directly responsible, the project manager functions related to personnel under the leadership of the project manager, the organization managing the artificial grass works.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Kindergarten is laying artificial grass or plastic mats?

Kindergarten is laying artificial grass or plastic mats?

Most kindergartens for the safety of children most are lined with plastic mats or artificial grass, but in the end the use of artificial grass or plastic mats do?

Plastic mats common specifications and breadth were 500mm, 500m ,30-50mm. Surface color red or green. The mats can be laid to the interior can also be used outdoors. The same artificial grass also can be used for indoor and outdoor. So in the end how to choose them? Personally feel that it is best to use outdoor plastic mats especially kindergartens slides with plastic mats following is the most appropriate to be able to better ensure the safety of children. If you use artificial grass enhanced if the proposed use of artificial grass so that the thickness of the elastic on both the guarantee. In fact, on nursery is laid artificial grass or plastic mats in my personal opinion are possible, both for the interior, it is a good choice for outdoor use, then I am more inclined to plastic mats, especially children's play area plastic mats, then in terms of security better than artificial grass.

Kindergarten is the use of artificial grass or plastic mats are possible both for indoor, outdoor play areas for the individual, then more inclined plastic mats.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The primary component of polyethylene artificial turf is non-biodegradable materials

artificial turf on the relative activity characteristics of natural turf advantage of excellent field homogeneity, flatness, but also much better, you can prevent abundant due to weather, maintenance and other elements of adverse site conditions formed, and then affect competition.

The impact of the situation on the air condition affecting natural lawn constituted by the green plants, can be subjected to reasonable light collaboration with these lifelong metabolic process receives carbon dioxide and release oxygen, and can receive sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, ammonia, chlorine and other toxic gases, purify the effect of air. There are distinct natural turf blocking effects of dust, measured according marked life in scraping thirty-four wind, bare ground air dust concentration of 13 times over the lawn. Studies show, 25 square meters of lawn can be a small reception I fully exhaled carbon dioxide, is converted into oxygen, contentment human respiratory oxygen required for the process. artificial turf is made of polyethylene, polypropylene and other polymers made from non-living matter, can not introduce new movement for green plants, and not having a conditioning effect of atmospheric oxygen balance. Although artificial turf can be blocked to some extent, the dust, but does not have to receive toxic gas purification function of the atmosphere. In addition, low levels of artificial turf fiber technology often contain chlorine impurities at high temperatures, strong sunlight premise would differentiate and release chlorine and damage air quality.

The impact of weather natural turf rootzones is mixed sediment body structure has plenty of pore water and precipitation processes can accumulate water, play water cultivation effect. Hot weather, the turf grass with roots deep in the water received through transpiration effect take four weeks the situation a lot of heat, useful for lowering the ground temperature, conditioning necessarily within the confines of the small weather. artificial turf plateau bed structure made of rubber, concrete or asphalt composition, water simply can not play the cultivation effect, so can not reduce the surface temperature and the heat capacity is small, resulting in surface temperature significantly higher than the air temperature, especially in the block-style stadium this problem is more severe. Summer noon hours, artificial turf venue can look to the surface near the heated air has clearly distorted picture. For the implementation of the data indicated, 30 ℃ high temperature above premise, the appearance of natural turf uniform temperature below the temperature of 2 ℃ to 3 ℃, while the artificial turf surface temperature is higher than the temperature 6 ℃ to 11 ℃, and with rising temperatures, artificial turf surface temperature rise should be clear than natural turf. In the summer, artificial turf surface temperature is very high, if the attack at this time compared to its use by intense friction, contact with the skin will suffer severe damage.

The final product of natural grass hay residues that occur in the floor bed sediment microbial differentiation effect, the conversion of organic matter in the soil from the new back. Final scraps non-toxic, harmless sediment inclusion bodies, one can add organic matter to improve after another he used to do.

The primary component of polyethylene artificial turf is non-biodegradable materials, after 8-10 brother of the cuts, the composition of several tonnes of polymer waste. Common foreign takeover by professional companies to receive degradation, and then complete the capital regeneration applications, domestic Highways engineering can be used as the foundation of filler. Going to other uses, such as by the need to eliminate the root of asphalt or concrete bottom.