Tuesday, March 26, 2013

artificial grass yarn market research report 2010-2013

artificial grass yarn market research report 2010-2013

Artificial grass yarn industry is developing rapidly, and improve the technical level. Domestic enterprises in order to obtain a greater return on investment on the scale of production and product quality continues to increase. But by the impact of the international financial crisis, the external policy environment, demand for upstream and downstream industries, and many other factors, artificial grass silk industry in the next few years, market conditions and price movements of concern.

Artificial grass yarn market research report 2010-2013 on the basis of long-term market research, the first review of the course of development of the artificial grass yarn industry, major national market, technology development, as well as a comparison of the domestic and foreign markets, in the analysis analyzed on the basis of the economic operation of the artificial grass silk industry, the artificial grass silk industry sales and corporate profitability as well as import and export analysis and forecasting. Elaborated in detail on the basis of analysis of the competitive situation of the artificial grass silk industry, the the artificial grass silk industry enterprise competition, market concentration and international competitiveness. Enterprise competitive strategy analysis, summed up the industry's technology and market trends. The detailed analysis of corporate investment policy, market, technology risk for investors.

The research advisory report written by the still general consulting research center, the report according to the National Bureau of Statistics, the Trade and Industry Bureau, the Inland Revenue Department, the General Administration of Customs, the State Council Development Research Center, National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, State Information Center, the major commercial database, relevant industry The data released by the associations, newspapers, magazines and municipal research company writing this report is related businesses, research units and bank government is accurate, comprehensive, quickly understand the current development trend of the industry, to grasp the essential professional development of corporate strategy to orient reporting.

artificial grass, the first World Cup game on artificial grass

Although the game is boring, but Algeria and Slovenia match to create history, plastic track this game is the first game in World Cup history artificial mixed lawn.

This artificial mixed lawn is still in the trial of FIFA. From yesterday's game, especially flat lawn, clear boundaries, plastic track the flight of the ball and the scrolling speed quickly. Slovenia defender Cesar the first to feel the new lawn is very smooth, plastic track, he said: "this venue is unusual for us, the ball running very smooth."

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