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1.2 artificial grass density

1.2 artificial grass density
The artificial grass Density refers to the number of individual plants per unit area on the lawn or twigs. Measurement methods include: ① visual method to lawn within the unit area of ​​the target is estimated the number of plants or artificial division some density level, and in order to evaluate the measured lawn. ② measurement method to manually count the number of individual plants lawn quadrats. In general, lawn community composition of relatively simple, adopted quadrat area does not have to be too large, generally at 50 to 100cm2, but quadrat repetitions, to ensure the representativeness of the sample.
Lawn density is often constrained by the the lawn plant's genetic characteristics, the level of maintenance and management as well as the composition of the artificial grass communities, and many other factors. Some lawn plants suitable for planting, while others would not be appropriate planting too close to a certain extent.

1.3 artificial grass uniformity
    The lawns were once a lawn groups (one kind or variety, but must be able to distinguish between the external morphology) distribution reflect on the appearance. Once can be expressed by the proportion of certain groups in the unit area, and the proportion in not similarly Fang extent of the variation to. Measurement method commonly used sampling methods, the different groups within the quadrat were counted, and then calculate the respective proportion of the area of ​​the quadrat use of the kind of ring diameter of 10cm, the number of repetitions depends on the the measured artificial grass area, generally should be less than 30, in order to calculate the extent of the variation between the not the same side.

1.4 artificial grass texture
    Lawn texture refers to the width of the blades of artificial grass plants. The lawn plant more Gramineae Gramineae or main. Its blade shape is shaped or lanceolate shaped. Available in the texture measurement ruler direct measurement of the blade at its widest point, the number of measurements should be greater than 30.

1.5 artificial grass height
    artificial grass height to the top of the lawn plant (including the trimmed grass group plane) and the average distance of the surface. Generally use artificial measurement, the sample size should be greater than 30. Different grass species can tolerate the minimum mowing heights different. Shear shares Yingshang can withstand a minimum mowing height is much lower than the tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass, and this feature largely determine the applicable range of the lawn.

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