Thursday, March 21, 2013

we introduce the following classification of artificial turf

The artificial turf is how to classify

The rapid development of the artificial turf, a lot of people do not know how to classify the artificial turf, we introduce the following classification of artificial turf:

1: mesh grass monofilament extrusion monofilament wide open net slice open net from the fiber

2 points from materials: PP grass PE mixed grass grass grass PA

3, from the fiber structure: straight Turf curved grass straight curved mixed grass

4 is divided into: woven and tufted style from the Textile way.

5 from fibers height: long grass (40) short grass (40)

6, from filling sand points: filling sand grass, filling sand grass

7 points from the intended use: the football grass Basketball grass tennis grass hockey grass

8 points from color: two-tone grass monochrome grass color

Range from the use of artificial turf is divided into:

   (1) leisure grass (for golf, fitness trails, balcony and roof decoration class);

   (2) Sports Grass (applicable to various types of court);

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