Thursday, May 30, 2013

synthetic turf artificial turf field system is only one part

What is FIFA (FIFA) 1 Star and 2 Star certification?

It is certified that:

Is a single venue separately certified (a card game ground)

Is a single venue all artificial turf system certification, including the foundation, fillers, lawns, etc.

Is at a time (mostly at the venue just laying is completed) for a single venue football applicable performance

* Test carried

* Football games for performance including the vertical rebound, the ball rolling and vibration absorption etc.

It is certified not:

Not on some kind or class of artificial turf product certification or label. It's just a single site certification (a card game ground), ie a single venue qualified certification does not represent all categories of products that use that or venues are qualified.

Not the right one or some artificial turf manufacturer certification. It's just a single site certification (a card game ground), that a single venue qualified certified by the synthetic turf manufacturers do not represent all of the products are qualified.

Not on the artificial turf of the certification. synthetic turf artificial turf field system is only one part, the foundation of the different type of filler, different site environment will affect the entire system, wherein the filler of the foundation with an important proportion accounted for.

Not a product quality assurance certification. It was at a time (mostly just laying venue finished) test this single performance venue for football matches. Not for the composition of space systems to a product's long life warranty.

Monday, May 27, 2013

artificial grass is to determine the quality of several major issues

Compared with the natural turf, artificial grass there is a longer life cycle, flatness, you can use higher frequencies, etc., together with its construction of fast, easy, low cost maintenance, artificial grass replace the natural turf has become a trend .

With artificial grass growing in the international arena is certainly international predators on artificial grass production has gradually increased in the international market territory. In 2006, the Italian TurfSoccer factories in China Beijing suburbs, is a manifestation of this strategic direction. Represented by TurfSoccer artificial grass production predators international presence, will also be the domestic market for artificial grass product quality and performance studies upgrade to a newer international standards.

It is understood that the shoes and turf interaction interface is appropriate and reliable site surface grip, ball rebound after touching the turf, annual consumption, as well as the maintenance of turf, artificial grass is to determine the quality of several major issues. It is worth mentioning that, in abandoned tire rubber and other inferior filler flooded low-end artificial grass today, TurfSoccer but to devote themselves to come up with a five-year period ECOFILL ecological characteristics of this crystal, all-natural materials and grain size generally , after the force in spatial memory function and a unique shape and foam technology, forming a natural soil with very similar characteristics, there are not as natural soil compaction due to the effects of weather, wet, water, uneven .

Data show that, TurfSoccer artificial grass for its low consumption to ensure the longer term use of higher frequency, even after years have also guarantees 100% recycled and TurfSoccer artificial grass never appear as a single product, but in the the laying of the first to seek harmony with the environment, durable a systems engineering.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Development of artificial grass soccer world

Development of artificial grass soccer world

1. European football:
    The author of the Germany, France, Britain and other countries have done a lot of research soccer turf, turf soccer in these countries mainly sand soil. Football lying on the table completely within 30cm of sand to complete the 1990s for anti-trampling the lawn from the racetrack over the study cited in the surface soil mixed Ru Nilun net. Effectively enhance the tear resistance of the soil. Leather kind of lying bluegrass, tall fescue class-based.

    2. U.S. and Canada playground
    The early 1960s, the United States, there are many universities to lawn stadium caused a lot of research techniques, there are also many non-governmental research institute related to the current seedbed all use made of sand. Widely used in the construction of the system is: PAT (Frescnpnon athlitic-turf system) system, CELL system. The greatest feature of this system is to force drainage, rainy days can continue the game, save water, space utilization high.

3. Australia, New Zealand and other countries of the football field:
    These countries football, horse racing and other sports venues soil matrix is ​​mainly dominated by sand, but there are also individual using mixed soil, using the grass to Bermuda (Bermudagrass)-based, locally called Cauch grass. Rely on winter sowing of annual ryegrass to keep the annual evergreen lawn football field.

4. Our football field
    On the lawn of the stadium construction technology basically has not been studied. In the 1980s, after some natural turf soccer field using transplanted to cause a football field. To the 1990s along with the vigorous development of football from south to north built Ding many sports venues. However, the construction of football field levels did not increase, some of the venues simply understood abroad caused by the construction of the theory. Most venues nationwide results using inefficient, difficult maintenance, in order to finish the game task, the transformation of the surface had to be repeated. Sometimes in order to important games, six months in advance have closure. Some European countries lawn turf football field in perfect condition weekly using a 2 - 3 days. Seedbed to sandy loam ten organic based. The choice of a variety of grasses. Actual speaking, China's turf soccer football birthplace construction techniques from several countries such as: England, Germany, is still far. In today's highly competitive football, football field athletes will affect small changes in the level of skill to play. Now many countries, football training fields using the same requirements and official venues. Chinese football to the world, how to make first-class football training field and the playing field, so that athletes training in peacetime has a good sense of trained professionals superb skills of our future research.

Monday, May 20, 2013

artificial grass first appeared in the sixties of last century

At present, the price per square meter of the domestic artificial grass products in between $ 60-100 per square meter price of imported artificial grass in between $ 170-280, the same model product price difference of 100 yuan, and FIFA certification higher prices of imported grass. Artificial grass made life of 2-3 years, while imports the artificial grass life of 8-10 years, due to the poor quality of domestic grass, easily weathered, damaged, the safety factor is smaller, athletes likely to cause injury. Huge profits for some producers and agents to take risks, and even forged FIFA certification. The relevant government departments, lack of supervision, lax enforcement, resulting in the artificial grass industry competition in a state of disorder.

Guangzhou Ocean Yuan Heng Chemical Co., Ltd. Manager Liu Jing told reporters, FIFA announced on its official website the 16 kinds of artificial grass won their qualification, domestic producers Chemical technology is relatively backward, without an artificial grass enterprise products gained international UEFA qualification. But many domestic producers in foreign countries only spend $ 1 to register a company, then made a false declaration, the domestic products under the registered name of the company abroad, posing as the imported products. "Is a typical example of the so-called British MIE Enterprise, the industry knows that its production base in Tianjin, just MIE Investment Holdings Limited, registered in the UK base in a foreign country does not produce its products in the domestic production. the Huainan Sports Bureau bidding to sign up 26 different types of artificial grass agents provide FIFA qualification certificate can confirm that 90% is forged. "

A original the MIE enterprise work Mr. Jiao told reporters: the MIE's production base in Tianjin indeed. Due to the high cost of import agent grass, artificial grass for domestic distribution wire grass is mainly imported and domestic grass. Most of the sports venues construction unit requires the use of imported grass or FIFA certification of products, many domestic enterprises in order to sell products, provide agents with false declaration or FIFA qualifications. The many lax review of the construction unit, so easy to muddle through.

artificial grass first appeared in the sixties of last century, the United States, followed by Europe and the United States has gone through six stages of development, from the earliest nylon fibers to PE LSR materials the monofilament and tear film, artificial grass industry has made great progress. In other countries, the development of artificial grass industry steadily, whether it is from the production of raw materials, equipment and lawn R & D, sales of artificial grass, pavement have entered a more mature market stage. Regulate the operation of the market, which has been formed a relatively complete industrial chain and industrial structure.

Friday, May 17, 2013

the user in the choice made by the two materials, artificial grass, should be emphasized

The popularity of artificial grass in order to better meet the different needs of the movement, in addition to performance, there is the frequency of use, maintenance maintenance ...... its popularity is an inevitable trend.

We probably have to understand the structure of the artificial grass, it is mainly composed of three parts by the the grass fibers bottom, glue. Wire grass material is polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), nylon (Nylon). Currently, in the market, more widespread use of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). Since the two materials are different in terms of performance and price, so that the user in the choice made by the two materials, artificial grass, should be emphasized.

Based on current market conditions, there are many manufacturers to discount the means to achieve the purpose of competition in the market, but you know, discounted, usually by reducing the cost of the product to achieve more boast some manufacturers in the market ultra-low-cost sales of artificial grass, the materials used are superior imported raw materials. We should be clear, if the truth they say, their production costs must be very high. Manufacturers must be profitable, otherwise it will not be maintained, which is a commercial reason that the pendulum. Reduce costs, regardless of the way in which the artificial grass is different from other products must meet the sports performance indicators, and therefore this approach to reduce costs directly affect the quality of the product. Artificial grass industry is a bit like the domestic tourism industry a few years ago, everyone in order to compete for market share at the expense of playing the "price war", resulting in the quality of service for the tourism industry as a whole landslide ......

Products in the market pricing is determined by the need to market to each of the different artificial grass products market pricing should be different from the face of consumer groups should also have high, medium and low end points. Thus Artificial grass venues user should be based on their actual needs and project budget, from several perspectives taken into account to choose the artificial grass products. You know, the school artificial venue users is the future of our country, the good and bad of the venue will directly or indirectly affect their growth.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

other brands of artificial grass cotton unable to reach a similar level

Indoor artificial golf greens

The special greens simulation layer specially crafted simulation of: greens TurfSoccer the layer is made ​​by specially crafted rayon, especially to simulate the true green grass softness, texture, density and color so that it can show the plunger speed match the true greens. A special emulation layer is specifically designed for TurfSoccer artificial greens, other brands of artificial grass cotton unable to reach a similar level. You see in the market artificial greens, the production of artificial grass used in man-made fibers are generally used to do intense exercise (such as football, rugby or tennis) sites, rather than designed specifically for golf putting green.

Made a special quartz sand: TurfSoccer artificial greens the use of special quartz sand, fill the gap of artificial green grass, to create a natural touch the green surface. Market greens are the use of non-standard quartz sand as a filler, easy to make the surface of the green and harden due to the accumulation of time, the impact of putting performance. Made a special quartz sand by TurfSoccer company successfully developed, to maintain the softness of the greens surface.

Shape layer: TurfSoccer, artificial greens using a special blend proportion of molding sand, so as to create a variety of ups and downs on the greens, can simulate a variety of golf putting green land situation.

Permeable layer stone layer: in artificial TurfSoccer greens under the gravel layer consists of two layers of flexible foundation. Two layers of special material stone layer to provide a stable support for artificial grass, and good drainage effect, it will not cause cracking phenomenon due to climate factors. In addition, the greens can also be freely designed undulating uphill, downhill terrain.

Base layer: covered with a layer of special synthetic fibers in order to stabilize the base.

Friday, May 10, 2013

according to the different herb combinations, artificial lawn can be divided into the following types

Garden lawn, according to the different herb combinations, artificial lawn can be divided into the following types:

    1. Simple lawn

    By a herb grass, saying a single grass or grass alone, such as Kentucky bluegrass, Zoysia grass, dog teeth grass lawn. Selection in northern China Department of buffalo grass, Kentucky bluegrass, Zoysia and other plants to lay a single lawn. In South China and other places selected Manila grass, Zoysia sinica, centipedegrass, carpet grass, Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue. By the growth of a single lawn neat, beautiful, low, dense, leaf color consistent conservation and management, require fine.

    2. Mixed lawn

    Formed by several gramineous perennial herb mixed planting or mixed with other herbs lawn or grass gramineous perennial herb, known as of mixed lawn or mixed grass. According to the lawn functional properties, resistance to different requirements of the people, a reasonable proportion to the ratio of the mixed to improve lawns effect. For example, in China's northern Kentucky bluegrass + red fescue + perennial ryegrass, in southern China dog tooth grass, carpet grass or Zoysia mainly grasses, can be mixed with perennial ryegrass.

    3. Decorated flower lawn

    Grass plants as the main lawn or grass (mixed or pure), configure some gorgeous flowering perennial herb, known as lawn decorated with flowers. For example, on the grass, natural thinly dotted with saffron (Crocus), daffodils (Narcissus), Iris (Iris), Lycoris (Lycoris), tufted phlox (Phlox subulata), of Iris lactea (Irisensata), Hosta ( Hosta), Zephyranthes (Zephyranthes), leek orchid, orchid February, safflower wood sorrel (Oxalis) purple drug to the small, herbaceous and bulbous plants. The number of the cultivation of these plants is generally not more than 1/4-1/3 of the total area of ​​grassland. Distribution are sparse dense, scattered natural, but mainly for facilities open lawn, forest grassland, forest, grass, ornamental grass and revetment revetment on the grass, in the recreation lawn, flower bulbs located in the less busy place. This herb and flower bulbs, and sometimes fat leaves, sometimes flowering, sometimes flowers and leaves, hidden among the grass on the ground I saw a grassy field, afar Lvyin like blanket, unique sense of humor, for people to enjoy rest.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Chinese synthetic turf market analysis and thinking

The Chinese synthetic turf market analysis and thinking

One, Synthetic turf market analysis

More benign advantages: the development of several well-known enterprises, the strength enhancement. Several large brand recognized by customers occupy most of the market,

Disadvantages: fierce competition among several brands are injured. The decrease in profits, some of loss.

Opportunities: in the sports industry has invested heavily Soccer Park, the public health Square, popularity, and more and more the second and third tier cities in the transformation of primary and secondary school playground. The market is more and more opportunities.

Threats: pollution of the environment and lawn recovery, sooner or later the country will interfere. We should go in front.

Second, the development of synthetic turf industry thinking

Specification of the quality of the lawn, now the national standard is being revised, we recommend that the technical parameters to improve turf quality, substandard environmental pollution lawn manufacturers kicked out.

(2) the establishment of the industry alliance. Industry regulator.

3 is committed to the recommended synthetic turf GB rising as a mandatory national standard.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Many football field artificial turf laying

Many football field artificial turf laying, but the laying of artificial turf football field require other materials such as quartz sand, black rubber particles, then the ratio of the number of different wire grass is what it?

Quartz sand to be poured into the grass, since the foundation of the grass to protect, to counterweight and prevent the effects of aging of the deep grass silk. Specifications of quartz sand is generally in the 20-40 mesh; rubber particles can play to enhance flexibility, improve the degree of simulation, to protect the athlete's role, generally used for more than 32 mm of Artificial Turf, specifications for the 1.5-mm. The sprinkle irrigation quartz sand, quartz sand need to sprinkle a layer with a nylon brush to push up the grass, Zaisa layer, until the grass evenly exposed a suitable height.

     artificial turf filled with quartz sand and rubber granules dosage recommended:
     The length of the wire grass filled with quartz charge the amount of rubber particles fill the top of the wire grass height
     10mm approximately 4-8 kg / m without charge rubber particles of about 5 mm
     20mm approximately 8-20 kg / m about 1-2 kg / m approximately 7 mm
     25mm approximately 15-20 kg / m about 1-3 kg / m approximately 8 mm
     32mm approximately 18-23 kg / m approximately 2-3.5 kg / m 9 mm
     40mm approximately 23-28 kg / m about 3-5 kg ​​/ m approximately 13 mm
     50mm approximately 28-32 kg / m about 5-6 kg / m approximately 17 mm
     55mm approximately 32-35 kg / m about 5-7 kg / m approximately 19 mm
     60mm approximately 35-38 kg / m about 6-8 kg / m approximately 20 mm
2 adhesive cloth: the role of the adhesive tape is to be connected together the lawn and boundaries of the entire site. There are two types: a width of 20-25 cm for the bonding between the lawn and the lawn; width of 25-30 cm is used for bonding between artificial turf and white lines. To a standard football field, for example: the adhesive tape is about 3000 meters.

Glue: Artificial Turf for bonding, adhesive cloth with plastic about 0.3 kg per meter.

4 grass loss: a regular venue, grass attrition rate of about 3%, the runway corners loss rate is about 8%.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Lawn grass is artificial planting herbaceous vegetation management with aesthetic and practical function.

Turfgrass use and adaptability of

Lawn grass is artificial planting herbaceous vegetation management with aesthetic and practical function. Green grass in the park, manicured golf courses and functional sports turf, can give people the joy of beauty. In addition to the aesthetic function, lawn grass also has the function of cleaning up the environment. Per acre lawn can absorb hundreds of thousands of kilograms of sulfur dioxide, provide oxygen to the atmosphere (photosynthesis). A small courtyard green manufactured oxygen enough a normal use.

The turfgrass is divided into cool-season and warm season turfgrasses two categories. Due to the different photosynthetic pathways, cool-season and warm-season turfgrass were classified as C3 and C4 plants. The following brief overview of several major turfgrass:

Cool-season turfgrass:

Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.) can be applied to the courtyard lawn, green parks, golf courses and other sports turf planting. It is usually applied in moderate to high level of conservation management. The main floor space for seeding or the turf floor space. Floor space by seed, germination generally takes 10-14 days (to be slower than most lawn grass), the floor space is also very slow speed. Advantage of the grass with stretch ability rhizome, long life cycle, ability to adapt to the environment, resistant to trampling (commonly used in the sports arena), and better than other cool-season turfgrass resistance to heat, drought and cold characteristics. In addition, some Kentucky bluegrass strong shade tolerance.

Canada bluegrass (Poa compressa L.) applicable in lawn quality requirements, and extensive management lawn. Its high top growing point, mowing can lead to injury. It is not easy to form a dense, high-quality lawn, but adapted to acidic, dry, barren soil, so the soil is commonly used on both sides of the highway is fixed.

Ordinary bluegrass (Poa trivialis) pale green leaves, plants and Kentucky bluegrass is small compared. It may be formed in a shaded, humid environment of high density lawn. Heat, drought tolerance, and thus commonly used in bermudagrass greens winter sowing.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

has been preferred filler particles of the synthetic grass

This work is inherent in the synthetic grass with discarded tires filled with particles containing carcinogenic PAHs, with a pungent odor, heat absorption, it is difficult to recycle, a single color, and the lawn system compatibility defects and poor, the combination of polymer and professional knowledge, the choice of SBS, SEBS, PP, POE, PE, naphthenic oil, consisting of a thermoplastic elastomer as the matrix, active calcium carbonate, stearic acid or coupling agent treatment to the filled material, together with various pigments and anti- old, etc., as appropriate mixing granulation process, development environment-friendly the new thermoplastic rubber filler particles, making it both environmental protection, wear-resistant, high-elastic, soft, anti-aging, rich colors, thermoplastic recyclable and more kinds of innovation, and applied for national invention patent. France, South Korea and other testing authority, in addition to the basic sports performance requirements, the products are environmentally friendly and rich colors certainly by the user now has many exemplary football venues in Ireland and Korea, Ireland Rings END IRELAND football field reached a FIFA 2 star standard of professional stadium (the highest level), industrialization prospects. The key technology in the works for a reasonable proportion of the various components and processing technology, the series of technical integration technology for the industrialization of the work required. In addition, we also for the needs of different customers personalized, in-depth development of several series of products, to further improve the market competitiveness of the products. The works of the main technical indicators are as follows: Appearance: grass green, olive green, beige, khaki cylindrical particle density: 1.40 ± 0.20g/cm3 particle diameter: 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.2mm wear resistance: Leesburg detection 5000 water content: ≤ 3% of the heavy metals and other harmful substances: meet customer requirements.

Over the years, the the black scrap tires filled with particles resistant, inexpensive, has been preferred filler particles of the synthetic grass, but in recent years, for such particles containing carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), irritating odor, smoke high heat, thermosetting difficult to recycling and other shortcomings, many countries and regions have banned or restricted the use of such filler particles. The research group for this trend, the choice of SBS, SEBS, PP, POE, PE, naphthenic oil, a thermoplastic elastomer composition as the substrate, stearic acid or the activity of the coupling agent-treated calcium carbonate as a filler, and then with various pigments and anti-aging agent, a suitable mixing granulation process, to develop environment-friendly new thermoplastic rubber filler particles, making it both environmental protection, wear-resistant, high elastic, soft, anti-aging, color rich thermoplastic recyclable and other features, and applied for national invention patent (200910029870.0) to fill gaps in the type of product. By the new investigation addition to commissioned achievements into a rubber Materials Co., Ltd., there is no domestic production of the types of particles, publicly reported or apply for a patent, formula used in the present invention and innovation has not been disclosed in the literature reported.