Wednesday, August 14, 2013

synthetic turf is a rich diversity of visual pleasure

Pleasant green lawn although to a certain extent, to beautify the urban environment, but in practice proved that the development of urban green lawn causing a serious shortage of green models and do not form a reasonable three-dimensional space of the green network, but also to build lawn high cost, consumption more water, and many other ills.

Some people think that lawn uniform, Greenery, such as blankets, like the scenery, like fashion style abroad. However, from an ecological point of view, synthetic turf is a rich diversity of visual pleasure, which is like you are more willing to look rich and diverse forests, rather than those neat monotonous large lawn. Second, the economic cost is likely to cause the illusion. Same size lawns and forests, people often mistakenly think that grass, low cost, planting more costly, in fact, quite the opposite. Moreover lawn too much water, the lack of biological diversity, the European countries almost no kind of it. Quick success also formed an important reason for the hot lawn. Grass fast and effort, while planting trees is difficult, cycle long, slow, some officials in pursuit of green achievements, excluding the actual results, a large number of built lawn, resulting in a great waste of financial resources.

synthetic turf

From the global scope is concerned, this result is precisely the goal of improving the ecological environment is contrary. Application of scientific methods to urban greening gradual manner, the urban greening as "image projects", only to make green bubble, no end of trouble. Ecological effect is the sole criterion for testing ecological means. Our city from the grass in the wake of bitter brought by enthusiastic grass transition to "retreat grass also tree", synthetic turf should be a good sign.

Now most of our grass some prescriptive requirements, such as how much square green area to reach by how much, but kind of a nobody, is very extensive pipe is pipe. Do not meet the growth pattern of the lawn. Today, many manufacturers began to transition engine for lawn machinery, and domestic lawn mowers will gradually occupy the domestic market because of its price is much lower than that of imports.


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