Monday, March 11, 2013

The quality of the so-called artificial grass, that is the root of the football!

To catch a Spring Subway Super of recovery, but the scenery along the way is not a spring. Indeed, said the day before yesterday to see live television, Beijing, Shenzhen game in overtime to the site so there is no single point of view from the TV screen, live venues, it is simply called a terrible, Fengtai Stadium's turf is called turf? Called the pitch it? The quality of the so-called artificial grass, that is the root of the football! A fact, from A to A, to the Super football club "grassroots" a long time.

Whenever the site to see the fans of the Super League game or watching televised all know Super certain stadium turf really sorry for the audience, but also I'm sorry players. Venues such as the beginning of every season, of Dalian Jinzhou and Beijing Feng body grass on the first "yellow", the rustling hay that was like vegetable plot or even the sand is said to Henan Jianye team home nautical stadium other than for the Super League game, or a golf club practice games field, golf practice or competition punched pits, you say this venue for football players how to play the technology flow? The risk of injury is not that great? Fact, there Qingdao, home vegetable plot Super entrap includes not only technical football, audience aesthetic, but also greatly damaged with Super Brand. You look at people Premiership artificial grass, watching the scene watching TV are a pleasure to watch the game, I will not speak to how well players kick, just on that screen landscape "before people have a sense of pleasure . This is much like the dress accessories, mottled bear the stadium, which fans are willing to go to this desolate? And affect the brand image of the Super League. You look at Milan's San Siro stadium, Stamford Bridge, London, turf problems immediately replaced, this is a club professional career. If the hardware facilities do not cross the border, so what is a professional? Some clubs in the Super League players, coaches introduction on willing to spend money, hundreds of millions and billions, but in the club on the hardware facilities Stingy very few silver is not willing to spend, then criticized much like Lu Xun: In order to medical treatment, prescription ginseng on the open, eat well, pour end up covered in swollen, with radish to solve, this restored former thin, ginseng White bought the empty fold paste radish sub. In fact, you want to revive the Super Club investors have to take action, some hardware facilities must be quantified, rely on the efforts of the players is not enough.

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