Sunday, November 18, 2012

The construction process of the artificial grass football pitches

1, based on: venues foundation for artificial grass venues play a crucial role. Flatness, stability and drainage of the site based on the effect of the use of the artificial grass venue will affect.
artificial grass for infrastructure and standards. Currently used in the artificial grass sports ground the basis of the type of asphalt concrete, waterproof concrete type, gravel base and thirty-seven soil foundation. Choose what kind of foundation type and drainage system is considering the functional requirements and economic conditions of the venue. The requirements of the international football bodies venue is steady and stable, recommended asphalt base, multi-select drainage pipeline, cold weather region hopes to increase geothermal systems. The ordinary stadium or school playground is actually multi-select the Turtle structure outside the drainage structure, consider the basis of the life of the construction as well as convergence with plastic venues based domestic Stadium applied asphalt concrete foundation is relatively common.
The site should be designed in accordance with local geological report of the sports venues, the location of the annual precipitation and maximum precipitation, the location of the site to inspect. the basis of artificial grass sports grounds into a carrier of the artificial turf, the quality is good or bad will directly affect the performance of the artificial grass football field.
The artificial grass football stadium venues based basic stability, and does not collapse.
According to its structure can be divided into a variety of surface: asphalt concrete surface layer, reinforced concrete surface limestone surface, and seeds stone surface layer.
Asphalt surface is more popular in the country, which itself has a waterproof, can not direct water penetration inclined to rely on the venue slope drainage. In the rain when the venue stagnant water together into a small water, resulting in the loss of the quartz sand, rubber granules lawn to the edge of space will be too much water, stagnant water in a short period of time is not easy to discharge. Reinforced concrete surface layer there are also the same problem.
And two limestone surface layer gray No. adjustable smaller seeds stone itself, ash-free number, better water permeability of both surface-based. Stone the same size with the size of the stones of the asphalt surface the rainwater can directly penetrate below the gravel layer and dry hard soil, thus reducing the loss of fat rubber particles of quartz sand on the lawn, to ease the venue hydrocephalus situation. However, both the surface layer can not be used in cold winter areas. Penetrate the surface layer of the water can not be discharged, will be in the winter section the ice swell, causing the site surface uneven phenomenon.
Two limestone stone surface layer of the surface layer of seeds have good water permeability, and the surface layer and asphalt, relatively cheap price. Therefore recommend using two the limestone surface layer, and seeds stone surface layer as venues basis of artificial grass football field, but more in the winter cold areas or use asphalt or cement surface.
The venues foundation with asphalt or cement surface layer can refer to road construction requirements, but pay attention to maintaining the overall shape of the construction, the venues middle surrounded by low, the slope should be evenly maintained at 0.3% to 0.5%, and venue to be set up around the drainage ditch. The two limestone surface layer, and seeds venue base of the stone surface layer requirements of embedded drain line.
Regardless of the basis for its quality directly affects the quality of the surface layer is good or bad. Foundation construction, based on prime soil generally follow the Technical specifications for construction of road infrastructure, reinforced concrete layer generally follow Highway Cement Concrete Pavement Construction Technical specifications and asphalt concrete layer generally follow the technical specifications of the highway asphalt pavement construction;
2, put the line, to identify venues center point according to the center point fixed site on each point, the exact location of the line. Reference sports venues field deployment site marking, drawing graphic design and effect diagram, match the performance and the thickness of the artificial grass.
3, based processing, repair, clean-up. The artificial grass moved into the site along the lateral edge direction to spread, and sequentially from one end of the longitudinal edges of advance to the additional information about one end. artificial grass to be used by professionals specialized tools laying. Into the material to reach the construction site, in accordance with the requirements of the drawings, by construction workers cutting, each lawn seams mouth coated with a special interface with glue connection or using a special machine sewing together as a whole, the entire lawn. Installation requires air humidity can not be too large, to avoid the rainy or foggy weather construction.
4, will be the preparation of the in white lawn outside grass lines cut, placed on the side stand.
5, the green lawns seams lap 2cm ~ 3cm, with cut grass cutter or knife cut to lap close as possible so that both sides of the lawn.
6, 20cm ~ 30cm wide fiber cloth or nonwoven fabric spread along the seams of the lawn was water wet, need sulfate, and then drying a certain time so that the special glue evenly coated on the fiber cloth, and then pieced together from both sides of the lawn, adhesive fiber cloth. If you put together at the gap may be in addition to every 2cm ~ 5cm cut a stretch to the interface at to ensure beautiful appearance.
7 lawn basic splicing after, again PULL fix individual function lines of the site, the location of the point, to the cutter cut out of the cut wire grass into the fiber cloth, coated special glue to the original ready The white wire grass back into the cementation pressed. Arcs in the corner narrow area difficult the whole corner area removed, cut into small pieces, block by block back into the stitching together.
Lawn splicing after arrangements will fold on the lawn to knife opening, straightened docking resection overlapping part, and then cemented
9, lawn all dealt Note sand, sand filling machine Note colloidal particles, bristles. On the lawn, filling quartz sand, quartz sand hidden in the grass roots of the silk, and play a role in protecting the turf. And quartz sand evenly spread over the rubber particles. Filling the quartz sand and the thickness of the rubber particles according to the different heights of the lawn, depending on requirements of the rubber particles is less than about wire grass surface about 10mm.
10, clean up the site, check the site specific size, strict inspection lawn bonding is firmly deal with the phenomenon of uneven quartz sand and rubber particles layer, and finally completed.

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