Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Third-generation artificial lawn evolutionary

Third-generation artificial lawn evolutionary

The first advantage compared to natural lawn is artificial lawn 1, artificial lawn requires relatively much less manual maintenance, can adapt to the frequent sports competitions, 3, artificial lawn does not require irrigation and mowing, relatively inexpensive many.

artificial lawn

In the 1980s, artificial lawn is suddenly popular football club in the major. However, because the results are poor, the artificial lawn of fame becomes very poor. It is FIFA disabled, the major club also re-enable natural lawn.

In recent years, a new generation of artificial lawn (third-generation artificial lawn) appeared the artificial goods "and is expected back on the field. New artificial lawn soil and rubber, and natural lawn as soft, even safer in cold environments. Today, a lot of clubs began to adopt this artificial lawn. FIFA also allows some stadium laying this lawn. The European Cup in 2007, who first used this artificial lawn But UEFA or provisions finals natural lawn, only extremely large impact on the natural turf in climatic conditions in order to replace the artificial lawn.

Caused a large number of positive and negative studies in the scientific community, the new artificial lawn. Previously there have been studies to show that the artificial turf football field when training or competition, ankle sprains and torn anterior cruciate ligament damage and did not increase, however, may increase the athletes, especially young people with chronic pain. But a recent study from Japan found, mainly in the artificial turf football field training of young players, whether it is acute injury or chronic pain, and did not increase. Previously said chronic diseases increase, mainly because of the artificial turf can be used in any season, weather conditions, athletes training time extended.

Some studies have found that the hardness of the artificial turf will increase the chance of head injuries in athletes hit the pavement. However, some research that the third-generation artificial lawn more "soft" rubber padding can reduce head collision. According to the research of the University of Cardiff, the players head injuries, depends more on the quality of natural grassland: good natural turf is safer than artificial lawn, but natural lawn maintenance, artificial lawn prevailed.

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