Sunday, February 24, 2013

Chairman of the current movement of artificial grass Managers Association

Chairman of the current movement of artificial grass Managers Association, the University of Virginia professor of plant, soil and environmental sciences. Goatley said: "So far, we have talked about this matter have no choice but to smile, the school must use the pigment and paint to cover that area, the whole school knows about it. They take the right measures to ease the embarrassing situation then come here to race away team did not know what happened on the artificial grass turf damage, but still will be. "

Repair the sod takes a lot of time is another question. The real challenge is how to get the grass to grow back after the season. We had to move quickly to complete this work. We should immediately open the damaged soil and then frantically damaged soil ventilation and irrigation Finally, we let the grass again germinate and grow in the soil. Most turf damage accidents are so artificial grass maintenance personnel faced with two challenges, the first is to restore the turf undertake competition ability is usually synthetic grass is destroyed, a few days after we should undertake the game, and the second is the growth state of the turf back to normal This process may have to spend several months time, and would depend on the manner and extent of the destruction.

Artificial grass to be pressed down when the first soil lifted, so that they rise to the same height as in and around the synthetic grass. Then, you'd better be able to pressure the turf of the formation. This sounds somewhat contradictory, and then pressed down in the first lift soccer grass. Only do so in order to ensure that no one tripped over or stepped on the turf where injury to the ankle. With the appearance of it is very difficult to judge foreign bodies into the turf thought. Fuel can immediately let the turf plant death, but it will leave a noticeable odor. Maintenance staff at least know what problems they face. They can filter these substances to eat soil, turf over a period of time you can grow out of. The most difficult situation to deal with: the turf of death, but no taste. First, to make it clear that foreign body, in order to deal with the problem on the turf. Feasible diagnostic method is then placed in a warm and humid place, remove some of the soil samples, and then join the grasses wait and see. If after a few days the grass germination, which is a good omen. If the grass does not germinate, turf might be spilled pesticides, you need to extract these soil. Then you may need to ask the laboratory to analyze soil. Encountered herbicides and pesticides, artificial grass may grow back in the next year. Perhaps replace the soil can be avoided, which depends on the type of pesticides or insecticides, some substances can be removed by filtration. Another strategy is implanted in the contaminated area activated carbon. Under normal circumstances, you need to out of the soccer grass and then implanted in a certain proportion of activated carbon, then sown or covered with turf.

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