Thursday, March 7, 2013

a series of high-level competitions in European football in artificial soccer grass on the pitch held

Recently, a series of high-level competitions in European football in artificial soccer grass on the pitch held will be a very important milestone for the industry in terms of synthetic grass.

    From the concept of the artificial grass in 1980 was introduced to the British Isles, the industry has been many technological innovations in the past seven years, the third-generation artificial turf in technical indicators and the actual use of accumulated enough experience in football growing artificial soccer grass also reached a new height.

    FIFA and UEFA in the promotion of synthetic grass, by contrast with the natural grass, artificial grass variety of technical indicators and sports performance, a comprehensive demonstration.

    Subsequently, FIFA and UEFA write artificial soccer grass << >> Rules football match, and to allow the World Cup and the European Cup qualifiers to be held on artificial turf.

    Beginning in 2000, the number of European artificial grass pitches increased from 200 to 2500, and some of the country's professional football clubs also began to artificial turf as its venue.

    With artificial soccer grass after the football will recede expensive identity, about the site of the costs will be greatly reduced, bad cold and hot natural turf growing conditions in the world, the artificial turf will best promote football project choice.

    Finally, the artificial soccer grass was also enormous contribution to the global water and save water in this region of Africa has a very important significance.

    synthetic grass market in Europe is the sum of one billion euros of business, and the growth continues, in addition to the U.S. market also continued to grow, but Europe is still the world leader.

    The ESTO organizations the creation of a list of companies:
Bonar Yarns, Desso Sports Systems, Domo Sports & Leisure Grass, Edel Grass, FieldTurf Tarkett, Greenfields, Lano Sports, Limonta Sport, Mondo Tufting, Poligras, Polytan, Saltex, Ten Cate & Tessiture Pietro Radici & TigerTurf.

    The ESTO already is an important sector of the the EATP European polyolefin textiles associations (headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, European polyolefin textiles industry associations), ESTO will strictly comply with of EATP various management and fair competition policy for the development of the artificial grass industry.

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