Sunday, December 30, 2012

how to choose a kindergarten synthetic grass

With the rapid economic development and the continuous improvement of living standards, the nursery school playground needs hardening beautification became what they need to face the problem of how to choose a kindergarten synthetic grass.

Choose synthetic grass should shop around and, like most commodities, the only election, do not choose expensive, the course too cheap certainly does not work, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for, now we knew several artificial turf nursery. Price from low to high:

First paragraph: temporary synthetic grass Recommend to kindergarten, usually engage in activities can be used the temporary use lack of funds as a playground.

(1) Number: B801 army green artificial grass height of 8 mm and a density of 60,000 clusters / square meter, material PP, single bottom cloth

Second paragraph: a practical artificial turf, and inexpensive.

(2) Number: Bkw-20 artificial turf, height of 20 mm and a density of 17850 clusters / square meter, Material PE, composite base fabric

(3), is the largest selling a 2012, annual sales of around 72,450 square meters.

(3) ID: Bkw20 encryption artificial grass height of 20 mm, a density of 21,000 cluster / square meter, material PE, single + yarn end of cloth, the bottom cloth tear, more wearable, greater density

Fourth paragraph, a density, originally used in the basketball venue.

Number: B810 synthetic grass, height 10 mm, density of 53,000 clusters / square meter, Material PE, composite base fabric.

Paragraph 5, kindergartens red the whole runway artificial lawn.

ID: kindergarten red overall runway synthetic grass, height 20 mm, density of 21,000 clusters / square meter, material PE, single + Yarn bottom cloth, the bottom cloth more tear, more wearable.

(F), is a kindergarten color artificial grass and 2012 new, bright colors, very popular with kindergarten children Mende like.

ID: kindergarten color artificial turf, height 20 mm, density of 21,000 clusters / square meter Material PE, Single + yarn base fabric base cloth tear, more wearable

G. is a 10 mm encryption synthetic grass, this product launch has been 10 years, and also selling 10 years.

Code: BKW-10 artificial turf, height 10 mm, a density of 70,000 cluster / square meter, material PE, composite base fabric

(8), is a series of products, the merits of artificial grass, the color is divided into monochrome and four-color.

Number the: HZDS25 artificial turf, height of 25 mm, a density of 16800 clusters / square meter, Material PE, composite base fabric

ID: QDS25 4A artificial turf, height of 25 mm, a density of 16800 clusters / square meter, Material PE, composite base fabric

These are far more commonly used artificial grass, moderate prices. In the present circumstances, the already very able to meet the needs of consumers. Let's use some actual case ending, Welcome to enjoy.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

simulation and high grass fibers soft, soccer grass little harm to the skin

Artificial soccer grass court is not just the lawn should be a beautiful artificial turf systems engineering ", its main venue design, choice of artificial grass products, construction services, maintenance consists of four parts, and every part of each otherintrinsically linked. Site design consists mainly of two parts of the site basis and field ground layer design.
soccer grass Features:
1, simulation and high grass fibers soft, soccer grass little harm to the skin;
2, strong abrasion resistance and long service life;
3, anti-UV, corrosion-resistant, mildew, and environmental pollution, does not fade;
4, football speed rebound almost identical with natural grass;
5, soccer grass good permeability and drainage performance;
6, excellent traction, so athletes can accurately determine the direction of movement of the ball;

Monday, December 24, 2012

The performance characteristics of the new artificial grass products mainly reflected in

R & D center has developed a lawn and leisure lawn of the sports venues. artificial the grass silk fiber material is the core material of the artificial turf, its performance determines the movement of the mechanical properties of the lawn, sports safety performance and ease of movement performance. Through of natural lawn bionics, the the the moving mechanical properties and the study of sports safety performance, the formation of the basic theory and method of synthetic grass silk material design, followed in accordance with the organic - inorganic interface chemistry and engineering features developed inorganic pigments and functional nano powder the body surface processing key technologies. The inorganic nano-particles dispersed in the organic matrix. While addressing the domestic resin performance deficiencies, as well as in the production process of artificial grass Sila Si forming process and engineering technology. New products using nanomaterials modification technology, independent research and development affect lawn final performance of the main raw material, such as functional masterbatch and color masterbatch. Combined with the melt-spinning technique, optimization of process parameters, improve the design drawing of the temperature field, shear stress and tensile stress field of inorganic nano-composite polymer melt brushed forming process of crystallization process, the preparation of a nanocomposite artificial soccer grass.

The performance characteristics of the new artificial grass products mainly reflected in:

good weathering performance of the artificial grass: the nanomaterials surface effects, the UV absorption superior turf after QUV last long and harsh climate aging test showed excellent resistance to UV aging resistance, and The color the fastness is quite high, capable of up to eight years without fading.

The wear resistance of artificial grass: nanocomposite materials enhanced significantly improve the wear resistance of the wire grass turf material.

the safety of artificial grass: nano-modification technology, new materials prepared with softness and toughness, can effectively reduce the impact of the lawn joint movement, the movement in the rotation, fast-moving, emergency stop, reduce sports injuries synthetic grass to ensure the safety of the sport.

artificial grass: environment-friendly product solutions based entirely on natural environmental standards, using raw materials free of heavy metals, soccer grass can be safe to use anywhere.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

soccer grass stadium the slope Do not be too large

artificial grass Gate Stadium, also known as artificial turf gateball court, game area size is generally 20 meters by 15 meters, or 20 meters by 25 meters, and is surrounded by a secondary area of less than 1 m:

The synthetic grass Gate Stadium rectangular, delineated by the retaining wall.

Game line (strip 1-5 cm wide, the width of the more detailed the better outside edge prevail) long (east to west): 20 meters wide (north-south): 15 m.

Limit lines are parallel in 1 meters outside the line of the race, with the race line.

The limit lines peripherals 1-1.5 meters free zone, free zone peripheral retaining wall (20-50 cm).

The game lines constitute the four corners, the lower right corner of the first corner, followed by a second angle, triangle counterclockwise, the fourth corner.

The first corner and the second corner of the race line as the first line of (short-term on the left), on top of the second line, the right side of the third line, below the fourth line.

The tee is rectangular (square meters): the upper and lower edges of the fourth line limit line, the left and right edges away from the first line of 1 meter and 3 meters perpendicular to the fourth line.

Goal: (above the ground segment and 25 cm wide, 20 cm high)
A: parallel to the goal line and four-line vertical distance of 4 m center point with first-line vertical distance of 2 m
Two: the goal line and first-line parallel to the vertical distance of 12 m center point second-tier vertical distance of 2 m
Three: the goal line and first-line parallel to the vertical distance of 10 m vertical distance from the center point and four-wire 2 m

The end of the column (20 cm) is placed in the center of the field.

soccer grass the seams do on a goal at and away from the goal.

soccer grass stadium the slope Do not be too large.

Monday, December 3, 2012

1.2 artificial grass density

1.2 artificial grass density
The artificial grass Density refers to the number of individual plants per unit area on the lawn or twigs. Measurement methods include: ① visual method to lawn within the unit area of ​​the target is estimated the number of plants or artificial division some density level, and in order to evaluate the measured lawn. ② measurement method to manually count the number of individual plants lawn quadrats. In general, lawn community composition of relatively simple, adopted quadrat area does not have to be too large, generally at 50 to 100cm2, but quadrat repetitions, to ensure the representativeness of the sample.
Lawn density is often constrained by the the lawn plant's genetic characteristics, the level of maintenance and management as well as the composition of the artificial grass communities, and many other factors. Some lawn plants suitable for planting, while others would not be appropriate planting too close to a certain extent.

1.3 artificial grass uniformity
    The lawns were once a lawn groups (one kind or variety, but must be able to distinguish between the external morphology) distribution reflect on the appearance. Once can be expressed by the proportion of certain groups in the unit area, and the proportion in not similarly Fang extent of the variation to. Measurement method commonly used sampling methods, the different groups within the quadrat were counted, and then calculate the respective proportion of the area of ​​the quadrat use of the kind of ring diameter of 10cm, the number of repetitions depends on the the measured artificial grass area, generally should be less than 30, in order to calculate the extent of the variation between the not the same side.

1.4 artificial grass texture
    Lawn texture refers to the width of the blades of artificial grass plants. The lawn plant more Gramineae Gramineae or main. Its blade shape is shaped or lanceolate shaped. Available in the texture measurement ruler direct measurement of the blade at its widest point, the number of measurements should be greater than 30.

1.5 artificial grass height
    artificial grass height to the top of the lawn plant (including the trimmed grass group plane) and the average distance of the surface. Generally use artificial measurement, the sample size should be greater than 30. Different grass species can tolerate the minimum mowing heights different. Shear shares Yingshang can withstand a minimum mowing height is much lower than the tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass, and this feature largely determine the applicable range of the lawn.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

the basis of the artificial grass can be divided into the basis of three materials

artificial grass playground basic construction requirements

the basis of the artificial grass can be divided into the basis of three materials: cement concrete foundation, asphalt base and thirty-seven lime soil foundation.

Option One. Cement concrete foundation

Flatness: flatness pass rate above 95%, 5 m ruler error 3mm.

Slope: Center venue 3 ‰ -4 ‰ Turtle-drainage design. 8 ‰ corners, straights 5 ‰, the semicircle area 5 ‰, should be flat, smooth surface to ensure drainage.

Strength and stability 3.artificial grass: uniform and solid surface, no cracks, no bad side, straight and smooth seams, 6000mm x 6000mm about cuts as well. Cushion compaction, density of greater than 95%, after the pressure of the medium-sized mill wheel tracking no significant surface dust loose, wave phenomena such.

4. Impermeable layer: new PVC thick impermeable film, lap joints should be days edge margin greater than 200mm, 150mm.

5.artificial grass maintenance period: the basis of the maintenance period of 21 days.

6. Positioning: the need for accurate construction and painting line, applied firmly distinctive marker lines mark the site.

Monday, November 26, 2012

in order to ensure the healthy growth of artificial grass

In what conditions or circumstances, must table fertilize soil, in order to ensure the healthy growth of artificial grass? Normal lawn table Shi processing can also be strong growth, but under the following conditions must table Shi soil. ① in very poor soil (no fertilization, subsoil, shale, sand, earth, etc.) built lawn covered in the surface layer of sieve out the stones, the fertile soil of the impurities is useful. ② when the lawn surface irregular colonization of the newborn lawn are very uneven one o'clock, one or more surface application the subsidence part of the soil can fill a newborn turf. ③ can generate a large number of creeping bentgrass sticks grasses such as creeping stems Ying, etc., consisting of artificial grass in the periodic table applied soil conducive to the elimination of severe surface flocculation.

What are the major causes of degradation caused by lawn? artificial grass after the use of a period of time, many problems occur. Large tracts of bald bare patches, and even lawn abandoned. Common reasons: Lawn selection mistakes; lawn low-lying stagnant water, waterlogging, poor drainage; barren soil, strong acid or alkaline; irrigation too much, too low mowing lawns excessive use, pest, frost, drought damage; depressed severe soil compaction; lot of weeds invade damage; thick thatch layer; poor soil physical properties, poor ventilation; woods shade, sun. Solve the above problem, in addition to the improve lawn soil infrastructure, strengthening the management of water and fertilizer, weed control and pest, can be used on the local lawn minor surgery to repair perforated ventilation to remove thatch repair bald bare patches, so that recovery growth potential to become a quality lawn. If the artificial grass bald bare area, unable to restore growth and vitality, or weed cover more than 50%, has lost its value in use, it is necessary in accordance with the intended use and funding conditions to measure whether or not to pursue a comprehensive renovation.

What is the appropriate leaf spot disease conditions? How to prevent and treat?

The the lawn occurrence of disease by which factors?

What is the principle of prevention and control of turf diseases? A brief description of the specific practices. "Prevention first, comprehensive prevention and control, we must first investigate the frequently-occurring species and harm local onset period, in order to advance prevention. Second, to strengthen the lawn of conservation and management measures, such as actively prevent weeds, timely pruning, irrigation and fertilization, artificial grass can improve the ability of the resistance to disease.

Brief artificial grass trimmed.

Brief artificial grass trimmed. A: lawn moderate pruning to control its height, to keep the lawn neat and beautiful, and promote lush growth of grasses to increase and promote the softness and flexibility of the lawn, people step on the felt certain stretch to accommodate people play and the need to rest. Mowing the lawn can inhibit lawn weed flowering and fruiting, reduce weeds eliminate the edge of the long grass of the lawn, keep the lawn around the edge of the beautiful environment, especially artificial grass for people to watch, more should strive neat appearance, can reduce pest damage to promote the the lawn healthy development, can promote sub calyx increased the lawn layer of dense and flatness.

Following artificial grass planting program to sort: before planting weeding, debris clean-up, flat, Environmental Investigation determine grasses, planting, cover soil covering, crackdown, rotary tiller, irrigation.

Sunny place relative to the artificial grass lawn under the shade of a tree, the pruning height What is the difference? Why? The area of ??light and tree shade lawn should improve repair grass height to reduce the density the lawn per unit area on increase per plant lawn grass, lawn grass can adapt to the shade of the environmental conditions.

After punch with a hollow cone, artificial grass will often appear wilting or new weeds appear, why? How to reduce these side effects? (1) temporarily undermine the integrity of the surface of the lawn. (2) Since the exposed turf soil layer, and thus cause the dehydration of the lawn grass. (3) when the conditions for the germination of weed seeds, tend to generate a lot of weeds. (4) accelerated harm habitat cutworms and other pests in the. Select the time of the punching is very important. Should choose the punch is more appropriate in the case of artificial grass to grow lush, good growing conditions. Punch in vigorous lawn growth period, interspecific competition can effectively inhibit weed seedling growth and development, in order to achieve the purpose of biocontrol. Perforated surface fertilization and watering is carried out immediately after the lawn grass dehydration can be effectively prevented. The the soil core drag level crushed and lawn replay process through partners Shi selective herbicides can effectively control weeds. In addition, the appropriate choice of the addition to the soil core and replay time can avoid the maturation and germination of weed seeds growing season.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Specification-artificial grass football field football field construction

1, football field size:
   a. 11-a-side football pitches, also known as the standard football game head of 90 to 120m, width 45 ~~ 90m, in any case, the length must exceed the width. (International Competition venues length of 100 ~ 110m, a width of 64 to 75m).
      Dimensions of international standard football pitches game Divisional 105m, width 68m, 2m ~ 4m buffer on each side of the outer race lines, generally both ends (placed on the edge of the football door) extend 3m each side extension of 2m, the size of the venue for 111m * 72m = 7992 m.
      Venues draw lines: the line width 12cm, two lines called the long side edges, two lines called the short side of the goal line. The venue the middle a midline crossing stadium. Midline center of a circle radius of 9.15m, draw a circle called the center circle. Venues on each corner, each vertical side of not less than 1.50m high flat-topped flagpole on the system flags side; similar to the flag and flagpole can each vertical side of in venues both sides are on the sidelines of the midline at least at 1m.
      Goal area: both ends of the venue from the goalposts at the goal line of the inside of 5.50m and a length of 5.50m vertical line and the goal line to the inside of each painting, one end of the phase with the goal line, and the other end to draw a connection line parallel to the goal line, these three lines and within the scope of the goal line is the goal area.
      Penalty area: the two ends of the venue from the goalposts at the goal line of the inside 16.50m 16.50m line perpendicular to the goal line for a long, to the floor of each painting, the upper end of phase with the goal line, and the other end to draw a connection line parallel to the goal line, three lines and within the scope of the goal line, called the penalty area. The midpoint of the two goal-line vertical to the floor 11m each doing a clearly marked, called the penalty spot. The penalty spot for the center, 9.15m radius, draw an arc outside the penalty area, called the penalty arc.
      Corner area: the crossover point to the sideline and goal line to dot 1m radius, field painting a period of a quarter of an arc, arc region called the corner area.
      Goal: the goal in the middle of the goal line by the two apart 7.32m, with both sides of the corner flag equal distance from the upright post with one from the ground 2.44m horizontal bar along the connected components, to ensure safety, whether it is a fixed goal The or movable goal must be stable fixed presence on the ground. Doorpost and the width and thickness of the crosspiece should be symmetrically equal, must not exceed 12cm. The net is attached behind the goal post and crossbar and the ground. Net should be properly sprung and to full activities goalkeeper space.
   b. Seven-a-side football field, there is no international standard, the competition head of 50 ~ 70m, width 40 ~~ 50m, in any case, the length must exceed the width. General venue construction in accordance with the length 65m, width 45m more game lines on each side at least 2m above the buffer, the size of the venue 69m * 49m = 3381 m.
   c. The Futsal soccer field, the competition head of 25 ~ 42m, width 15 ~ 25m, in any case, the length must exceed the width.
      The international venue Competition governor for 38 ~ 42m, 18 ~ 22m wide.
The venue line width is not more than 8cm. The longer two boundaries called the edges, the shorter is the goal line. Venues middle of a line across the stadium called the midline, midline Center, as the center and radius of 3m, draw a circle called the center circle.
       Penalty area to each post inside the center, to 6m for the radius of each draw an arc, one end connected to the goal line, the other end with a long 3M, a straight line parallel to the goal line is connected, the two arcs, and an area between the straight line and the goal line is called the penalty area.
      The penalty spot in the midpoint of the two goal line vertical to the floor 6m each to make a clear mark that is the correct position of the penalty spot.
      The goal should be located in the center of the two goal line by two medial 3m upright post with a 2m horizontal bar from the ground along the connected components apart. Crossbar width and thickness should be of 8cm, and equal to the width of the goal post and crossbar.
2, the venue of the basis of requirements:
   a. Cement concrete 12cm ~ 15cm; venue was Turtle shaped around to drainage.
Drainage slope of 0.3 to 0.5%.
   b. Thirty-seven lime soil (or inorganic material) 30cm;
   c. Ground leveling, the prime soil compaction;
   d. The perimeter should have drains.
   e. Stand 4m high perimeter fence, the elastic plastic coated mesh, mesh
50cm * 50cm.
3, artificial grass and the filler request:
   a. 11-a-side football pitches:
     artificial grass height of 50 ~ 65mm,
     9500 ~ 10500 pin density artificial grass / square meter,
     The artificial grassDETX values ​​above 6000.
     Venue quartz sand requirements: particle diameter of 0.3 ~ 1.5mm, the silicon content of more than 90%.
     Venue quartz sand filling quantity 20 ~ 30KG / square meter.
     Yard rubber particles requirements: particle diameter of 1mm ~~ 3 mm,
     Venue rubber particles the colloidal fill 5 ~ 8KG / square meter.
   b. Sevens football field:
     artificial grass height of 40 ~ 50mm,
     artificial grass density needle / 9500 to 12,000 square meters,
     The artificial grassDETX values ​​above 6000.
     Venue quartz sand requirements: particle diameter of 0.3 ~ 1.5mm, the silicon content of more than 90%.
     Amount of venue quartz sand filling 18 ~ 28KG / square meter.
     Yard rubber particles requirements: particle diameter of 1mm ~~ 3 mm,
     4.5 ~ 7.5KG / square meter venue rubber the colloidal particles fill amount.
  c. Futsal soccer field:
     artificial grass height of 32 ~ 40mm,
     10500 ~ 13000 pin density artificial grass / square meter,
     The artificial grassDETX values ​​above 6000.
     Venue quartz sand requirements: particle diameter of 0.3 ~ 1.5mm, the silicon content of more than 90%.
     Venue quartz sand filling quantity 20 ~ 30KG / square meter.
     Yard rubber particles requirements: particle diameter of 1mm ~~ 3 mm,
     Venue rubber particles the colloidal fill 4 ~ 7KG / square meter.

The construction process of the artificial grass football pitches

1, based on: venues foundation for artificial grass venues play a crucial role. Flatness, stability and drainage of the site based on the effect of the use of the artificial grass venue will affect.
artificial grass for infrastructure and standards. Currently used in the artificial grass sports ground the basis of the type of asphalt concrete, waterproof concrete type, gravel base and thirty-seven soil foundation. Choose what kind of foundation type and drainage system is considering the functional requirements and economic conditions of the venue. The requirements of the international football bodies venue is steady and stable, recommended asphalt base, multi-select drainage pipeline, cold weather region hopes to increase geothermal systems. The ordinary stadium or school playground is actually multi-select the Turtle structure outside the drainage structure, consider the basis of the life of the construction as well as convergence with plastic venues based domestic Stadium applied asphalt concrete foundation is relatively common.
The site should be designed in accordance with local geological report of the sports venues, the location of the annual precipitation and maximum precipitation, the location of the site to inspect. the basis of artificial grass sports grounds into a carrier of the artificial turf, the quality is good or bad will directly affect the performance of the artificial grass football field.
The artificial grass football stadium venues based basic stability, and does not collapse.
According to its structure can be divided into a variety of surface: asphalt concrete surface layer, reinforced concrete surface limestone surface, and seeds stone surface layer.
Asphalt surface is more popular in the country, which itself has a waterproof, can not direct water penetration inclined to rely on the venue slope drainage. In the rain when the venue stagnant water together into a small water, resulting in the loss of the quartz sand, rubber granules lawn to the edge of space will be too much water, stagnant water in a short period of time is not easy to discharge. Reinforced concrete surface layer there are also the same problem.
And two limestone surface layer gray No. adjustable smaller seeds stone itself, ash-free number, better water permeability of both surface-based. Stone the same size with the size of the stones of the asphalt surface the rainwater can directly penetrate below the gravel layer and dry hard soil, thus reducing the loss of fat rubber particles of quartz sand on the lawn, to ease the venue hydrocephalus situation. However, both the surface layer can not be used in cold winter areas. Penetrate the surface layer of the water can not be discharged, will be in the winter section the ice swell, causing the site surface uneven phenomenon.
Two limestone stone surface layer of the surface layer of seeds have good water permeability, and the surface layer and asphalt, relatively cheap price. Therefore recommend using two the limestone surface layer, and seeds stone surface layer as venues basis of artificial grass football field, but more in the winter cold areas or use asphalt or cement surface.
The venues foundation with asphalt or cement surface layer can refer to road construction requirements, but pay attention to maintaining the overall shape of the construction, the venues middle surrounded by low, the slope should be evenly maintained at 0.3% to 0.5%, and venue to be set up around the drainage ditch. The two limestone surface layer, and seeds venue base of the stone surface layer requirements of embedded drain line.
Regardless of the basis for its quality directly affects the quality of the surface layer is good or bad. Foundation construction, based on prime soil generally follow the Technical specifications for construction of road infrastructure, reinforced concrete layer generally follow Highway Cement Concrete Pavement Construction Technical specifications and asphalt concrete layer generally follow the technical specifications of the highway asphalt pavement construction;
2, put the line, to identify venues center point according to the center point fixed site on each point, the exact location of the line. Reference sports venues field deployment site marking, drawing graphic design and effect diagram, match the performance and the thickness of the artificial grass.
3, based processing, repair, clean-up. The artificial grass moved into the site along the lateral edge direction to spread, and sequentially from one end of the longitudinal edges of advance to the additional information about one end. artificial grass to be used by professionals specialized tools laying. Into the material to reach the construction site, in accordance with the requirements of the drawings, by construction workers cutting, each lawn seams mouth coated with a special interface with glue connection or using a special machine sewing together as a whole, the entire lawn. Installation requires air humidity can not be too large, to avoid the rainy or foggy weather construction.
4, will be the preparation of the in white lawn outside grass lines cut, placed on the side stand.
5, the green lawns seams lap 2cm ~ 3cm, with cut grass cutter or knife cut to lap close as possible so that both sides of the lawn.
6, 20cm ~ 30cm wide fiber cloth or nonwoven fabric spread along the seams of the lawn was water wet, need sulfate, and then drying a certain time so that the special glue evenly coated on the fiber cloth, and then pieced together from both sides of the lawn, adhesive fiber cloth. If you put together at the gap may be in addition to every 2cm ~ 5cm cut a stretch to the interface at to ensure beautiful appearance.
7 lawn basic splicing after, again PULL fix individual function lines of the site, the location of the point, to the cutter cut out of the cut wire grass into the fiber cloth, coated special glue to the original ready The white wire grass back into the cementation pressed. Arcs in the corner narrow area difficult the whole corner area removed, cut into small pieces, block by block back into the stitching together.
Lawn splicing after arrangements will fold on the lawn to knife opening, straightened docking resection overlapping part, and then cemented
9, lawn all dealt Note sand, sand filling machine Note colloidal particles, bristles. On the lawn, filling quartz sand, quartz sand hidden in the grass roots of the silk, and play a role in protecting the turf. And quartz sand evenly spread over the rubber particles. Filling the quartz sand and the thickness of the rubber particles according to the different heights of the lawn, depending on requirements of the rubber particles is less than about wire grass surface about 10mm.
10, clean up the site, check the site specific size, strict inspection lawn bonding is firmly deal with the phenomenon of uneven quartz sand and rubber particles layer, and finally completed.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

to see the trajectory of the development of the artificial grass industry

If you have a business, always engaged in an industry for nearly 10 years, compared to the spectator it must have more insights in this industry. Beijing on November 2, 2012 international sports surface science co-organized by the venues Resources Association (ISSS) Forum, Ltd. from Taishan artificial turf industry YangXiaoBing wonderful speech for the attendees about the Taishan the course of development of the artificial turf, but also to see the trajectory of the development of the artificial grass industry.

In his speech, Yang Xiaobing mentioned the late 1990s, artificial turf products to enter the Chinese market, and quickly led to the development of the artificial grass industry, the beginning of the 21st century, the Titan Group, Jiangsu ZhongLian company began production of artificial turf its main business as raw material, the use of imported turf lawn weaving production, low-tech. With the the artificial grass growing domestic production and processing enterprises, domestic and gradually form the enterprise cluster industry is dominated by several large companies, also began to pay more attention to product development work, trying to create a domestic market requirements artificial turf.

Venues resource network to understand, as one of the large R & D and production enterprise of the domestic artificial turf industry Taishan artificial turf industry Co., Ltd. is a microcosm of the artificial grass industry, the course of its development. Processing on behalf of low technology content, to continue to expand the scale of production, the further development of the product R & D work, Taishan Group to achieve rapid development of the national brand of artificial grass industry.

Leapfrog development obviously can not be separated from the needs of the market for artificial turf products. ? YangXiaoBing Statistics, 1990 years, China has nearly? 1? Square meters of artificial turf stadium; 1999? Years, the application area of ​​growth? 50? 000 square meters; in 2001? Years, the application area is reached? 150? Million square meters. Changes in the relationship between supply and demand has also led to the development of enterprises and the rise of a large number of artificial grass. However, as the market expands, some problems are gradually exposed.

Shoddy, the gradual emergence of low-end products to hit the market, cheap malicious competition, the emergence of this phenomenon is the "bottleneck" has a great relationship with the domestic product development. To this end, the the Taishan Group and other domestic enterprises with anti-aging properties of the artificial turf, wear resistance, soft performance, invest a lot of funds for the purchase of advanced instruments, equipment, and employ professional and technical personnel, machinery and equipment, ancillary equipment.

Inputs after the domestic artificial grass manufacturers for a long time, the effective integration of the artificial grass market. The research and development of artificial grass environmental durability and comfort, the national industry of artificial grass products has been recognized by more people.

YangXiaoBing artificial turf because of its unique weather resistance, maintenance economy, save water without the need for spraying pesticides, weather characteristics are widely used. With mankind the popularity of the sport, as well as the football on artificial turf license to use, at the same time due to expand the use of artificial turf, artificial turf will continue to maintain a faster speed increments. Future, artificial turf will be showing a durable, soft and comfortable, recyclable recycling characteristics. Artificial grass industry development prospects will be better.

Monday, November 5, 2012

There are many advantages of artificial grass

There are many advantages of artificial grass, for example: the green of its four seasons, the appearance of bright, lively, good drainage performance, long life and low maintenance costs.

artificial grass sports system based on quality requirements are mainly concentrated in three areas: hardness, flatness and drainage slope.

The artificial lawn foundation three categories: asphalt base, cement foundation, gravel base, which type is mainly determined by the local climate and environment and the budget, time, asphalt base, especially for the northern large temperature difference between climate and environment and low winter temperatures, also because it is expensive for a warm, humid environment is not the most suitable foundation type, gravel foundation because of its simple construction, low cost, rapid drainage, more common in the South, but because of its rigidity and stability prone to the foundation loose after prolonged use, leading to uneven foundation; Therefore, in most regions of the domestic cement concrete foundation became economic cost is very high base type of artificial grass.

Double and sports a wealth of experience in the artificial grass system, synthetic grass cement concrete foundation do brief as follows:

1, higher requirements on the basis of surface flatness, to ensure that the artificial turf surface layer of uniform thickness, uniform elasticity. Flatness pass rate above 95%, and 5 m ruler error 3MM, slope: horizontal 8 ‰, vertical 5 ‰, the semicircle area 5 ‰, the surface should be flat, smooth, to ensure drainage.

2, the base should have a certain amount of strength and stability.

3, uniform surface and solid, no cracks, no bad side pockmarked face, straight and smooth seams, 6000mm × 6000mm cuts as well.

4, cushion compaction, density greater than 95%, after the pressure of the medium-sized rolling machine, no significant round track, no surface dust loose, wave phenomena such.

Cement foundation necessary aquifuge the new PVC thickened aquifuge impermeable film, the junction should be greater than 300mm edge margin greater than 150mm.

6 need to consider the extension gap width of 5 mm.

7, soccer grass the basis of the maintenance period of 2-3 weeks.