Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In order to protect the interests of the end users of the artificial turf

In order to protect the interests of the end users of the artificial turf, FIFA through years of extensive use of data products and venues developed "artificial turf FIFA quality standards, and global end-user has to choose artificial turf as the universal standard.

The standard two grades: one star (1 Star) and two-star (2 star)

FIFA 1 star: 1 star positioned as the general community and the ordinary venues standard the FIFA 2 star: 2 Star certification for professional / senior game

The global total of 23 manufacturers have the ability through the certification contract with FIFA, FIFA quality standards certification square to create a. The premise of a star and Tr detected venue detection artificial turf product first through the detection of the laboratories, mainly includes the product model identification, the durability of the product, the weathering resistance of the product, the players and turf interaction properties, the ball and lawn interaction performance.

Laboratory standards before entering the venue detection program. Site testing and certification by the FIFA designated certification laboratory to field test complete venue pavement, mainly including the shock absorption of the artificial turf, the ball bounced a lot of sports performance and safety performance indicators.

There are currently over two hundred tablets Award and more than three hundred pieces a star venues worldwide. Laboratory testing and site testing agencies SportsLabs (UK) and Labosport (France).

FIFA star certification is a series of processes, including FIFA the certified suppliers censorship - laboratory product testing - venue detection - Star certification. Which laboratory tests for the detection of the entire system, the main lawn and filler performance tests and on the identification of the product model. Laboratory tests proved that the system can meet FIFA2 star standard venue, pavement, pavement specifications must be consistent with the laboratory tests. While the complete venue pavement, you will need to contact the FIFA designated laboratory field inspection staff to the scene detection.

The FIFA standard requirements the smallest venue 45X90m, maximum 90X120m. Testing personnel will elect six points respectively test vertical ball rebound angle ball rebound the ball rolling, vibration absorption, vertical deformation, rotational resistance, soles glide value / deceleration values ​​and the system performance. After all the testing is completed, the laboratory with artificial turf on the field and glue sand back again identified, the final issuance of the certificates.

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