Wednesday, May 1, 2013

has been preferred filler particles of the synthetic grass

This work is inherent in the synthetic grass with discarded tires filled with particles containing carcinogenic PAHs, with a pungent odor, heat absorption, it is difficult to recycle, a single color, and the lawn system compatibility defects and poor, the combination of polymer and professional knowledge, the choice of SBS, SEBS, PP, POE, PE, naphthenic oil, consisting of a thermoplastic elastomer as the matrix, active calcium carbonate, stearic acid or coupling agent treatment to the filled material, together with various pigments and anti- old, etc., as appropriate mixing granulation process, development environment-friendly the new thermoplastic rubber filler particles, making it both environmental protection, wear-resistant, high-elastic, soft, anti-aging, rich colors, thermoplastic recyclable and more kinds of innovation, and applied for national invention patent. France, South Korea and other testing authority, in addition to the basic sports performance requirements, the products are environmentally friendly and rich colors certainly by the user now has many exemplary football venues in Ireland and Korea, Ireland Rings END IRELAND football field reached a FIFA 2 star standard of professional stadium (the highest level), industrialization prospects. The key technology in the works for a reasonable proportion of the various components and processing technology, the series of technical integration technology for the industrialization of the work required. In addition, we also for the needs of different customers personalized, in-depth development of several series of products, to further improve the market competitiveness of the products. The works of the main technical indicators are as follows: Appearance: grass green, olive green, beige, khaki cylindrical particle density: 1.40 ± 0.20g/cm3 particle diameter: 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.2mm wear resistance: Leesburg detection 5000 water content: ≤ 3% of the heavy metals and other harmful substances: meet customer requirements.

Over the years, the the black scrap tires filled with particles resistant, inexpensive, has been preferred filler particles of the synthetic grass, but in recent years, for such particles containing carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), irritating odor, smoke high heat, thermosetting difficult to recycling and other shortcomings, many countries and regions have banned or restricted the use of such filler particles. The research group for this trend, the choice of SBS, SEBS, PP, POE, PE, naphthenic oil, a thermoplastic elastomer composition as the substrate, stearic acid or the activity of the coupling agent-treated calcium carbonate as a filler, and then with various pigments and anti-aging agent, a suitable mixing granulation process, to develop environment-friendly new thermoplastic rubber filler particles, making it both environmental protection, wear-resistant, high elastic, soft, anti-aging, color rich thermoplastic recyclable and other features, and applied for national invention patent (200910029870.0) to fill gaps in the type of product. By the new investigation addition to commissioned achievements into a rubber Materials Co., Ltd., there is no domestic production of the types of particles, publicly reported or apply for a patent, formula used in the present invention and innovation has not been disclosed in the literature reported.

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