Tuesday, May 14, 2013

other brands of artificial grass cotton unable to reach a similar level

Indoor artificial golf greens

The special greens simulation layer specially crafted simulation of: greens TurfSoccer the layer is made ​​by specially crafted rayon, especially to simulate the true green grass softness, texture, density and color so that it can show the plunger speed match the true greens. A special emulation layer is specifically designed for TurfSoccer artificial greens, other brands of artificial grass cotton unable to reach a similar level. You see in the market artificial greens, the production of artificial grass used in man-made fibers are generally used to do intense exercise (such as football, rugby or tennis) sites, rather than designed specifically for golf putting green.

Made a special quartz sand: TurfSoccer artificial greens the use of special quartz sand, fill the gap of artificial green grass, to create a natural touch the green surface. Market greens are the use of non-standard quartz sand as a filler, easy to make the surface of the green and harden due to the accumulation of time, the impact of putting performance. Made a special quartz sand by TurfSoccer company successfully developed, to maintain the softness of the greens surface.

Shape layer: TurfSoccer, artificial greens using a special blend proportion of molding sand, so as to create a variety of ups and downs on the greens, can simulate a variety of golf putting green land situation.

Permeable layer stone layer: in artificial TurfSoccer greens under the gravel layer consists of two layers of flexible foundation. Two layers of special material stone layer to provide a stable support for artificial grass, and good drainage effect, it will not cause cracking phenomenon due to climate factors. In addition, the greens can also be freely designed undulating uphill, downhill terrain.

Base layer: covered with a layer of special synthetic fibers in order to stabilize the base.

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