Monday, May 20, 2013

artificial grass first appeared in the sixties of last century

At present, the price per square meter of the domestic artificial grass products in between $ 60-100 per square meter price of imported artificial grass in between $ 170-280, the same model product price difference of 100 yuan, and FIFA certification higher prices of imported grass. Artificial grass made life of 2-3 years, while imports the artificial grass life of 8-10 years, due to the poor quality of domestic grass, easily weathered, damaged, the safety factor is smaller, athletes likely to cause injury. Huge profits for some producers and agents to take risks, and even forged FIFA certification. The relevant government departments, lack of supervision, lax enforcement, resulting in the artificial grass industry competition in a state of disorder.

Guangzhou Ocean Yuan Heng Chemical Co., Ltd. Manager Liu Jing told reporters, FIFA announced on its official website the 16 kinds of artificial grass won their qualification, domestic producers Chemical technology is relatively backward, without an artificial grass enterprise products gained international UEFA qualification. But many domestic producers in foreign countries only spend $ 1 to register a company, then made a false declaration, the domestic products under the registered name of the company abroad, posing as the imported products. "Is a typical example of the so-called British MIE Enterprise, the industry knows that its production base in Tianjin, just MIE Investment Holdings Limited, registered in the UK base in a foreign country does not produce its products in the domestic production. the Huainan Sports Bureau bidding to sign up 26 different types of artificial grass agents provide FIFA qualification certificate can confirm that 90% is forged. "

A original the MIE enterprise work Mr. Jiao told reporters: the MIE's production base in Tianjin indeed. Due to the high cost of import agent grass, artificial grass for domestic distribution wire grass is mainly imported and domestic grass. Most of the sports venues construction unit requires the use of imported grass or FIFA certification of products, many domestic enterprises in order to sell products, provide agents with false declaration or FIFA qualifications. The many lax review of the construction unit, so easy to muddle through.

artificial grass first appeared in the sixties of last century, the United States, followed by Europe and the United States has gone through six stages of development, from the earliest nylon fibers to PE LSR materials the monofilament and tear film, artificial grass industry has made great progress. In other countries, the development of artificial grass industry steadily, whether it is from the production of raw materials, equipment and lawn R & D, sales of artificial grass, pavement have entered a more mature market stage. Regulate the operation of the market, which has been formed a relatively complete industrial chain and industrial structure.

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