Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Chinese synthetic turf market analysis and thinking

The Chinese synthetic turf market analysis and thinking

One, Synthetic turf market analysis

More benign advantages: the development of several well-known enterprises, the strength enhancement. Several large brand recognized by customers occupy most of the market,

Disadvantages: fierce competition among several brands are injured. The decrease in profits, some of loss.

Opportunities: in the sports industry has invested heavily Soccer Park, the public health Square, popularity, and more and more the second and third tier cities in the transformation of primary and secondary school playground. The market is more and more opportunities.

Threats: pollution of the environment and lawn recovery, sooner or later the country will interfere. We should go in front.

Second, the development of synthetic turf industry thinking

Specification of the quality of the lawn, now the national standard is being revised, we recommend that the technical parameters to improve turf quality, substandard environmental pollution lawn manufacturers kicked out.

(2) the establishment of the industry alliance. Industry regulator.

3 is committed to the recommended synthetic turf GB rising as a mandatory national standard.

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