Friday, May 17, 2013

the user in the choice made by the two materials, artificial grass, should be emphasized

The popularity of artificial grass in order to better meet the different needs of the movement, in addition to performance, there is the frequency of use, maintenance maintenance ...... its popularity is an inevitable trend.

We probably have to understand the structure of the artificial grass, it is mainly composed of three parts by the the grass fibers bottom, glue. Wire grass material is polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), nylon (Nylon). Currently, in the market, more widespread use of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). Since the two materials are different in terms of performance and price, so that the user in the choice made by the two materials, artificial grass, should be emphasized.

Based on current market conditions, there are many manufacturers to discount the means to achieve the purpose of competition in the market, but you know, discounted, usually by reducing the cost of the product to achieve more boast some manufacturers in the market ultra-low-cost sales of artificial grass, the materials used are superior imported raw materials. We should be clear, if the truth they say, their production costs must be very high. Manufacturers must be profitable, otherwise it will not be maintained, which is a commercial reason that the pendulum. Reduce costs, regardless of the way in which the artificial grass is different from other products must meet the sports performance indicators, and therefore this approach to reduce costs directly affect the quality of the product. Artificial grass industry is a bit like the domestic tourism industry a few years ago, everyone in order to compete for market share at the expense of playing the "price war", resulting in the quality of service for the tourism industry as a whole landslide ......

Products in the market pricing is determined by the need to market to each of the different artificial grass products market pricing should be different from the face of consumer groups should also have high, medium and low end points. Thus Artificial grass venues user should be based on their actual needs and project budget, from several perspectives taken into account to choose the artificial grass products. You know, the school artificial venue users is the future of our country, the good and bad of the venue will directly or indirectly affect their growth.

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