Sunday, May 5, 2013

Many football field artificial turf laying

Many football field artificial turf laying, but the laying of artificial turf football field require other materials such as quartz sand, black rubber particles, then the ratio of the number of different wire grass is what it?

Quartz sand to be poured into the grass, since the foundation of the grass to protect, to counterweight and prevent the effects of aging of the deep grass silk. Specifications of quartz sand is generally in the 20-40 mesh; rubber particles can play to enhance flexibility, improve the degree of simulation, to protect the athlete's role, generally used for more than 32 mm of Artificial Turf, specifications for the 1.5-mm. The sprinkle irrigation quartz sand, quartz sand need to sprinkle a layer with a nylon brush to push up the grass, Zaisa layer, until the grass evenly exposed a suitable height.

     artificial turf filled with quartz sand and rubber granules dosage recommended:
     The length of the wire grass filled with quartz charge the amount of rubber particles fill the top of the wire grass height
     10mm approximately 4-8 kg / m without charge rubber particles of about 5 mm
     20mm approximately 8-20 kg / m about 1-2 kg / m approximately 7 mm
     25mm approximately 15-20 kg / m about 1-3 kg / m approximately 8 mm
     32mm approximately 18-23 kg / m approximately 2-3.5 kg / m 9 mm
     40mm approximately 23-28 kg / m about 3-5 kg ​​/ m approximately 13 mm
     50mm approximately 28-32 kg / m about 5-6 kg / m approximately 17 mm
     55mm approximately 32-35 kg / m about 5-7 kg / m approximately 19 mm
     60mm approximately 35-38 kg / m about 6-8 kg / m approximately 20 mm
2 adhesive cloth: the role of the adhesive tape is to be connected together the lawn and boundaries of the entire site. There are two types: a width of 20-25 cm for the bonding between the lawn and the lawn; width of 25-30 cm is used for bonding between artificial turf and white lines. To a standard football field, for example: the adhesive tape is about 3000 meters.

Glue: Artificial Turf for bonding, adhesive cloth with plastic about 0.3 kg per meter.

4 grass loss: a regular venue, grass attrition rate of about 3%, the runway corners loss rate is about 8%.

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