Saturday, April 27, 2013

Monofilament artificial grass

Monofilament artificial grass

Review the course of development of artificial grass and now has more than forty years, it is the most from the United States, with the continuous development of market demand, in addition to the pursuit of excellence in sports performance, people also want to artificial grass is more beautiful, more practical, lasting. Response to market demand, monofilament grass developed into a trend, as opposed to the traditional fiber grass, it Resembling natural grass, pavement easier, easier maintenance and longer life.

Monofilament artificial grass, once launched, once in Europe and the United States is very popular abroad, 80% of the sports venues are made of monofilament grass, the monofilament grass closer to natural grass, better sports performance, easy maintenance and so on. Domestic, however, is limited due to technical previously monofilament grass mean slice monofilament grass family, it uses the traditional slice monofilament, due to the constraints of the equipment and technology level and other factors, at the end of its life, the binding force, abrasion resistance and other obvious flaws, resulting monofilament grass in China have not been used by the user.

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