Monday, May 27, 2013

artificial grass is to determine the quality of several major issues

Compared with the natural turf, artificial grass there is a longer life cycle, flatness, you can use higher frequencies, etc., together with its construction of fast, easy, low cost maintenance, artificial grass replace the natural turf has become a trend .

With artificial grass growing in the international arena is certainly international predators on artificial grass production has gradually increased in the international market territory. In 2006, the Italian TurfSoccer factories in China Beijing suburbs, is a manifestation of this strategic direction. Represented by TurfSoccer artificial grass production predators international presence, will also be the domestic market for artificial grass product quality and performance studies upgrade to a newer international standards.

It is understood that the shoes and turf interaction interface is appropriate and reliable site surface grip, ball rebound after touching the turf, annual consumption, as well as the maintenance of turf, artificial grass is to determine the quality of several major issues. It is worth mentioning that, in abandoned tire rubber and other inferior filler flooded low-end artificial grass today, TurfSoccer but to devote themselves to come up with a five-year period ECOFILL ecological characteristics of this crystal, all-natural materials and grain size generally , after the force in spatial memory function and a unique shape and foam technology, forming a natural soil with very similar characteristics, there are not as natural soil compaction due to the effects of weather, wet, water, uneven .

Data show that, TurfSoccer artificial grass for its low consumption to ensure the longer term use of higher frequency, even after years have also guarantees 100% recycled and TurfSoccer artificial grass never appear as a single product, but in the the laying of the first to seek harmony with the environment, durable a systems engineering.

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