Thursday, May 23, 2013

Development of artificial grass soccer world

Development of artificial grass soccer world

1. European football:
    The author of the Germany, France, Britain and other countries have done a lot of research soccer turf, turf soccer in these countries mainly sand soil. Football lying on the table completely within 30cm of sand to complete the 1990s for anti-trampling the lawn from the racetrack over the study cited in the surface soil mixed Ru Nilun net. Effectively enhance the tear resistance of the soil. Leather kind of lying bluegrass, tall fescue class-based.

    2. U.S. and Canada playground
    The early 1960s, the United States, there are many universities to lawn stadium caused a lot of research techniques, there are also many non-governmental research institute related to the current seedbed all use made of sand. Widely used in the construction of the system is: PAT (Frescnpnon athlitic-turf system) system, CELL system. The greatest feature of this system is to force drainage, rainy days can continue the game, save water, space utilization high.

3. Australia, New Zealand and other countries of the football field:
    These countries football, horse racing and other sports venues soil matrix is ​​mainly dominated by sand, but there are also individual using mixed soil, using the grass to Bermuda (Bermudagrass)-based, locally called Cauch grass. Rely on winter sowing of annual ryegrass to keep the annual evergreen lawn football field.

4. Our football field
    On the lawn of the stadium construction technology basically has not been studied. In the 1980s, after some natural turf soccer field using transplanted to cause a football field. To the 1990s along with the vigorous development of football from south to north built Ding many sports venues. However, the construction of football field levels did not increase, some of the venues simply understood abroad caused by the construction of the theory. Most venues nationwide results using inefficient, difficult maintenance, in order to finish the game task, the transformation of the surface had to be repeated. Sometimes in order to important games, six months in advance have closure. Some European countries lawn turf football field in perfect condition weekly using a 2 - 3 days. Seedbed to sandy loam ten organic based. The choice of a variety of grasses. Actual speaking, China's turf soccer football birthplace construction techniques from several countries such as: England, Germany, is still far. In today's highly competitive football, football field athletes will affect small changes in the level of skill to play. Now many countries, football training fields using the same requirements and official venues. Chinese football to the world, how to make first-class football training field and the playing field, so that athletes training in peacetime has a good sense of trained professionals superb skills of our future research.

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