Friday, May 3, 2013

Lawn grass is artificial planting herbaceous vegetation management with aesthetic and practical function.

Turfgrass use and adaptability of

Lawn grass is artificial planting herbaceous vegetation management with aesthetic and practical function. Green grass in the park, manicured golf courses and functional sports turf, can give people the joy of beauty. In addition to the aesthetic function, lawn grass also has the function of cleaning up the environment. Per acre lawn can absorb hundreds of thousands of kilograms of sulfur dioxide, provide oxygen to the atmosphere (photosynthesis). A small courtyard green manufactured oxygen enough a normal use.

The turfgrass is divided into cool-season and warm season turfgrasses two categories. Due to the different photosynthetic pathways, cool-season and warm-season turfgrass were classified as C3 and C4 plants. The following brief overview of several major turfgrass:

Cool-season turfgrass:

Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.) can be applied to the courtyard lawn, green parks, golf courses and other sports turf planting. It is usually applied in moderate to high level of conservation management. The main floor space for seeding or the turf floor space. Floor space by seed, germination generally takes 10-14 days (to be slower than most lawn grass), the floor space is also very slow speed. Advantage of the grass with stretch ability rhizome, long life cycle, ability to adapt to the environment, resistant to trampling (commonly used in the sports arena), and better than other cool-season turfgrass resistance to heat, drought and cold characteristics. In addition, some Kentucky bluegrass strong shade tolerance.

Canada bluegrass (Poa compressa L.) applicable in lawn quality requirements, and extensive management lawn. Its high top growing point, mowing can lead to injury. It is not easy to form a dense, high-quality lawn, but adapted to acidic, dry, barren soil, so the soil is commonly used on both sides of the highway is fixed.

Ordinary bluegrass (Poa trivialis) pale green leaves, plants and Kentucky bluegrass is small compared. It may be formed in a shaded, humid environment of high density lawn. Heat, drought tolerance, and thus commonly used in bermudagrass greens winter sowing.

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