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the construction of the synthetic grass fibers imitate the shape and color of the natural grass plants

Artificial Football Field Turf

Newly laid way easy maintenance

In recent years, the foreign-developed a new lawn construction methods --- Integrated Turfgrass Management System, also known as removable lawn. This construction system is composed of by many lawn module, these lawn module can be pre-planting in the outdoor, for the venue, near the game will be pre-prepared lawn block moved into the stadium. To meet the different uses of the game, planting can choose different varieties of lawn and turf grasses. If the lawn is serious injury, you can be replaced at any time, and recycling. The modular system chassis can be artificially controlled ventilation, drainage, ventilation, heating and cooling. 2002 World Cup in Sapporo, Japan, the football field is the use of that method of construction. This method not only completely solve the problem of low light, low temperature, drainage ventilation and poor, this movable soccer field at the same time after the end of the game the lawn removed, in order to meet the needs of the other events.

China has a "concrete lawn" is also quite amazing, this concrete brick laying on the ground, doused with water, and within a month, the grass is coming out from the concrete. This method is scientific ingredients, grass seeds sprout in concrete with a certain intensity, growth, and prefabricated concrete brick, final construction laying.

Concrete grasses in the bud growth after a period of time, the roots into the soil through the lower part of the concrete bricks continue to grow through the concrete bricks upper reaches green grass. The strength of concrete lawn can increase or decrease the thickness of concrete bricks, concrete blocks, the thicker, the greater the strength of the concrete lawn does not affect the growth of grass and concrete bricks thick. Activities of people or vehicles in the concrete on the lawn, just step on the pressure in the grass leaves, and hurt not concrete roots, grass rhizomes have been better protected, the grass more resistant to trampling, can withstand 50 tons to 200 under the weight of tons. Concrete lawn production base in the production of precast concrete lawn After the long grass after a one-time transfer of laying, construction of large-scale, site pouring approach can also be used. Science and laying turf can effectively reduce the cost of laying and maintenance cost of the lawn.

Vitality of new grass

Improved varieties of grass, making it an important way to increase traffic tolerance is improved lawn. American dwarf Bermuda grass is an improved quality varieties. It is common bermudagrass and African bermudagrass hybrids, this grass seed has grass dwarf intensive, strong growth potential, strong resistance, especially its resistance to trampling superior regenerative capacity is also very strong. Although it has a winter yellow disadvantage, but chasing in the autumn sowing ryegrass seeds and other methods can well compensate. This lawn abroad are widely used in the golf course, football field and public green space in some areas of China has been the introduction of this species.

China called cubic blunt uniflora new grass seed is also very suitable for lawn planting. Unlike normal grass grow upward, but on the grounds of tile spread, rapid growth. Can be used in the competition venue, the urban landscape, the cubic blunt leaf grass "can also be used for river or terraced slope solid soil, grass pull down can be transplanted, do not need with soil transplanting avoid turf shovel brought The fertility destruction. This grass has to apply to the "State Protection of New Varieties of Plants.

low-cost synthetic grass

Although the natural grass gives to feel close to nature, but also a lot of, not only the cost price is high maintenance overhead compared to laying synthetic grass is more suitable for many sports venues. the synthetic grass originated in the 1960s, first in the United States is used for American football field. Currently, the Netherlands, Australia, the technology is also very mature. the construction of the synthetic grass fibers imitate the shape and color of the natural grass plants, it uses the material is PP (polypropylene) or PE (polyethylene) and PP and PE copolymer mixed into the fibers. This fiber warp knitting machine processing, according to certain specifications interception fiber to make it the same length. The non-directional and hardness of synthetic grass allows users comfortable at the event.

synthetic grass can guarantee more than 10 years of service life, low maintenance costs, and rinse with water to remove dirt, and has not fade, no deformation characteristics. directly woven synthetic grass playground markings used in all maintenance personnel do not have to be frequently crossed frustration.

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