Wednesday, April 24, 2013

About on artificial grass recycling tire filler concern

One of the advantages of artificial grass is that it is the solution used tires recycling a way, because every year there are more than one billion tires to sell, how to deal with used tires is indeed a problem. Doyle said that the recovery of used tires each year 300 million artificial grass enterprises can take advantage of the 12 points. Laying density of about 4 to 15 pounds per square foot filler, every soccer field to use an average of 20,007 thousand tires made of rubber particles. Europe has begun a massive tire recycling campaign, in this campaign, the tires will meet the quality standards are processed again and utilization. Really can not re-use waste tires are recycled for other uses, including industrial power generation, production of plastic road surfacing materials, and recycling for the automotive industry raw materials for the production of artificial grass. In Western Europe, the recovery of used tires utilization increased from 65% in 2001 to nearly 90% in 2005. Many places in terms of waste tire just a year can increase the number of tons of waste that need to be addressed, but in Europe, scrap tires has become potentially valuable secondary raw materials.

The world's largest tire manufacturers in the world - Michelin - waste tire recycling department SergeP alard. Said: "(discarded tires) uses more and more. Few years ago, in some countries, people do not know how to deal with the waste tires; waste tires can meet the production needs of the provider. "industrial chemicals to follow the requirements of the European Union has recently performed more testing of chemicals registration, evaluation, licensing and restrictions (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, REACH) regulatory requirements, such as Michelin, the company is working to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in tires, waste tires in order to facilitate re-recycled as other products. About on artificial grass recycling tire filler concern, European companies are also looking for new and innovative ways. For example, Italy is trying to artificial Grass launched in the market with new non-toxic thermoplastic material as a filler. A flooring manufacturer the Ecofill of production by Mondo is a patented technology polyolefin particles, dedicated to artificial grass. The company claims that this material is more effective heat dissipation, a high degree of damping, PVC-free, ethylene, plasticizers, heavy metals or other harmful chemicals, and 100% recyclable.

Another alternative is made from plant-derived material filler. GEO SAF e Play artificial grass manufacturer the Li Mengta movement its production is a coconut shell and a filler made of cork. Domenic Carapella, a company spokesman said: "There must be an alternative method of the rubber particles and we will no longer justified, more importantly, because of the use of artificial grass at the expense of the quality of movement is no longer reason to harm children's health."

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