Thursday, April 18, 2013

Expo artificial turf to allow visitors to rest and is no longer difficult to

Expo artificial turf to allow visitors to rest and is no longer difficult to

600,000 flow is not settled have difficulty? "The day before the Expo site just refresh to 631,200 digital visited the park visitor record, many people will worry about the hardware facilities of the park can not withstand the test of such a large crowd. But on the contrary, the management of the park early September visit to passenger less hardware facilities of the park, the laying of a comprehensive renovation and refurbishment of bridges flooring, artificial green spaces and other facilities to ensure that the park can easily deal with large passenger flow test.

The previous encounter large passenger flow, the most troublesome visitors in addition to the endless long lines, that is, the rest of which is always in short supply, it seems that the park chair, covered with lawn green and very easy to stampede and lying pressure destruction. However, now into the park of visitors do not have to worry about can not find a place to rest, because the park has been laid thousands of square meters of Artificial Turf, not afraid of pressure, "green is the perfect choice for tourists stopping for a rest. Reporters yesterday via Thailand Pavilion to see a green lawn, the Thai Pavilion next to the skywalk actually, many tourists are lying or sitting on top of the rest. Concrete floor how species drafting of it? "A reporter approached only to find, this is actually an artificial grass, not only not afraid to step on, not afraid of pressure, but also soft and comfortable, no wonder many tourists are aimed at this place to rest.

In the the park sanitation workers under the guidance of, the reporter found that artificial grass not only at the in Evergreen North Road, near the National Exhibition Road there is a greater area of ​​artificial green, and a large concrete floor is not even a rest chair. Cleaning work carried out in this quarter Sister told reporters that this piece of artificial grass is the park early September the completion of the laying of an area of ​​nearly 1,000 square meters, and now the face of large passenger really put a big help. "In the past, tourists everywhere to find a chair to sit, sit directly on the ground on it, but also comfortable and not afraid to take the bad Artificial Turf."

Park in hardware maintenance not only withstood the test of large passenger flow in June and July, the Expo axis many covered bridges floor fracture and collapse cope with the flow of people from the 56 million estimated "tight", as early as in early September, the park has begun the floor of the covered bridges comprehensive renovation, removing all the previous floor, the floor covered with the texture better. After more than four months after the wind and rain, the park's flower garden there has been considerable damage, in recent days, the park also is stepping up the flower garden re-laying, especially the flower garden in front of the Expo Center, formerly dead, the muddy green spaces has been shoveled away, covered with sand, re-laying in the above green space, planting flowers, Expo best face in the last month or more to meet the Quartet guests.

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