Sunday, April 21, 2013

specifications and types of synthetic turf

specifications and types of synthetic turf, if you want the selected type of product, you must have the following indicators can complete description of the requirements:

1, wire grass Material Type: PA (nylon), PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene)

Most lawn now use the main material for the PE wire grass, PA wear resistance, but the material is too hard, easy to burn the skin of the athletes, the wear resistance of PP the venue short life, while the PE soft and wear resistance better, is now the venue of choice for sports contact class, the PA mainly used in landscape grass market.

2, the shape of the wire grass: mesh split film yarn, monofilament

Mesh wire in many venues on a large number of results, monofilament became popular in recent years, mainly due to Synthetic turf appearance more like natural grass, beautiful appearance, a slight advantage in terms of wear resistance, but usually high price in the mesh.

3, lawn height: 60mm, the height of the U.S. and European markets usually football stadium domestic venues tender due to the long-standing habits height is generally between 40-55mm, lawn height is higher, the higher the cost, the filling materials and labor costs will also increase, generally around 50mm to meet the requirements of owners can be set to 60mm high grass.

Base fabric adhesive way: usually gum styrene-butadiene latex, more high-end adhesive PU adhesive, the difference between the PU adhesive wire grass pull-off force far greater performance than styrene-butadiene latex, the appearance of bright, waterproof performance is good, because molding PU gum, additives, and so more environmentally friendly. However, the high cost of the PU adhesive, the usually product prices will be higher than the 20% -30% of the styrene-butadiene latex products.

Synthetic Turf base fabric type: usually divided into the base fabric composite base fabric and composite grid three, three relatively higher tensile strength of the base fabric.

6 needles way: usually divided into word needles, and Z words needles. Two needles are used to meet the requirements, but the Z-shaped needles so that a more uniform distribution of grass wire and wire grass gum adhesion will be higher.

, The density of the synthetic Turf: usually 50mm high grass, about 10,000 needles, high quality requirements, can provide appropriate density, but the cost will rise. And the higher the altitude, the General Settings density down.

The 8 grass wire pound: usually divided into 6600DTEX, 8800 DTEX, 9700DTEX, 12000DTEX, 15000DTEX etc., represented Silkwood weight per million meters of grass, usually football venue more than 8800DTEX of.

Pound higher density will be smaller, the basic guarantee in the wire grass per square meter weight of 1 kg.

Synthetic turf industry in China developed rapidly, lawn companies are involved in competitive global markets, we will continue to work in the field of view of the user's perspective and researchers continue to observe the Synthetic turf industry, continue to do the development of sports industry observer.

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