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Plastic tennis courts and synthetic turf door stadium construction program and performance advantages of contrast

Plastic tennis courts and synthetic turf door stadium construction program and performance advantages of contrast

synthetic turf of doors stadium construction program are as follows:

The first step, in-situ measurements positioning compaction, flatness demanding (very smooth)
The second step, laying 12cm thick reinforced concrete layer, reference numeral 200 # (recommended site 200mm × 200mm double steel mesh in the upper half of the concrete layer waterproof expansion agent) plus 4%.
The third step, the surface of the construction is completed within 12 to 24 hours, the ground covered with agricultural mulch film, mulch then compacted with sand at the waterproof conservation week.
The fourth step, build high wall around 400mm.
The fifth step, the laying of artificial turf, installed lines.
The sixth step, the red door stadium dedicated sand.
The seventh step is to install the goal laid.

the synthetic turf Gate Stadium the following advantages:

Stadium synthetic turf doors, good water permeability, drainage clean and does not contain any harmful substances, noise absorption function, can be connected using the affordable while still allowing you to fully enjoy the fun of nature.

Plastic tennis court

Provisions in the the the tennis competition rules promulgated by the ITF and the National Sports Commission, a standard tennis court covers an area of ​​not less than 36.58 meters long (north-south) × 18.29 meters (east-west width), this size is a standard around the tennis court block the net size of the nets or indoor building wall. Effectively doubles space in this area, standard size: 23.77 meters (length) x 10.97 m (W), after the end of the line should be left room for not less than 6.40 meters and not less than 3.66 m should be left outside the sideline. Install net post in the stadium, measured at the center of the two columns, column spacing is 12.80 m, the top of the net and the posts from the ground is 1.07 m from the ground in the center of the net is 0.914 m.

If it is connected to two or more than two tennis courts built parallel, the distance between adjacent venues sideline of not less than 3.66 m. If it is an indoor tennis court, a clear height of over 6.40 m away from the end of not less than 6.40 m the indoor roof over the tennis net height not less than 11.50 meters.

Tennis court site should consider the following basic conditions:

(1) not too close from the road, not mobile, etc.. If the best from light mesh blocking is appropriate.
(2) around the venue planting lawns and plants.
(3) convenient for people to use.
(4) outdoor venues basic to the north and south to the long axis of the bias should be less than 20o.
(5) the sunny, sheltered.
(6) with good drainage, the groundwater level is not high.

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