Tuesday, April 9, 2013

synthetic grass sports venues based on artificial turf into the carrier

Mosaic lawn woven lawn, leaf-shaped fiber length is longer and larger changes, from 12mm to 55mm, and can be adjusted according to the specific needs. Grass filled with quartz sand, rubber granules or a mixture of both, appearance and traits is closer to natural grass, indoor and outdoor installation. Woven lawn use more nylon woven and finished into blanket-like. Compared with the mosaic fascicles turf the braided synthetic grass production process complex, relatively expensive, the lawn surface hardness, buffer performance is not good, but good lawn uniformity, strong and durable.

The site should be designed in accordance with local geological report of the sports venues, the location of the annual precipitation and maximum precipitation, the location of the site to inspect. synthetic grass sports venues based on artificial turf into the carrier, and the quality is good or bad will directly affect the performance of the entire synthetic grass football pitches. synthetic grass football stadium venues based basic stability, and does not collapse. According to its structure can be divided into a variety of surface: asphalt concrete surface layer, reinforced concrete surface limestone surface, and seeds stone surface layer. Asphalt surface is more popular in the country, which itself has a waterproof, can not direct water penetration inclined to rely on the venue slope drainage. In the rain when the venue stagnant water together into a small water, resulting in the loss of the quartz sand, rubber granules lawn to the edge of space will be too much water, stagnant water in a short period of time is not easy to discharge.

synthetic grass for infrastructure and standards. Currently used in synthetic grass sports venues basis of the type of asphalt concrete, waterproof concrete type, gravel base and thirty-seven soil foundation. Choose what kind of foundation type and drainage system is considering the functional requirements and economic conditions of the venue. The requirements of the international football bodies venue is steady and stable, recommended asphalt base, multi-select drainage pipeline, cold weather region hopes to increase geothermal systems. The ordinary stadium or school playground is actually multi-select the Turtle structure outside the drainage structure, consider the basis of the life of the construction as well as convergence with plastic venues based domestic Stadium applied asphalt concrete foundation is relatively common.

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