Thursday, February 21, 2013

a complete artificial grass venue is actually composed of three parts

Green all year round you will see that it is green, artificial turf is so TurfSoccer. But you can only see the the artificial lawn green and pleasant appearance, a complete artificial grass venue is actually composed of three parts.

Artificial turf which three materials consist of? That is the base layer, the buffer layer and the surface layer.

The base layer of compacted soil, gravel layer of asphalt or concrete layer. Solid foundation layer requirements, no deformation, surface smooth and impervious concrete venue. General site area of synthetic grass, construction must handle base layer to prevent subsidence. Shop concrete layer after curing of the concrete to be cut expansion joints to prevent deformation of the thermal expansion and cracks.

The base layer is a buffer layer, usually composed of rubber or foam. The rubber elastic medium, thickness of 3 ~~ mm. Foam lower costs, but poor elasticity and thickness of 5 to 1mm too thick lawn is too soft, and easy to sag; lack of flexibility, too thin and would not achieve the cushioning effect. Buffer layer to stick firmly to the underlying layer, usually with white latex or purpose adhesive paste.

The third layer, is also a surface layer, for the artificial grass turf layer. According to the surface shape of the manufacturing fluff turf circular curled nylon silk turf, leaf-shaped polypropylene fiber turf, nylon yarn preparation permeable turf. This layer must also be used milk adhesive rubber or foam. Construction must be fully gummed turn pressure close to the prison, not to wrinkle.

In a foreign country, soccer grass layer common two: 1, turf layer phylloid fiber is thinner, only 1.2 ~~ 1.5mm; 2 turf fibers thicker, 20 ~ 24mm, on quartz filled almost to the fiber at the top.

Although there is no natural lawn is so delicate, but artificial grass or the need for good maintenance.

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