Friday, February 1, 2013

maintenance synthetic grass specific details are as follows

Lawn mower after use, should be comprehensive cleaning maintenance and check all the screws are tightened, the oil surface compliance, air filter performance is good, whether the defect blade. Also based on the useful life of the lawn mower, strengthen inspection or replacement of wearing parts, and periodically conservation.

maintenance synthetic grass specific details are as follows:

1 oil maintenance: every time you use the lawn mower before, must check the oil surface to see whether it is between the the oil scale up and down scale. After 5 hours of new aircraft to replace the oil, the oil should be replaced once again after 10 hours, after the change the oil on a regular basis according to the requirements of the specification. Oil change should the engine is a heat engine state.

2 air filter maintenance: each use before and after use should check the air filter is dirty, wash should Qinhuan. If dirty cause engine hard to start, black smoke, lack of motivation.

Applications carburetor cleaner. Carburetor and oil line maintenance: added to the tank through the filter of gasoline should be filtered, cleaned the carburetor, depending on its cleaning cycle carburetor dirty degree decision. Failure, or engine carburetor appear can not be launched or launched after the flame should be cleaned immediately.

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