Tuesday, February 19, 2013

synthetic grass should rinse with water between three to six months to maintain their natural colors

From the objective, synthetic grass is not completely no maintenance, are never bad product, its typical life cycle of 6-10 years. Rather, it is more than just lawn, more should be an "artificial grass systems engineering, its main venue design, choice of artificial turf products, construction services and maintenance of four parts, and every part of each other intrinsically linked. Site design consists mainly of two parts of the site basis and field ground layer design.

synthetic grass are the main users of the types of schools in China, China's tertiary institutions and primary and secondary schools spread throughout the country, a large number, but also because of the intensive and high school students, sports venues per capita area is a serious shortage of the frequency of use of sports venues high, and northwest China, northeast China, North China Ministry of Water Resources, the lack of use of natural grass is difficult to maintain, high maintenance costs, and because of the bad weather, natural grass is not easy to survive, synthetic grass is becoming a the preferred venues material of the majority of schools, the market potential is huge each year in recent years about the synthetic grass growth in the amount of more than 6 million square meters, and accompanied by the replacement site useful life arrives, a digital market ownership in China is also very impressive.

Pavement after six to eight weeks, every week to clean the synthetic grass, gravel sweep uniform stem upright, uniform gravel.

The snowy ban instantly stampede, then need to sweep the surface of the floating snow.

synthetic grass should rinse with water between three to six months to maintain their natural colors, so that the appropriate settlement of quartz sand, stable protection lawn.

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