Monday, February 18, 2013

artificial grass products in environmental protection, more and more attention by the public

2009 Global turf and lawn overall quality improved. Promotional efforts to increase the artificial grass makers as football grass the highest standards of performance, FIFA, to encourage the increase of the number of FIFA certified sites, in order to improve the overall quality of the venuelevel, especially for developing countries outside of the European FIFA through cooperation with local sports organizations or government agencies, the introduction of some preferential policies to encourage the laying and use of the venues of the FIFA certification also modified in early 2009 and the introduction of new standards on artificial turfthe football grass performance requirements more stringent FIFA's support and under the influence of the performance of the artificial grass in different areas, especially in developing countries has been improved to varying degrees. become more and more manufacturers outside Europe FIFA licensorto obtain certification.

artificial grass products in environmental protection, more and more attention by the public, the German standard DIN test can also be used in the testing of artificial turf. U.S. lead content requirements are particularly sensitive to some environmental or health agency issued standards, clear lead content requirements in Europe, Australia and other regions have begun to pay attention to these indicators.

The impact of industry bodies and testing the popularity of artificial grass industry norms play an important role, to provide a more transparent and measurable indicators to the owners and users of the artificial turf field, is conducive to the establishment of a fair and mature industry standard system and the market competition order.

Fact for the corporate owners of units selected FIFA people certified as a supplier, usually the quality and service will be fully protected, and so to promote the artificial grass industry to the development of a healthy direction.

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