Monday, December 24, 2012

The performance characteristics of the new artificial grass products mainly reflected in

R & D center has developed a lawn and leisure lawn of the sports venues. artificial the grass silk fiber material is the core material of the artificial turf, its performance determines the movement of the mechanical properties of the lawn, sports safety performance and ease of movement performance. Through of natural lawn bionics, the the the moving mechanical properties and the study of sports safety performance, the formation of the basic theory and method of synthetic grass silk material design, followed in accordance with the organic - inorganic interface chemistry and engineering features developed inorganic pigments and functional nano powder the body surface processing key technologies. The inorganic nano-particles dispersed in the organic matrix. While addressing the domestic resin performance deficiencies, as well as in the production process of artificial grass Sila Si forming process and engineering technology. New products using nanomaterials modification technology, independent research and development affect lawn final performance of the main raw material, such as functional masterbatch and color masterbatch. Combined with the melt-spinning technique, optimization of process parameters, improve the design drawing of the temperature field, shear stress and tensile stress field of inorganic nano-composite polymer melt brushed forming process of crystallization process, the preparation of a nanocomposite artificial soccer grass.

The performance characteristics of the new artificial grass products mainly reflected in:

good weathering performance of the artificial grass: the nanomaterials surface effects, the UV absorption superior turf after QUV last long and harsh climate aging test showed excellent resistance to UV aging resistance, and The color the fastness is quite high, capable of up to eight years without fading.

The wear resistance of artificial grass: nanocomposite materials enhanced significantly improve the wear resistance of the wire grass turf material.

the safety of artificial grass: nano-modification technology, new materials prepared with softness and toughness, can effectively reduce the impact of the lawn joint movement, the movement in the rotation, fast-moving, emergency stop, reduce sports injuries synthetic grass to ensure the safety of the sport.

artificial grass: environment-friendly product solutions based entirely on natural environmental standards, using raw materials free of heavy metals, soccer grass can be safe to use anywhere.

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