Monday, November 26, 2012

in order to ensure the healthy growth of artificial grass

In what conditions or circumstances, must table fertilize soil, in order to ensure the healthy growth of artificial grass? Normal lawn table Shi processing can also be strong growth, but under the following conditions must table Shi soil. ① in very poor soil (no fertilization, subsoil, shale, sand, earth, etc.) built lawn covered in the surface layer of sieve out the stones, the fertile soil of the impurities is useful. ② when the lawn surface irregular colonization of the newborn lawn are very uneven one o'clock, one or more surface application the subsidence part of the soil can fill a newborn turf. ③ can generate a large number of creeping bentgrass sticks grasses such as creeping stems Ying, etc., consisting of artificial grass in the periodic table applied soil conducive to the elimination of severe surface flocculation.

What are the major causes of degradation caused by lawn? artificial grass after the use of a period of time, many problems occur. Large tracts of bald bare patches, and even lawn abandoned. Common reasons: Lawn selection mistakes; lawn low-lying stagnant water, waterlogging, poor drainage; barren soil, strong acid or alkaline; irrigation too much, too low mowing lawns excessive use, pest, frost, drought damage; depressed severe soil compaction; lot of weeds invade damage; thick thatch layer; poor soil physical properties, poor ventilation; woods shade, sun. Solve the above problem, in addition to the improve lawn soil infrastructure, strengthening the management of water and fertilizer, weed control and pest, can be used on the local lawn minor surgery to repair perforated ventilation to remove thatch repair bald bare patches, so that recovery growth potential to become a quality lawn. If the artificial grass bald bare area, unable to restore growth and vitality, or weed cover more than 50%, has lost its value in use, it is necessary in accordance with the intended use and funding conditions to measure whether or not to pursue a comprehensive renovation.

What is the appropriate leaf spot disease conditions? How to prevent and treat?

The the lawn occurrence of disease by which factors?

What is the principle of prevention and control of turf diseases? A brief description of the specific practices. "Prevention first, comprehensive prevention and control, we must first investigate the frequently-occurring species and harm local onset period, in order to advance prevention. Second, to strengthen the lawn of conservation and management measures, such as actively prevent weeds, timely pruning, irrigation and fertilization, artificial grass can improve the ability of the resistance to disease.

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