Monday, November 26, 2012

Brief artificial grass trimmed.

Brief artificial grass trimmed. A: lawn moderate pruning to control its height, to keep the lawn neat and beautiful, and promote lush growth of grasses to increase and promote the softness and flexibility of the lawn, people step on the felt certain stretch to accommodate people play and the need to rest. Mowing the lawn can inhibit lawn weed flowering and fruiting, reduce weeds eliminate the edge of the long grass of the lawn, keep the lawn around the edge of the beautiful environment, especially artificial grass for people to watch, more should strive neat appearance, can reduce pest damage to promote the the lawn healthy development, can promote sub calyx increased the lawn layer of dense and flatness.

Following artificial grass planting program to sort: before planting weeding, debris clean-up, flat, Environmental Investigation determine grasses, planting, cover soil covering, crackdown, rotary tiller, irrigation.

Sunny place relative to the artificial grass lawn under the shade of a tree, the pruning height What is the difference? Why? The area of ??light and tree shade lawn should improve repair grass height to reduce the density the lawn per unit area on increase per plant lawn grass, lawn grass can adapt to the shade of the environmental conditions.

After punch with a hollow cone, artificial grass will often appear wilting or new weeds appear, why? How to reduce these side effects? (1) temporarily undermine the integrity of the surface of the lawn. (2) Since the exposed turf soil layer, and thus cause the dehydration of the lawn grass. (3) when the conditions for the germination of weed seeds, tend to generate a lot of weeds. (4) accelerated harm habitat cutworms and other pests in the. Select the time of the punching is very important. Should choose the punch is more appropriate in the case of artificial grass to grow lush, good growing conditions. Punch in vigorous lawn growth period, interspecific competition can effectively inhibit weed seedling growth and development, in order to achieve the purpose of biocontrol. Perforated surface fertilization and watering is carried out immediately after the lawn grass dehydration can be effectively prevented. The the soil core drag level crushed and lawn replay process through partners Shi selective herbicides can effectively control weeds. In addition, the appropriate choice of the addition to the soil core and replay time can avoid the maturation and germination of weed seeds growing season.

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