Thursday, November 8, 2012

to see the trajectory of the development of the artificial grass industry

If you have a business, always engaged in an industry for nearly 10 years, compared to the spectator it must have more insights in this industry. Beijing on November 2, 2012 international sports surface science co-organized by the venues Resources Association (ISSS) Forum, Ltd. from Taishan artificial turf industry YangXiaoBing wonderful speech for the attendees about the Taishan the course of development of the artificial turf, but also to see the trajectory of the development of the artificial grass industry.

In his speech, Yang Xiaobing mentioned the late 1990s, artificial turf products to enter the Chinese market, and quickly led to the development of the artificial grass industry, the beginning of the 21st century, the Titan Group, Jiangsu ZhongLian company began production of artificial turf its main business as raw material, the use of imported turf lawn weaving production, low-tech. With the the artificial grass growing domestic production and processing enterprises, domestic and gradually form the enterprise cluster industry is dominated by several large companies, also began to pay more attention to product development work, trying to create a domestic market requirements artificial turf.

Venues resource network to understand, as one of the large R & D and production enterprise of the domestic artificial turf industry Taishan artificial turf industry Co., Ltd. is a microcosm of the artificial grass industry, the course of its development. Processing on behalf of low technology content, to continue to expand the scale of production, the further development of the product R & D work, Taishan Group to achieve rapid development of the national brand of artificial grass industry.

Leapfrog development obviously can not be separated from the needs of the market for artificial turf products. ? YangXiaoBing Statistics, 1990 years, China has nearly? 1? Square meters of artificial turf stadium; 1999? Years, the application area of ​​growth? 50? 000 square meters; in 2001? Years, the application area is reached? 150? Million square meters. Changes in the relationship between supply and demand has also led to the development of enterprises and the rise of a large number of artificial grass. However, as the market expands, some problems are gradually exposed.

Shoddy, the gradual emergence of low-end products to hit the market, cheap malicious competition, the emergence of this phenomenon is the "bottleneck" has a great relationship with the domestic product development. To this end, the the Taishan Group and other domestic enterprises with anti-aging properties of the artificial turf, wear resistance, soft performance, invest a lot of funds for the purchase of advanced instruments, equipment, and employ professional and technical personnel, machinery and equipment, ancillary equipment.

Inputs after the domestic artificial grass manufacturers for a long time, the effective integration of the artificial grass market. The research and development of artificial grass environmental durability and comfort, the national industry of artificial grass products has been recognized by more people.

YangXiaoBing artificial turf because of its unique weather resistance, maintenance economy, save water without the need for spraying pesticides, weather characteristics are widely used. With mankind the popularity of the sport, as well as the football on artificial turf license to use, at the same time due to expand the use of artificial turf, artificial turf will continue to maintain a faster speed increments. Future, artificial turf will be showing a durable, soft and comfortable, recyclable recycling characteristics. Artificial grass industry development prospects will be better.

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