Tuesday, January 15, 2013

FIFA in order to promote the artificial grass

FIFA in order to promote the artificial grass, the World Youth Championship in Finland in 2003, all with artificial turf. Led to participate in the competition of the Chinese Football Association vice-chairman Yang Yimin was revealed to the media, in the Super League in 2004, will likely compete with synthetic grass, but three years later, the current super venue did not see the emergence of artificial grass.

    As early as in 2001, the Changchun Yatai told the Chinese Football Association proposed the idea of ​​using artificial grass, later identified Changchun Yatai the negative game canceled ascend A A qualification, the plan along with stranded because of the Chinese Football Association.

    In September 2003, the Green Island center trying to cooperate with the Liaoning team, they used artificial grass, but the responses given by the then Football Association: a high rate of artificial turf burns, not suited to the other teams.

    Wangyou Min said, now for the past five years has been greatly improved, the process of artificial grass, physical properties, chemical properties, hardness, getting closer and closer to natural turf, natural turf, artificial soccer grass without the use of too more personnel for maintenance, nor does it require that mechanical like natural grass, more does not require pesticides and so on. "synthetic grass is difficult to accept the clubs and stadiums, but also with the relevant provisions of the FIFA.

    In accordance with FIFA rules, a country with artificial grass League, providing and laying of artificial turf companies that must be specified for the FIFA. Moreover, last year's FIFA officials to come to China to promote artificial turf, during the official proposed the use of an artificial lawn needs verification by FIFA panel, while the stadium for the cost to spend up to " more than ten million yuan, Wang Youmin said, "Such provisions FIFA really distasteful.

    Between a standard artificial grass floor laying around more than 200 million to 300 million yuan, the life expectancy of 6-8 years. Looking back, the laying of a stadium of soccer grass, pretty good value for money, however, in terms of the stadium, want the existing natural grass replaced with synthetic grass, but also more difficult task.

    Wang Youmin said: "If the stadium can come up with hundreds of thousands to solve the problem, certainly do not want to suddenly come up with more than 200 million and in this regard, the Chinese Football Association can only be called for, and can not be enforced." About the use of synthetic grass, Lili Peng that the club itself is unlikely to accept. He said artificial grass or can not be compared to natural turf, burning degrees as well as friction performance is poor, very easily lead to injuries of athletes, athletes are very valuable and worth of an athlete will be able to justify natural grass the price, who do not want to take the risk. "

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