Thursday, January 3, 2013

artificial grass basketball courts also began a large-scale development

In recent years, a variety of sports venues competed laying of artificial grass basketball courts also began a large-scale development, the brightly colored plastic basketball court, high weather resistance, excellent wear resistance, good rebound,strong adhesion, synthetic grass, basketball courts become the ideal material for a competitive sport and mass sports people.

Such a pitch material is one of the more popular ground material, plastic tennis courts, a plastic basketball court, badminton courts plastic have appeared with the further understanding of the material advantages of artificial grass basketball court. Quality plastic basketball places the material and design of synthetic grass playground surface arranged very closely, so as to reduce the degree of wear. Ensure its durability, and make the athletes comfortable and safe. Long service life, usually in 8-10 years, as the basis of superior quality of its service life may be extended. Resistance to ultraviolet radiation, the color can not fade. Repair, maintenance, renovation, convenient and affordable.

basketball court price of artificial grass compared acrylic pitch material, Silicon PU stadium materials to be higher, but this does not become the circulation market barriers. Plastic basketball court a smooth surface to make the ball bounce easily, without changing the angle of the ball bouncing. synthetic grass has excellent grindability, slip resistance, not easy to powder, high weather resistance, not aging, long life, good lightfastness, deep coloring, color lasting subside, strong adhesion, high peel strength, easy to layer, good delicate and difficult foaming, good elasticity, resistance to cracking, comfortable sense of movement.

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