Wednesday, January 30, 2013

artificial grass surface layer thickness of about 5mm

construction technology of artificial grass:
(1) artificial grass installation preparations:
a checking device: the operation of the paving machine, spraying machines and other equipment checks, raw materials and packaging inspection.
b raw material lot number for a small test to observe the laying of the situation on the ground.
(2) laying:
a. Formulation requirements, each group were quantitatively to the construction site.
b the end of plastic: the amount of adhesives and thinners drum laying.
c Mixing: join the PUartificial grass material correct ratio dedicated mechanical stir evenly, with special equipment material poured into laying areas.
d 10mmartificial grass grassroots laying: base construction and technical personnel first base material cake flat uniform thickness according to the design, and then adjusted stainless steel thermostat platen imported from Germany "SMG" paving machine mechanical pavement, mechanical pavement speed should be uniform, slow, halfway shall transform the pavement speed by technicians when the pavement scraper Shuhei seams, seams use tools cut into 45. Beveled to facilitate repair.
the e. 3mm artificial grass surface construction: rubber elastic layer drying constructability time, PU the topcoat main agent and curing agent will scale well mixed, EPDM granules and EPDM fine powder added proportionally topcoat, then stir well. artificial grass surface layer thickness of about 5mm, to use German imports sprayer spraying aspect spraying.
(3) crossed:
a former scribe should be recognized properly.
b. measuring the correct use of imported paint crossed the paint with anti-wear, then strong advantage of the same yellow and bright.

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